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| The College Kid’s Apartment | Yoosung x MC (Reader)

i’ve patched this together during spare moments on the Google Keep app and its surprisingly long oops. i hope you like it though!!

Rating: NSFW, but not too terribly descriptive during shenanigans. Some spoilers ??

Est. Reading Time: 35 minutes (7,268 words)

Pairing: Yoosung x Female MC

Summary: A few months after the events in Yoosung’s Route (but before After Ending), Yoosung takes MC to his place for some much needed alone time. MC stays way later that originally planned and accidentally ends up staying the night. Neither know that the other is still a virgin. There is so much fluff, you could fall into it.

There’s a lot of cute build up. I have added a cut where the nsfw begins so you can ignore that bit if you want to or skip right to it

It was quite warm outside. As you and Yoosung walked away from the college campus, you fanned yourself to combat the temperature. Noticing this, he began energetically fanning you as well, trying to cool down your reddening complexion. You laughed.

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Can I just take a moment to talk about how much I love Jasmine?

When I was a little kid, I didn’t like Jasmine that much. I thought she was a temperamental shrew, and couldn’t really understand why Aladdin liked her. I thought she’d just yell and nag him after their “happily ever after,” and pitied what he’d go through.

Now that I’m older and I look at her with a sophisticated eye, I not only realize that she RARELY gets mad in her movie (most of the time she’s sweet and nice), but I actually LOVE that Jasmine is kind of temperamental and kind of a shrew. Why? Let me esplain:

The truth is, everyone gets mad sometimes, and women are no exception. Most women have their breaking point. Most women sometimes get angry and yell, even at their boyfriends/husbands. No one is all sweet, all the time like Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, etc. And anyone who says different is lying, to you or themselves.

Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn’t recognize this. Too often, women (hell, men) are painted in broad strokes. They’re all one thing or all another. Hollywood women are all sweet, or all slutty, all virginal, all temperamental, etc. And far too often with Hollywood movies, they portray any female character who raises her voice even once as ALL bitchy/shewish, and female characters who never raise their voice as all perfectly sweet, kind, sympathetic, etc. all the time.

So, you rarely get sympathetic female characters who show some temper every now and again. She’s either the perfect wife/girlfriend, OR she’s a temperamental bitch who gets her comeuppance at the end. Not both. (Look no further than Cinderella’s evil step sisters.)

I LIKE how Musker and Clements broke some ground with Jasmine by portraying her as SOMETIMES a yelling temperamental shrew, but MOST OF THE TIME sweet, kind, understanding, compassionate, etc. She only gets mad when she gets treated like a commodity; a trophy; a “prize.” (Which, unfortunately, her father, Jafar, and “Prince Ali” do most of the time for this particular story.) The rest of the time, she’s very kind, compassionate, etc.

Hell, her FIRST INSTINCT whens she sees a hungry child is to give him some food. (Just like Aladdin; he gives his hard-won bread to some hungry orphans he encounters; she gives a hungry boy she sees an apple.) And, despite being raised in a palace, she has NO problem falling for a “street rat” who shows her some kindness–and if you think class blindness isn’t that big a deal, you haven’t lived in the real world  much.

And she’s SMART! OMG! Unfortunately, since it’s Aladdin’s story there aren’t many opportunities for her to show off her smarts, ingenuity, and quit wits, but it’s there! She’s able to learn how to pole-vault across a building just by watching Aladdin do it once.

She catches onto Aladdin’s schemes quickly while everyone else falls for it (both with the merchant who tried to cut off her hand, then with Jafar near the end of the movie). When Aladdin tells the Genie why he loves her, the first two traits that come to mind are, “She’s smart, and fun…” She’s certainly clever enough to see through Aladdin’s prince disguise when both her father and Jafar (who met him before) couldn’t… I can go on and on. Jasmine’s fucking brilliant! And it’s too bad the story didn’t give her as many opportunities to show off her smarts when it’s clearly there!

