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Merzbow, Thurston Moore, Mats Gustafsson, Balázs Pándi - ‘Too Late, Too Sharp – It Is Over’

From ‘Cuts of Guilt, Cuts Deeper’ (RareNoise Records, 2015)

Obake - Obake - Album Review

Obake? That’s an unusual word *scuttles off to Wikipedia*. Turns out it’s often used to describe ghosts or shape shifting forms , so expecting a pretty haunting experience it’s time to stick the disc in and kick back.

Right from the get go things are pretty bleak. The terms ‘doom’ and 'drone’ have never seemed as fitting as opener ‘Human Genome Project’ holds me in its grip while I sit in anticipation of demons rising from my speakers. The pace is slow throughout the first few tracks, yet the music is creatively layered and enveloping. Elements of electronica fuse seamlessly with guttural growls, unearthly choirs and the deepest bass this side of the Armageddon.

After its doom laden beginning, Obake twists to become more experimental. ‘Szechenyi’ is an unnerving moment of calm with ‘Letters to Ghosts’ being the soundtrack to a single ray of light, shining hope into the depths of this mire of desperation. But if you’re planning on making an escape you’d best be quick, as this light is soon eclipsed by the shrill guitars and foreboding presence of ‘Ponerology’ marking the crux of the journey as Obake drag you kicking and screaming into the depths of Hell itself.

Obake draw influence from the members past collaborations with The Melvins and Zu, while also having elements of the soundtracks of Angelo Badalamenti. One minute Obake are the stuff of nightmares, the next they are mesmerizingly beautiful; the perfect accompaniment to the greatest film David Lynch never made. Could someone please pass a torch because I could swear it’s getting darker in here!

Track Listing

1. Human Genome Project
2. Dog Star Ritual
3. The End Of It All
4. Szechenyi
5. Letters To Ghosts
6. Ponerology
7. The Omega Point
8. Destruction Of The Tower
9. Endocrinal Pineal Gland
10. Grandmother Spider