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I'll fall for you soon enough

[Rosvolio, also on ao3]

Benvolio knew but very little about his soon-to-be wife. But one thing he did know was this: she was a proud woman, and asking did not come easily to her.

So when Rosaline Capulet asked something of him, he listened.

Rosaline had stayed sullenly quiet on most matters concerning their impending marriage, mostly speaking up on aspects that concerned her sister in some way. Whenever they met with a variety of representatives of both their houses to plan this practical aspect of the ceremony or that, she seemed wholly disinterested in the topic, and only reluctantly involved herself if pressed to do so.

But when her uncle brought her to the Montagues’ family seat for one such afternoon of planning, her usual withdrawn behaviour seemed tinted with uncharacteristic trepidation, and when Benvolio offered his arm to lead her up the stairs, her grip was far too tight to be considered proper on a woman who had been raised a lady.

At first, he only took note of her distraction to escape the boredom of listening to their uncles try to outdo each other with tales of their business acumen. But the longer Benvolio watched his betrothed, the more intrigued he became.

All morning, Benvolio kept finding proof that something was wrong with Rosaline. She seemed tense, skittish, barely managed to stay in her seat as her eyes frantically dashed around the room, jumping from one lower member of his house to the next. She tried to hide it, of course, not one to easily bare her vulnerabilities, but when the gates opened downstairs to let in a whole group of Montague men, freshly returned from a ride out with their horses, she actually flinched at the sound of their boisterous laughter, and her already strenuous grip on her cup of sweetened wine tightened even more.

It was only once the heads of their two houses had declared it time for a break that he found out what was behind her sullen mood.

After a light luncheon, Lord Montague invited them all to come see the new statue gallery recently installed in the inner courtyard, one of the largest and finest collections of contemporary art in the city. His uncle’s claim, though no doubt stated mostly for Lord Capulet’s benefit, was true, Benvolio knew: The gallery boasted statues by the most talented and original artists of the day, and Benvolio, the only one in the family with an eye for the arts, had made sure they were arranged in such a way as to best display their individual beauty.

It was this part of the house they were headed to now, and with Lord Montague busy watching Lord Capulet for signs of displeasure at being thus upstaged, and Lord Capulet determined not to show any such sign, it was easy enough to pull his bride away from the central aisle and towards a small stone bench set between two statues.

“You are unusually quiet this morning, Capulet.“

They had gradually come to be on friendlier terms, but not so much as to make him actually call her by her given name - though the privilege would by rights be his, since they had been engaged for some weeks now. He had, he thought, made a valiant effort to hate her, as the bloody tradition of their families and his own bruised pride demanded. For a brief moment after Romeo’s death, he had even attempted to blame her for it somehow - but then, he was just as much to blame for the tragedy that had ripped away their houses’ heirs.

But Benvolio had never been a man to whom hatred and resentment came easily, and smart, headstrong Rosaline was a difficult woman to hate. He may bristle at the way she turned up her nose at him, may feel the urge to take her down a peg or two with a well-aimed barb from time to time. But now, two months into their engagement, he only antagonized her for sport, and his jabs were merely meant to sting, not wound.

Now, Rosaline showed once more that candidness he had admired, even envied in her before: She neither tried to evade his question nor to deny his observation, but came straight out with her answer.

“I have a favour to ask of you.“

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TSOT is John and Sherlock’s wedding.

Lets start with the obvious: 1) ‘Just the bride and groom, please’, 2) Sherlock receiving the guests with John and Mary (where John is closer to Sherlock than to his wife but ok) and 3) promo picture of John and Sherlock out of the Church.

(can I also mention that John and Sherlock are wearing the same suit??? I mean, do the bridesmaids dress like the bride? No. So why is the best man wearing the same clothes as the groom? He is a groom too.

Proposal: we never see the actual proposal to Mary, but John asks Sherlock ‘the big question’ in a very emotional and very gay scene.

Vows: again we don’t see John and Mary’s vows, but Sherlock explicitly does his ‘first and last vow’.

Love declaration: John saying ‘the two people I love and care about most in the world’ (why on Earth would a simple question to your best friend be so romantic?) and Sherlock saying  ‘the two people who love you most in all this world’ (is that some sort of parallel between Mary The Bride and Sherlock I MEAN), in the middle of a fucking emotional speech.

Seating positions: Who’s sitting at the centre of the table? John and… Sherlock! Seriously, shouldn’t the maid of honour be next to the bride just like the best man is next to the groom? But Janine is sitting beside Sherlock, who is in the middle with John.

Bouquet: Sherlock throws flowers to Janine like a bride would do with her bouquet, but Mary… Guess what? We barely see her bouquet.

If all these were coincidences, wouldn’t there be too many? Especially in this episode, which is famous for the lines: ‘What do we say about coincidence?’ ‘The universe is rarely so lazy.’

Oh yes… The universe is rarely so lazy…

I’m sure there already are many posts about this, but I wanted to put together in one post all the things I’ve read about it and noticed myself. This was definitely the post that inspired me the most.


Jon Bernthal in Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding → arm hair edition [requested by: @beardyfrankcastle]


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100 times captain swan made me cry: #31


FFXV Rare Pairs Week Day 5: Holding Hands

Baby I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress
Looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this
Darling, you look Perfect tonight

-Ed Sheeran “Perfect


That time when C137 got the postcard from Miami Rick

Stan & Rick spent the day being salty old men together.

Finished my gift for the Twitter Voltron RarePair Exchange! My recipient asked for Lance and Matt so I drew them slow dancing on their wedding night~  ♥

I imagine Pidge would be standing off to the side, tearing up and just so so happy for them. Lance is one of her best friends in the world and now he’s part of her family! How awesome is that?!

