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Found at Sea

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“Okay, I feel like I have read each of your fics a hundred times and I had this idea swirling around for some time and you seem to be the perfect person to write it (only if you want of course!). What about an Antiope x reader fanfic in which the reader is someone from our time, who had a surfing accident and kind of was washed ashore in Themyscira? Antiope finds her and so on… thank you for even considering!”

((Thank you all for the kind words, they truly do fuel any endeavors published here.))      

Today was meant to be a good day.  Visiting several locations in the Peloponnese, your surfing excursion was relatively mild until this point.  It was a spur of the moment trip, mostly at the behest of a close friend.  In truth, you had hoped to escape the existential dread swirling around your recent birthday, but no matter where you went it resurfaced.

It was rare that you surfed alone, especially during a dark and cloudy morning as this had been.  Yet your mind needed physical distraction and misplaced confidence in your experience with the sport dispelled any trepidation.  However, a riptide pulled you out to sea, dragging your frame precariously on the ocean floor against multiple ragged rocks, tearing a sizable gash in your leg.  Struggling helplessly the water swirled around, pulling you under.   Inevitably, darkness pricks the edges of your vision and the vibrant blue swallows you up.





A high noon sun shines brightly, coaxing you back from the brink of oblivion.  The familiar sensation of sand prickled your exposed flesh. Slowly, you sit up prompting a ring of agony to thunder from the base of your spine to the top of your skull.  The dizzying sensation dulls as you notice the blue sky.  Peering around it became clear that you certainly weren’t on the same beach anymore.  

Hell, you weren’t positive this was even the same island.

So here you are.  

Miles from anywhere discernible without hope of rescue.  

“Could things get any better?”

Despite the alarm ringing in your head panic refused to set in as the amount of blood you undoubtedly lost prevented any frantic rushes of adrenaline.   A massive throbbing in your brain beats behind your eyes forcing you to lay back down.  

 The sun is soon eclipsed by a figure, briefly blinded you shield your sight.  As they kneel closer your eyes adjust and drink in the sight of an armored woman.  Her gaze was cautious, but not without tenderness.  Strong features framed by a tiara, accentuating the curve of her jaw and shape of her lips.

Even with consciousness threatening to slip she was obviously formidability and beauty personified.  

“Okay, maybe things have gotten a bit better…”


“N-nothing,” Instantly you try to sit up only to have your breath hitch in your throat.  A ripple of pain slithers through your body like a bolt of lightning, terminating the halfhearted attempt.  In an instant, the woman is at your side, steadying your battered frame with capable hands.

“Stop.  You are in no danger.”  

“What?  Who are you?”

“Never mind that now. Here,” gently she reached around your waist and gathered you in her arms, effortlessly lifting you to your feet. The distinct aroma of warm leather and eucalyptus fills your lungs.  Turning your eyes to her neck the culprit found you sigh despondently.

So, she’s strong and smells amazing that hardly seems fair.

Properly on your own to legs the woman lets you go.  “It appears your wounds are minor, but numerous…can you walk?”  Nodding slightly, she turns while signaling you to follow.   Shaking off the remaining delirium you step in time to her own gait.  Even within the liminal space between sleep and dream playing with your senses, the armor-clad woman before you radiated warmth.  Upon closer inspection, a scar carved into her shoulder stands out. Without much thought, you lean out and gingerly touch it.  Taking note of your hand she pauses.

“I’m sorry it feels…awkward not saying thank you.  For helping me, that is.”

With a slight nod in your direction she echoes the faint smile parting your lips and continues on her march.





A blur of unfamiliar sights, sounds and one dip in a bio-luminescent pond later bled into days, weeks, and  eventually months until a year passes with barely your acknowledgement.  Themyscira ticks off just about every box in the quality utopia checklist: Cascading waterfalls. A lush, tropical landscape.  But what centered you was Antiope.  Her scar ever visible when you slept at night or remembered the world now left to time.  Adjusting to life here was a challenge, but felt less so with her near.

To say it had all been a lot to absorb would tarnish the experience.  But it all paled compared to her.  The dread that bloomed in your heart swiftly mutated, and soon any sharp point was replaced with her steadfast manner and commanding bearing.  Antiope was your guide in this new place, and while it felt one sided it was all you could do but foster tender feelings towards her.  

