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I'm cracking up at the thought of the vase becoming a thing. Like Simon rooming with him waiting his turn for the bathroom in the morning and Magnus just walks out with a vase under his arm. People keep going to see him at his loft and the vases are just getting larger and larger. Everyone is confused and trying to work out what is with the vases, are they used for spells? Potions? For High Warlock Stuff??? Really it's just Magnus fucking with everyone.

AOWJEFA STOP I AM HERE FOR THIS. Magnus is such a little shit he would honestly do this. I need him fucking with people for his amusement all season, like I imagine he does this a lot???

Like, I bet Magnus will claim he needs a super rare jewel or unicorn horn or something for the spell. It’s crucial we can’t do the spell without it, and the Clave finally agrees and they scramble to get it for him. It costs them a ton of time and money.

And then he fucking hangs it on his (sideways) belt.

Poet W.H. Auden     Uncredited and Undated Photograph

(for Lincoln Kirstein)

Towards the end he sailed into an extraordinary mildness,
And anchored in his home and reached his wife
And rode within the harbour of her hand,
And went each morning to an office
As though his occupation were another island.

Goodness existed: that was the new knowledge.
His terror had to blow itself quite out
To let him see it; but it was the gale had blown him
Past the Cape Horn of sensible success
Which cries: “This rock is Eden. Shipwreck here.”

But deafened him with thunder and confused with lightning:
–The maniac hero hunting like a jewel
The rare ambiguous monster that had maimed his sex,
The unexplained survivor breaking off the nightmare–
All that was intricate and false; the truth was simple.

Evil is unspectacular and always human,
And shares our bed and eats at our own table,
And we are introduced to Goodness every day,
Even in drawing-rooms among a crowd of faults;
He has a name like Billy and is almost perfect,
But wears a stammer like a decoration:

And every time they meet the same thing has to happen;
It is the Evil that is helpless like a lover
And has to pick a quarrel and succeeds,
And both are openly destroyed before our eyes.

For now he was awake and knew
No one is ever spared except in dreams;
But there was something else the nightmare had distorted–
Even the punishment was human and a form of love:
The howling storm had been his father’s presence
And all the time he had been carried on his father’s breast.

Who now had set him gently down and left him.
He stood upon the narrow balcony and listened:
And all the stars above him sang as in his childhood
“All, all is vanity,” but it was not the same;
For now the words descended like the calm of mountains–
–Nathaniel had been shy because his love was selfish–
Reborn, he cried in exultation and surrender
“The Godhead is broken like bread. We are the pieces.”

And sat down at his desk and wrote a story.

–W.H. Auden, “Herman Melville”  1939

<Sigh>  “Evil is unspectacular and always human…”

(Thank you to sniccolo for reminding me of this poem, which I hadn’t read in quite a while).

Most Expensive Gem in the World: the Pink Star Diamond

The Pink Star Diamond is a “Fancy Vivid Pink” diamond that was mined in 1999 in South Africa. Weighing in at 59.6 carats, this gem was sold by Sotheby’s for a record $83 million: more than any other diamond - or any gem - ever sold.

Composition: Carbon | Market Value: $83,187,381, or about $1,395,761 per carat

Outta Work - Bruce Wayne/Reader)

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Imagine meeting Bruce at a dinner party and giving hope for retirement one day…

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A simple word associated with the simple action of a handshake but Bruce Wayne was instantly smitten by the ray of sunshine that stood before him. You were nothing like the taint Gotham held to it’s surfaces.

He smiled taking your dainty hand in raising it to his lips, “Bruce Wayne.”

You blushed a little nodding your head slightly to him. All the rest of the men in the group had simply shaken your hand, “Y/N L/N…”

“What brings a rare jewel like you to Gotham City?” He asked holding your hand briefly longer then rest had as well.

You let out the breath you’d been holding, “I’m looking to help rebuild. I’ve heard the city is in need of repair since the recent hysteria of a mad man with a laugh.”

He felt his jaw tighten at the mere mention of the Joker’s description, “That’s noble of you, since London is so far from here.”

“London is my home Mr. Wayne, but I reside in Washington D.C. for my work.” You explained to him gaining the attention of everyone around you.

“And you work deals with rebuilding inner cities?” He asked curiously watching your reactions.

“No my work is generally with relations between individual diplomats from different countries.” You smiled at him before grabbing a passing champagne glass, “But something about this city tugged on my heart strings and I couldn’t ignore it. The government has granted Gotham some relief funds and I intend to help anywhere I can.”

“You going to lift a hammer missy?” An older gentlemen chuckled as you took a sip.

You looked over to him, “That, dry wall, and any plumbing I can get my hands on.”

Everyone stood there for a moment silenced by your remark before you looked back to Bruce, “My father worked construction back home. I often found myself helpful. Little hands can fit in tight places.”

He smiled offering his arm to you, “I’d love to talk more about the relief effort. My company is heavily committed to it as well.”

“I’ve heard.” You smiled taking his arm stepping away from the group, “I was going to contact your company tomorrow about where we should begin.”

“I can get that information to you in the morning.” He told you as you stepped out on to the balcony, “I’d be happy to give you a tour of the city as well. I think it would help you see Gotham more then just a city that needs help.”

“From what I understand Mr. Wayne…”

“Please call me Bruce.” He smirked, “Mr. Wayne was my father, and I haven’t earned enough respect for such a title.”

You stared at him a moment as he leaned against the railing looking at you, “Bruce…as was I was saying, I understand that you have ‘Dark Knight’ who guards this city.”

“If you’re referring to the vigilante known as Batman…” He tried his best to act irritated as he looked away, “Yes…we do.”

“Well any city who has crazy villains running amok,” You looked out over the city line, “and produces someone willing to reign them in…is a city that needs help from it’s people. I’m here to help those people.”

He looked back to you, “I feel the same way.”

You looked at him and smiled, “We should have dinner Bruce…maybe think of a few ways to get the people more help to help themselves.”

He nodded before looking at the city line again, “You might just put the Bat out of job with thinking like that.”

“That’s the idea.” You whispered, “He’s only one man…he shouldn’t have to do it alone.”

Your words spoke volumes to him as they rang in his ears, “So I should pick you up at seven tomorrow night?”

You laughed briefly before nodding, “I’ll have my people call you people about my hotel.”

“Sounds great.” He smiled as you touched his shoulder before walking back into the sea business and money inside. He watched you smile and move about the room before turning back to city skyline seeing the light in the sky. He sighed, “One day maybe…but tonight I still gotta job to do…”

A fancy lady from Pa'alatiin!

The region is mostly bordered by the sea and has an important trading tradition. Powerful people, instead of the clan chieftains of the north, would rather be heads of trading posts; their clothing would be as shiny and colorful as khajiit love, but adorned with as many rare foreign jewels or fabric to show off as possible.