Jasmine is a character I didn’t appreciate much as a kid, but I definitely appreciate her now as an adult. Partly because she’s a sympathetic Muslim / Middle Eastern character (all-too needed these days), partly because she’s a sympathetic female character who happens to have a bit of a temper–something that hasn’t been seen much in Hollywood before or since.

Stay strong, Jasmine. The world needs you.

I was tagged by @crackpairingprincess Thank you for the tag Liza! I definitely did not do this instead of my hw

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1: Are you named after someone? Yes, I actually share some parts of my name with at least 3 members of my family.
2: When is the last time you cried? Over this fic because MY BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!! And it’s an amazing Haikyuu Marvel au go read it
3: Do you like your handwriting? Sometimes when I can actually keep it neat . .  .which is rare
4: What is your favorite lunch meat? IDK ham … does chicken count?
5: Do you have kids? Not at the moment human or otherwise, not even a plant, heaven knows that thing will die within the first week… ironic thing is my senior project revolves around keeping a garden alive … I’ll worry about that when I get to it …
6: If you were another person, would you be friends with you? I think I would. I’m not terrible and for the most part I’m nice and pretty outgoing once you get to know me.
7: Do you use sarcasm? hmmm … mostly when I’m joking around with friends
8: Do you still have your tonsils? Yup
9: Would you bungee jump? IDK I have a slight fear of heights but it sounds like so much fun!
10: What is your favorite kind of cereal? Corn flakes, I’m not a fan of sugary cereal, I feel like I’m eating plain sugar sometimes and it’s too sweet for me.
11: Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? I don’t unless my shoe is really stuck on my foot or they’re basketball shoes or high tops where I need to untie them.
12: Do you think you’re a strong person? I like to think I am despite my insecurities and everything that’s thrown my way. I’m still pushing through and doing my best.
13: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Don’t make me choose one, I love ice cream!!!!!!!! Ice cream is life!!!!!! *Jess shaking her head in the distance* Anyways Green tea, banana split, mango sorbet, honey, mint chocolate chip(mainly eat it for the mint), strawberry, vanilla bean, there are so many good flavors out there!!!!!!!!!!!
14: What is the first thing you notice about people? Eyes, hair, and maybe body language
15: Red or pink? Red.
16: What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself? My thighs
17: What color pants and shoes are you wearing now? Black pajama pants and I’m bare foot right now
18: What was the last thing you ate? Shoumai, and shanghai lumpia that my mom made and tempura which I made
19: What are you listening to right now? Some vocaloid song
20: If you were a crayon, what color would you be? teal or aqua
22: Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? I think it was my dad
23: Favorite sport to watch? Basketball
24: Hair color? Brown, it gets lighter depending on how the sun hits. I would love to dye it but then hair damage, maintenance, and I need to be presentable for jobs and internships.
25: Eye color? Light brown, like my hair depending on how the light hits, my eyes can get lighter
26: Do you wear contacts? No, but I have glasses
27: Favorite food to eat? Chicken taquitos with a salad, sour cream, parmesan, and guacamole
28: Scary movies or comedy? I would like to say scary but I rarely watch it and I love comedies
29: Last movie you watched? Zootopia

30: What color of shirt are you wearing?baby blue, there’s a panda on it
31: Summer or winter? Winter.
32: Hugs or kisses? Hugs!!!! Mainly cuz I’ve never kissed anyone before so idk.
33: What book are you currently reading? Haven’t read books in a long time. It’s mainly articles for class, and fics
34: Who do you miss right now? Jess, I always miss Jess, she’s my better half. And Em, she’s in Belgium
35: What is on your mouse pad? I don’t have a mouse pad I actually hate using them, but I have a card captor sakura one lying around somewhere
36: What is the last TV program you watched? I really don’t remember
37: What is the best sound? The sound of brooks, rivers or water falls
38: Rolling Stones or The Beatles? Beatles
39: What is the furthest you have ever traveled? Central America (actually lived there when I was little and I have family who lives over there too)
40: Do you have a special talent? Hmmm … I can juggle? And I’m great with arts and crafts, and I can draw?
41: Where were you born? California

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My 17 month old son likes to bring me little gifts sometimes at the most random times… this makes me feel so special because he rarely does it to anyone. Today it was lego while i was on the toilet and his face was so happy when i seemed genuinely interested and grateful for them.

