rare scene


everything. EVERYTHING about this scene is romantic. from the hand-holding to the fireworks, to Kumiko clearly getting flustered over Reina’s attractiveness when her hair blows in the wind, to the (LITERAL) love song playing in the background, to Kumiko getting even more flustered when Reina tightens the hold on her hand and the immediate cut to more fireworks going off as a metaphor to the way Kumiko feels in this moment.
this entire scene is loaded with romantic tropes and everything from the visuals to the music, to the sybolism is just breathtakingly beautiful.

Hey y’all remember another big guy dragon nerd?

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Shooting Maurice (James Ivory, 1987), Autumn 1986: some very rare glimpses behind the scenes!

There’s a story behind these. :) My irrational bid to collect more copies of Maurice than I strictly need led me, recently, to buy an Italian DVD edition on e-bay (Dolmen Home Video, c. 2006). It intrigued me because it includes all the 2004 Merchant Ivory Collection DVD extras and deleted scenes, but on 1 disc instead of 2. The DVD also includes a ‘stills gallery’ – at first impression, very familiar publicity stills most of us have seen before. But, as I scrolled through them, I got a VERY nice surprise…!

The 4th image above (of James Ivory directing James Wilby) I’d seen before online (already shared on my blog in Sep 2015). But the other BTS shots from the shoot were completely new to me!!

The above images are my new screencaps and edits from the DVD (hence the watermark). Please reblog only; do not repost or remove credits. Thank you.

Captions below the cut.

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