rare opal

Rare fossil wood precious opal

 Virgin Valley, Nevada

Color: Blue, White, Pink, Black, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow, Grey, Brown, Orange

Luster: Vitreous, Waxy, Pearly

Birthstone Zodiac sign: Libra

Associated month: October

Crystal system: Amorphous solid

Chemical formula: SiO₂·nH₂O

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If I were a month- I’d be January, new beginnings
If I were a day of the week -I’d be Friday, happy hour
If I were a planet - I’d be Venus, make a love connection
If I were a Goddess- I’d be Athena the goddess of wisdom
If I were a sea animal - I’d be an octopus, I could use an extra hand
If I were a piece of furniture- I’d be the kitchen table, my surface would get good use
If I were a gemstone- I’d be an opal, rare and colorful
If I were a flower - I’d be a pink carnation, lovely to look at and smell
If I were a weather - I would be mild and warm
If I were a color - I would be yellow, bright as the sun
If I were an emotion - I would be sentimental and remember your birthday
If I were a fruit - I would be an orange, sweet and refreshing
If I were an element - I would be the wind, I’d come and go as I please
If I were a place - I would be a sandy beach, lure you to me
If I were a taste - I would be spicy, for interesting flavor
If I were a song - I would be “Never Let Me Go” self explanatory
If I were a body part- I would be a hand, to hold on to
If I were a pair of shoes - I would be red stilettos, let’s dance


Black Opal

Opal is Australia’s national gemstone, and black opal is the rarest and most valuable of its kind, at times selling at prices that rival the best diamonds. The stone must have a rich, black background, but base colors come in all shades of gray, which is why opinions vary on what is a “true” black opal.

Found in the Lightning Ridge area in northwestern New South Wales, black opals are natural, solid stones that absorb scattered white light, giving it brilliant spectral colors.

a lot of ppl complain about the fusions acting nothing like their counterparts but i like that? well i like the Idea of it. the actual way it’s done in the show is awful tho..

opal= two loud jumpy characters make a quiet calm character. sounds so cute and would work great for two chars who enjoy being hyperactive and goofing off together, creating a fusion so close that they don’t need words. or two very hurt loudly upset characters who comfort each other so well that they get “a calm they rarely feel alone”, as opal is described in the guidebook. BUT !! pearl bullies amethyst!! shes the one who takes amethysts calm away. she doesn’t let ame be herself early in the show. so opal comes off as ame sucking that up for pearls sake. canon says they used to be super close, but its still hard to see that, even if they get along better again now. opal should be more chaotic than just unfusing easily imo or just like. not be the calmest fusion

sugilite = two characters who respect and have fun with each other make a violent racist caricature. okay. i get that amethysts fear of being the worst gem + garnets pressure to be a responsible leader makes sugilite want to relax and have fun with no responsibilities. but that shouldnt be portrayed as an unhealthy thing wtf? 

sardonyx = pearl and garnet getting the confidence from each other to be more silly and outgoing. but it feels more like pearl getting that while garnet just gives it? as many others have pointed out, sugilite and sardonyx shouldve had bits of each others personalities. especially if one of them Needed to be violent, it makes way more sense for sardonyx since she def first formed during the war. also her whole theater/entertainer theme suits amethyst more since she appreciates human culture and media and so would know all the tropes n gimmicks sardonyx plays with. while one of if not the first thing pearl appreciated about human culture was knighthood and weapons she didnt have to summon.