The anniversary of your arrival came, and it only felt befitting to re-visit the ocean that brought you here.  Standing on the very beach that brought you here the life now seemingly gone left a bitter taste. The faint crunch of sand tread underneath boot draws near.   Turning slightly Antiope comes into view.  


Nodding she exhales and turns to face the sea while mouthing the words, “Beautiful.”

The splattering of blue and gold held suddenly held little interest.  Eyes still transfixed on her form, bathed in the dying light the scene was as if painted and frame on some museum’s wall.  It would not come as a surprise if you were standing in the middle of crowd, writing to be stirred from the revere of this place.  

Of this moment.  

Of this woman.

At times looking at her gave the impression of seeing a masterpiece with glass blocking any interaction.  Antiope catches your faraway look; a flutter jumps in your stomach as you forcefully pull your gaze away.

“Does something trouble you?”

“Just my old life…I don’t miss it, but feel as if I should.”

“It’s not impossible to take you back.  But doing so would be quite sorrowful.”


“When I stumbled on you at the beach…your spirit seemed to be lost.  Which was a pity.  Once I met your gaze there was a passion there, refusing to die.  I think the day you came was after reckless behavior.”

Several moments pass before Antiope looks at you.  To her shock silent tears were streaming down your cheeks, tainting the grin playing at your lips.  Concerned she cups your face with each hand, allow her thumbs to wipe away the pain bubbling forth.

“apologies, I did not mean to-”

No, no.”  Sniffling you grab her wrists and inhale an unsteady breath.  “You were right.”

Attempting to look down Antiope’s grasp wouldn’t let you.  Opening your, eyes her expression is worried, bothered by the trepidation you were in. But you smile and continue.

“You are right about me. I was so numb and…tired of pretending. But wanted a reason to…to keep going. That accident—you helped me.  I don’t know how to begin thanking you for it.”

“My dear,” her breath is perceptible on your skin, the salt soaked tears enhancing the sensation.  Heart pounding in your chest you close the gap, pressing your lips to hers in one desperate moment.  Any worry dissolves in her embrace, as she tentatively returns the action, pulling you impossibly close to her frame.  You did not want to hear it.  How your own strength, passion, ebbed the sea of grief that once circled your psyche.  No matter the interpretation Antiope was your catalyst, whether she believed this or not was inconsequential.  But you would not have her voice it, ever.  

How could you express that the love you experienced until her felt like paper notes, or scattered doves, precious but temporary, fragile? What she offered was tangible, concrete, real.  You were beyond the glass.  

She was here, with you.

As the kiss breaks the sky glows with the faintness of starlight.  You both gaze at the sight, paying no mind to anything but each other.

Saviour - Shawn Mendes Imagine (requested)



Request: Hi, I’m requesting for Shawn where he’s a life guard and I get in an accident and he saves my life or something like that. Thanks xx

[Y/n - ‘your name’]

Y/n’s POV

Surfing. Surfing is something I’ve done since I could walk. It’s not like I’m obsessed with it or anything, it just really helps with relieve stress.

I sometimes just sit on my board and stare out at the waves. There’s a beach close to my house where only a few people go. It’s where I like to think about my day or the past or future, it’s where I can find positives or negatives about any situation. It’s a place where I think about life and everything and everyone in it.

Today was different, I didn’t have anything to think about, I just had the urge to go surfing. I rarely wear a leash. It’s not like I’m gonna need it anyway. The waves were looking slightly flat, but if I go just a tad bit closer to the rocks there’s a huge swell that looks to be coming there.

I paddle out halfway, the sit on my board, I contemplate whether I should go near the reef like area or not. I just decide to be adventurous and go for it.

A distant voice yells at me,

“Hey! Don’t go near the rocks their dangerous!” It sounded like a guy, around my age. I looked back to see a cute boy cupping his hands over his mouth to make a microphone, yelling at me not to go. He had brown wet hair and wasn’t wearing a shirt, it was obvious he just got out of the water.

“I’ve done it before! Trust me I’ll be safe!” I yelled back. It was a complete lie; I’ve never gone near rocks as my dad always told me I could get killed. But me being stubborn, I just went anyway.