I hate when i see parents just throw it back in their kids faces that they gave them something like a rock or a leaf… they’re sharing something with you that they find interesting or want you to have it’s a special moment and a part of how they show they love you….

Even if you find it stupid act like you love it, be excited, and genuinely show them they care… they’re sharing something with you. Be happy. Don’t crush them.

okay so listen. i’ve read approximately one million tfc head canons in the last week and most of y’all believe in neil having an undercut WHICH I AM DOWN WITH. except i can’t imagine neil caring enough to go to the hairdresser and get one??? like this is the kid that has to be dragged shopping and is just like “oh this makes me blend in the most give me those baggy jeans and tshirt circa the 90s that i saw in a thrift store for 2 cents” 

SO. hear me out. nicky and allison (in a rare and slightly ooc moment) team up and trick him into getting his hair cut

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Bruce should've killed the Joker after what happened to Jason? I'd generally love to hear some of your thoughts on the whole topic.

i mean… i don’t think this can ever possibly become about what i think? it’s one of the rare comic moments where i decided to leave it up to the writers’ interpretation about how bruce did what, mainly because he was depressed after jason’s death and it doesn’t matter what i believe his actions should’ve been since dealing with death and loss and depression skews a lot of aspects of a character (much like in real life). do i directly blame DC for putting a kid’s life or death up to a vote? absolutely. but it happened. and the plot kept moving as it was natural to do and the years passed and we reached a certain point where jason todd is back from the dead and now he blames bruce for not avenging him

the question about whether bruce should’ve killed the joker or not almost never (to my knowledge) came up before jason put it out there, at least not in a way it had weight. in every fan’s mind it was natural for bruce not do anything close to that because a) this is a batman that doesn’t kill b) this is a batman that doesn’t kill the joker. it’s funny because, in a sense, the fan community was in a limbo between the events depicting jason’s death and his revival. we all knew it was sad, a robin was killed so of course it was a dark moment in batman comics, but the very topic of grief or revenge was never directly mentioned? despite bruce dealing with pain and loss and tim drake’s robin pretty much being introduced during that period. the logic was “the joker beat a robin to near death and then blew him up. it’s sad, it’s awful, but it happened and it shouldn’t be so weird because batman comics deal with death. we expect these themes.” and then? then jason shows up. jason calls bruce, and at the same time all of us, out. he reminds us that death should have more impact. that these themes, though expected, are still detrimental. he flat out asks why batman never took revenge for someone he loved when his whole existence, his whole crusade gimmick, started out as a means of revenge for his parents’ death. and bruce, pretty much like the complacent readers, don’t have an immediate answer

so for me, the better question is, do i think bruce could’ve killed the joker? a character that’s basically shackled to this fate that presumably will never allow him to kill a very dangerous villain, let alone this dangerous villain that goes hand-in-hand with batman’s mythos? i don’t know. i legitimately do not know, and that’s not because i can’t guess different scenarios but because, even if i did, it won’t matter. the rules of batman comics dictate the joker can’t be killed by batman and that simply doesn’t allow for a proper answer. which makes jason’s need for revenge and agony and haunting questions of why, why would bruce not take revenge, if not now, then when even more heartbreaking

Hey, remember that time @briancrawfordphotography worked his white cisdick magic on ya girl and convinced me to practice #visvamitrasana prep in wet ass sand while wearing @maleshactivewear. Moments before and after this photo I was literally drenched in water by the biggest waves this east coaster has seen irl. This guy even convinced me to #headstand in the wet sand with waves crashing everywhere. I mean, I have a natural so who cares, right? And even though I look like I pissed myself + I was moments away from slipping out of this pose bc the WAVES WERE THAT FUCKING REAL- in spite of all that, I am cheesing like a fool in all of these photos. I got to be a kid on the beach that day- frankly, I rarely get to be a kid in the other parts of my life. The life hustle is real- big femme pants are of the utmost necessity at all times. But I love the fuck out of my yoga practice for continuously and consistently bringing me back to a place where I can take of my big femme pants and remember how dope it can be to spend an evening rolling around on the beach, not bothering to give even an iota of a fuck. top+bottoms- @maleshactivewear

