rare jeff buckley

The Baffled King

Note: Hey @camael-fanart and @skarhead I banged this tiny lil ficlet out for you just now. RETICENT as I am to even approach Drarry given your discriminating Drarry tastes but here you go. It popped into my head when I saw skarhead’s St. Sebastian art except I reversed it lol.

What was I thinking?

Harry shook his head and muttered to himself, adjusting the bags of groceries in his arms. He could have stashed them in his endless coat pocket but he was distracted by his stupid mistake from that afternoon. Neighbors gave him funny looks as he grumbled, making his way home to the flat he shared with Draco, shaking his long curly mop of hair now wet from rain as if he were a dog just bathed.

What was I thinking? What on earth was I thinking?

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