As I got closer a huge wave crashed into me knocking me off my board. I knew I should’ve worn a leash.

My body began tumbling through the waves and I knew if I just reached the surface I’d be fine. Then this scratching feeling rushed through my body from my ankle. I looked down, and through the water I could see my ankle caught underneath a rock. How it got there I don’t know, but I needed to get out.

I tried pulling my leg but it only hurt my ankle more. I knew I only had a couple of seconds left underwater. I needed to reach the surface I need to get air. My body started feeling weak; I was running out of oxygen. I couldn’t move.

I then felt hands wrap around my ankle and tug slightly, not enough to completely rip skin off, but it still hurt. My ankle was released, but I hadn’t gotten enough oxygen to move.

Strong arms wrapped around me and pulled me to the surface.

I gasped as I reached the top, collecting as much air as I could. I looked next to me to notice the same boy, tugging my body back to the shore. I released from his grasp to swim on my own, but my ankle hurt so badly I could move my entire leg.

“Whoa, whoa, let me get you to the shore before you try moving okay,” I just nodded and let the stranger pull me closer.

We reached the shore and I realized my ankle had a huge scrape, nothing too bad, but the salt water made it hurt less.

“Okay we need to get something on that stat, I have my first aid kit in my car, and I’ll be gone for only two minutes,” I nodded and he began running to his car.

The guy came back with a kit and started immediately poured water on my ankle.

“Ow, Ow, Ow, that hurts. Oh god, Ow,” I wanted to move my ankle out of the way, but the guy had a firm hold of it.

I looked up and noticed the concentration on the strangers face as he dried the skin as carefully as he could.

“Shawn,” I realized then I had been staring.


“That’s my name, in case you needed a name for the person you were checking out,” I blushed a deep red.

“I wasn’t checking you out, I was merely trying to- um- trying to-” Shawn chuckled at my lack of an answer.

“It’s fine; I don’t mind a pretty girl like you checking me out,” I giggled slightly as he helped me stand.

“Can you walk?” I tried putting weight on my ankle, it didn’t seem bad until I tried to move it forward and almost slipped. Shawn was fast and caught me on time.

“Thanks,” I blushed. Why am I blushing so much around this guy?

“No worries. Do you need help getting to your car?” I just nodded in response.

“Have you left anything here you need to get?” I then remembered.

“My board! My surfboard where is it?” I started freaking out. I had saved up for a whole year, working my ass off, just so I could get that board.

“Um, is that it over there?” Shawn nervously pointed to the left of us.

I turned around so fast only to see, what used to be, my board. It was snapped in two and the fin nowhere to be seen, the leash swaying with the waves.

“No!” I yelled as I tried to run over but tripped and fell to my knees. Shawn carefully picked me back up.

“I’m so sorry,” I just shook my head and smiled weakly at him.

“It’s not your fault, it was my stupid idea to go near the rocks, and you just saved me,” the sudden realization that Shawn saved my life hit me. I got up steadily holing his forearm, and hugged him tightly, wrapping my arms around his neck. His reaction was slow, his muscular arms wrapped around my waist and his head found a place in the crook of my neck.

“Thank you,” I say still hugging him, “if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know what would’ve happened. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” I kept repeating as I hugged him tighter.

“It’s no problem, really. It’s kind of what I do,” I looked up at him confusedly whilst we pulled away.

He chuckled, “I’m a lifeguard. Just not at this beach. It’s weird I had a sudden urge to go swimming here, not any other beach, right here. It’s a good thing too.”

“Well, thank you again, seriously. What can I do to properly say thank you?”

“You don’t hav-”

“No I want to,” I needed to do something, he just saved my life.

“If you say so. How about accompanying me to dinner tonight?” I blushed a deep crimson. Shawn was really attractive, I was surprised he was asking me, but he must have gotten the wrong idea with me not answering.

“Or you d-don’t have too, I’m sorry that was stupid.”

“No, no it’s fine, I would love to have dinner with you Shawn,” he chuckled.

“You had me worried there.”

A/N: hope that was what you were looking for anon! At at first I didn’t have a clue how to write this but in the end I got an idea! Hope you like it