George Harrison, 1987, photographed by Peter Figen

“Though he apologized for being a bit ‘nackered’ from jet lag and a right schedule of meetings, he was extremely open, articulate, and witty, occasionally lapsing into Monty Python impersonations. Although time didn’t permit detailed accounts of each and every guitar he’d ever played, it’s clear that he has vivid memories of virtually every instrument that has passed through his hands. […] Throughout the conversation he was typically self-effacing about his guitar playing, and when John Fogerty dropped in briefly to say hello, George exclaimed, ‘Now, here’s a proper guitarist!’ It is that sort of selfless attitude that makes George Harrison such a special guitar player.” - Dan Forte on George Harrison, Guitar Player, November 1987 [x]

HEADCANON : Dwarven Weddings

Dwarves seldom wedded before the age of ninety or more, and rarely had so many as four children. They took only one husband or wife in their lifetime, and were jealous, as in all matters of their rights. The number of Dwarf-men that married was actually less than a third, for not all the Dwarf-women took husbands; some desired none, some wanted one they could not have and would have no other. Many Dwarf-men did not desire marriage because they were absorbed in their work. -  Adaption of J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, “Durin’s Folk”

        Merriment is a key factor in the lives of dwarves. They understand lives are meant to be lived to fullest, even with lifespans three times longer then that of Men. It is because of the steadfast nature of their abilities which in many ways even shortens their length of despair. Lest one has suffered more than most, Dwarves as individuals keep to cheer more so than anguish. They hold celebrations and banquets for their fallen, cheer to the fighting and acknowledge that even in death they can hold their spirit. This is important to know, as their weddings can be an even grander affair in relation to these moments. 

     Weddings are rare. Ones ( the one who a dwarf is meant to be with ) are not often found, or even wish to be found in their mindsets. Dwarven women are held in high respects as only a third of their entire race is populated by them. When they are also just as committed to one dwarrow as the men are to dwarrowdams, it can lead to less marriages in the span of lifetimes. They do not take the actual ceremony lightly, as it is more than just a vow to uphold. It is a choice of a life partner, one who would in all rights be a part of their soul. Never to walk alone again, dwarves wish to carry on the traditions left down by their forebears, which make the weddings themselves a interminable affair. 

       Weddings can span anywhere between 5 to 7 days. Each day is started with traditional ceremonies, the evenings mixed with gift-giving and banquets. One day is specified for tattooing, which can be lengthy depending on the designs crafted by each other. For the decedents of Durin, they prefer to keep the length to 7 days, to mimic the 7 stars upon Durin’s Crown. The seventh night, there is less celebrations for the actual couple, as they can retire then to their new home. ( Usually, one party involved crafts a home in the months leading up to the Wedding, for the new pairing to live once official. ) In the case of a King, this would mean the royal chambers, design changed, new bed, furnishings, everything picked and crafted as gifts from the guilds of the realm. 

     These days can be changed depending on the factors of food, drink and location, but the week generally flows something along these lines:

     Day One: Preparation of the Couple & Evening Banquet
The involved couple is given a day separated from one another, only
                     to ready themselves for the night banquet. It is for mediation, given
                     thought to what will transpire over the given week and lifetime thereafter.
                     This banquet is closest friends and allies, each to give turn to speak 
                     on the couple and give blessings. After, the couple sleeps separately.
                     They continue to sleep separately for the entirety of the wedding.

      Day Two & Three: Fighting Match & Weaponry
As a warrior filled people, dwarrows love to have a good match even at
                      weddings. This is also another gift exchange, the couple exchange armor
                      or weapons, whatever the other feels is recommended going into their
                      nuptials. Then, using these, they battle against kin, in a match to claim 
                      a ‘victor’ of the wedding. If someone not being married wins, they are 
                      offered a seat at the head table for the remainder of the week. Another
                      banquet follows each night, this one tends to end in more drunken
                      brawls and involves everyone who had been invited.

    Day Four & Five: Tattooing & Gift Giving
      This can last two days, depending on the tattoo details & what friends
                      and kinsmen have brought as gifts to the wedding. These are also gifts
                      not designed by others - they should be personalized and show the gift
                      giver’s own flare, as many are so in-tune with their crafts. Nightly banquet
                      follows each evening, with plenty of food and ale.

    Day Six: Healing & Private Vows
Tattoos are given time to rest and heal in the first half of the morning.
                       Dwarves are quick to heal, the rest is meant for preparation of the next
                       events. Private vows are those written by the ones to be joined, spoken
                       only to each other as the day ends. This is a private moment, filled with
                       love, spoken support and is sacred to the two involved. Dark names may
                       be exchanged, as a show of faith and trust. Another evening banquet follows.

     Day Seven: Final Vows & Blessings to Mahal
The most sacred of the days is the final, where the public vows are said
                        before all those who attend. The couple exchanges their final gifts to one
                        another; braiding beads into each other’s hair and slipping rings upon 
                        fingers. This is the final sign of wedlock, blessings are given and they are
                        permitted then to join in the final banquet, or retire to their new home. 

        In the case of Dwarven royals, there is one more task given to the couple, and that is to address their realm. This is done before the final banquet, and the two both speak on what it means to them to have the support of their entire kingdom. 

       Attire each day differs. Nothing is worn twice, save for any jewelry and gifts given chosen by the couple. Typically the pair matches in colors each day, mixing their two families emblems in the patterns. The final day they may either choose one family emblem to continue on, or craft a new one for their life together. This is planned ahead of time in secrecy. Every night the banquets are supplied by different parties. Either the families of the couple, friends, allies, or the pair themselves. But the food itself is chosen by the couple. 

       Weddings take months to prepare for, at times even years. As the race does not frown on relations or living together before marriage, it does not hamper the spirit of Ones. It is a strengthener of bonds, making it all the more special once their lives have been set as one.