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So I found this rare snapshot of my parents honeymoon in the early 90’s It makes me both happy and sad when i see them laying there on a sandy beach the waves and the sun rays calmly touching their skin. I love to see how comfortable they look together, how they share this intimate moment with each other, how they are playing like little kids, being happy with nothing but the presence of their partner. They looked so happy, so careless and so in love and I pity that the only things I kept in my head about their relationship are the endless arguments and how they broke up. For me there is hardly a memory of them which is as affectionate as this one and this is why this picture makes me feel so split. I really fear ending up like this with someone who used to be very important for me, thinking you’ve found the love of your life but then suddenly everything changes and you realise it doesn’t make sense anymore and it will never be the same again. Will memories be the only thing that remains and for how long are we able to keep them in our heads? Will the negative events prevail over all the good ones? I really don’t know and I’m scared of making experiences like this very soon

I think when we’re little kids we think that happiness is gonna be like a permanent thing, um, and then when we grow up we realize how fleeting it is, how rare it is to be really just simply happy, and when it happens to us, when you’re happy I think that you really need to notice it and fully live in that moment and then when that moment is over you need to replay it as many times as you need to when days are grey and long and hard and you’re not happy… And it would mean the world to me if I thought that maybe some of you were simply, honestly happy tonight
—  Taylor last night before enchanted/wildest dreams basically summing up how I felt about meeting her

I’m in love with Garnet.

 I just love Garnet. She makes me so happy. It’s rare to have such a positive black role model in kid’s media and to top it off, she’s queer too!
- Anonymous

Garnet is everything I want to be and I used to feel like I couldn’t be like her but my boyfriend pointed out that Garnet too has moments of weakness. That made me feel better.
- Anonymous


Behold, the awesomeness that is the Doctor & Liz!

I never could understand why they wrote Liz out- any allegations that she and the Doctor had no chemistry are patently absurd, just look at these adorable besties! They had a ton of chemistry! (And also physics, medicine, and lots of other scientific knowledge between the two of them…)

They have one of my favorite friendships in the whole show. I always felt like from the moment they met, they instantly bonded as awesome rebel science buddies. (And the Brigadier was like the the exasperated teacher who wondered how he got stuck with these damn kids in detention everyday, but loved them underneath it all. LOL)

I love seeing Liz & Three in the lab together, because Liz is a scientist too, and a brilliant one at that, so we get the comparatively rare treat of seeing the Doctor working with a colleague rather than looking after a student or side-kick. And despite what some say, it didn’t detract from the Doctor or make him look less brilliant just because Liz was more his equal. It’s wonderful to see him being generous and collaborating with her in their world-saving efforts, and it actually makes the Doctor seem more brilliant & alien when he’s with Liz, because she’s the cream of what Earth has to offer, and it’s a pretty rare & impressive feat to know about things even Liz Shaw doesn’t know! 

I love how they value each other’s intelligence, and they look after each other in the sweetest way. Liz had a sarcastic side, and the Doctor has his arrogant, petulant moments, but at the end of the day, they were a team who clearly had real respect and affection between them, and it’ll always be a shame we never got to see more of it. But I’m so glad we had it, even for a little while. :)

So anyway we went out to dinner tonight and next to us was this table of 4 kids around 18 or 19 probably and idk what their deal was but the whole time we were there they would look over at us, laugh, and then mock what we were doing (eating, drinking, existing) especially my brother because his back was to them and even though I was the only one in my family that noticed still just like what the hell we weren’t being loud or rude or doing anything weird they were just so unnecessarily cruel and when we got up to leave they started laughing at us so in a rare moment of bravery I told them that I noticed them making fun of us all night and how horrible they were