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‘Nother commission from DKVine: a Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest illustration to head-up a site re-branding focused on the game’s 20th anniversary.  My cup runneth over with Rare Ltd. drawings lately, but how could I say no to my favorite 2D platformer of all time?

Focused around the Krazy Kremland world as it avoids the obvious go-to setting from the game (Pirate Ship), uses super-contrasting colors, and let me put in a bunch of nods to the game’s other archetypes while putting the memorable “theme park run by the baddies” at the forefront.


Seasonal Screenshot Saturday: As the holiday season ramps up, be sure to remember the brave Twinklies of Freezeezy Peak, who gave their lives charging headlong into the path of the Twinklie Munchers, with only a bear and bird too slow to protect them, all in the efforts to make a tree look pretty.

Truth be told, they probably could’ve just hopped, or asked to be carried, around the big gaping holes the Twinklie Munchers were confined to, but nobody ever said they were the…um…what’s the metaphor?  Something about sharp tools?


Ok, so, confession time: I never played Banjo-Kazooie as a kid. I had an N64, but I just never had the money to buy it. Now, as an adult, I’m playing through it for the first time and I am so sad I missed out on it.

Anyway, these two. I was excited for Yooka-Laylee when it was announced, but now that I’m actually playing the game that inspired it, I’m super pumped. If YK is even half as good as BK, I’ll be happy.


Wow. That’s some early footage of Blast Corps right there. 

That is the version we did for the Nintendo Space World show where they first showed Mario 64 in 1995.

Lot’s of vehicles that didn’t make it into the final game, I’d forgotten all about the Scorpion. Ah, memories…