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Forbidden desire Isaac lahey imagine part 1 from

Isaac lahey is one of 10 most eligible bachelors who has everything down to the demanding part well this comes by the company he now runs due to his father owning and giving it to him . There’s not much to go on with the whole family guessing three brothers and two older sisters which have their own company and is well established within the billionaires.

Isaac is rarely seen with a girl or the woman who captured his heart some people claimed his cold hearted and liked to keep this closer, as for his employees they only see his secretary which she gives the orders as for the meetings his always there .

With the luxury items he have everything he could ever want but something is still dark within him like someone to talk to. Most of the employees told the daily news “ his always working ” sometimes even on the holidays which is kind of weird since is about family

Mr lahey is rarely seen taking pictures with his family including the deal with his three brothers which was quite a headline would you say. Isaac has eyes on a particular place and his setting it on a small remote part of beacon hills which would definitely be new for a billionaire coming across from the busy streets of soho to a suburban


“ so (y/n) how’s the journalist thing going on ” you were working on your final paper and this is a hard topic “ I don’t know (y/f/n) is kinda hard I don’t know why is hard I mean I did the research ” sighing “ don’t worry (y/n) you’ll get and you’re get your degree right but hows the hardware store going ” you work at the hardware store for part time cause of your course

“ anyways do me a favour could you please pretty please ” you gave your firend a look “ no ”

“ please … … please … … please pretty please (y/n) ” looking at you with puppy eyes

“ okay … … ” looking at your friend “ so who I’m I interviewing this time and second you’re not even sick why can’t you ” looking at the magazine with all the daily news “ well I’ve got another interview with a fashion designer and I can’t miss this one could you please ” starring at you with puppy eyes

“ fine who’s the client (y/f/n) ” she paused “ its Isaac lahey ” you spit out your water “ you’ve got to be kidding ” looking at her while cleaning the table

“ sorry but yeah but boss wants a full scoop on him and how he became the most wanted business man plus is private life ” looking at the last interview mr lahey has “ so you think his gay ” you laughed “ no way ” you paused “ I’ve not seen him with any woman though ” your friend went to get ice cream “ I wonder what’s his like … … make sure to ummmm you know ask ” she gave you a list of things “ I’m not asking him this looking at the list of ridiculous questions

” it’s simple and you’re gonna be a journalist so it’s time to be out of your comfort zone (y/n) “ you sighed ” fine but I’m gonna have to rewrite these questions there more private questions “

Your friend give in ” but you’ve got to get picture of his office okay “ you didn’t know why but you’ve got the feeling this is going to be a long interview


It was pouring with rain outside and it was the interview you managed to call the lahey company and they’ve squeezed you in for a 10 minutes interview with the man himself. Your friend was delighted but at the same time she’s got a deadline ” I’m only doing this because I still owe you a favour “ taking the package and looking at it ” I think this is from Troy “ giving it to your friend

” he needs to learn the word hobby “ you laughed ” yeah well it’s pouring out with rain and “ I’ve called a cab so don’t worry ” God firend winked

“ okay” taking the book and learning your lines for the interview “ why are you nervous ” your friend looked at you “ cause his kind of intimidating don’t you think he have power and money ” looking at the photo of him from cosmopolitan magazine

“ well don’t be I assure he is nice if not give him a piece of mind okay ”

As the both leave and got into the cab your mind is else where


As the cab stop right in front of the lahey company “ good luck” your friend holding thumps up as the cab door closes and drives off you inhale and exhale before going in

As you slowly walk inside all you could see men in suits and people arranging appointment and getting to speak to the man himself, as you decided you stop for a moment until you got bumped into someone “ sorry ” you said but the person kept walking you didn’t think of it you went straight to welcome desk

“ hi I’m (y/n) (l/n) I’ve got a 10 minute appointment with mr lahey ” the person at the desk didn’t quite see you “ in sorry could you repeat that please ” looking at you and you felt intimidated

“ I’m (y/n) (l/n) I’m here on behalf of (y/f/n) for the interview with mr lahey ” you slowly took a breath

“ well miss (l/n) take a seat someone will be with you shortly ” as the woman gave you a lanyard to wear while you’re here you took a seat not far from the desk “ this is so not what I anticipated ” you mumbled

It’s been 10 minutes since you’ve arrived and not one have come down from the office until a lady with blond hair and very long legs came up to you “ well miss (l/n) I’m mr lahey personal assistant I’ll be assisting you upstairs for your interview ” as the both of you headed up “ so who’s the company ” you weren’t too sure till “ I mean your representing ” the woman stop “ im doing this for a firend I don’t ask ” she showed a little sympathy and carried on walking up

“ mr lahey is in a meeting right now it won’t take long but you could wait in is office ” as you reached the top you looked inside it was very sophisticated rooms each with personal office “ just ahead this mr lahey office I’ll take you ” many people have eyes on you

Beside you didn’t know where to look as you walked slowly you’ve noticed the flooring is white carpet you were thinking how could they keep this carpet so white until “ we’ll miss (l/n) I hope the interview goes well ” the woman leaving you and you didn’t even catch her name


The office of mr lahey is very simple but elegant not much no photos of his family or any woman in his life and you wanted to look round when a 6ft man with strong build posture and a clean skin with a very strong features . As the man noticed you “ well Dorothy I’ve got to call you back my meeting is here” looking at you like he was captivated

“ so I’m Isaac lahey the company owner and you’re ” mr lahey stretched out his hand and you didn’t know what to do your mouth was completely dry and you couldn’t even move his brown eyes were piercing through you like he captured you

Brown eyes are wonderful.

There are those light brown eyes which seem to catch every ounce of sunlight and let it reside there. You look at them and they don’t burn, but have this warm glow about them, like cool spring mornings when sunlight paints your bedsheets.

Then there are the medium brown eyes. They are light and dark and seem to change whenever you look at them. These eyes are fiery and ever changing, yet they retain their beauty even on the gloomiest of days.

There are the brown eyes that are mixed with blue or green. They remind me of proud trees with striking leaves scraping across a blue sky.

Some eyes are simply, utterly brown, and their solidarity reminds me of sun-kissed skin and the richest soils. These eyes are refreshing to look at; unchanging and definitive.

And then there are the dark brown eyes; like smooth stone with the sparkle of a diamond. I believe these are the most forgiving, thoughtful eyes, yet they hold the most mystery.
These dark eyes can look curious or sleepy, expressionless or full of emotion.

Brown eyes are underrated, yet they are so important.