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best of sebastian stan // i just hope that i can look at certain movies where i’m like, ‘i did my job in terms of fleshing out real people’-whatever they were and whatever they cared for-and i challenge myself enough to not just end up always doing the same thing. it’s self discovery isn’t it? 

Ardyn Headcanons

Part of my ongoing Ardyn fic. I posted the first bit a WHILE back, and will be updating it soon(ish). 

  • Ardyn rarely sleeps. Being immortal, he doesn’t need to, and when he does he ALWAYS has a recurring nightmare about a liquid darkness entering and consuming him (he wakes knowing that’s what actually awaits him if he ever loses control, except it will happen from within).
  • The daemons are like a personality disorder. They manifest as impulses and voices in his head, which he can barely distinguish from his own. Over the years he’s managed to quiet them and differentiate, but it’s still a daily struggle. He tries and keeps his emotions in check to prevent them from surfacing.
  • He likes a high shelf brandy. It’s classic.
  • Ardyn has always had a bit of a sweet tooth. People are surprised to discover this; he doesn’t seem the type. Yet as a child and adolescent, the palace kitchen staff were well familiar with and supplied his penchant.
  • He hasn’t felt at home anywhere in Eos since before being exiled. He roams constantly, and knows almost every inch of the world. The only places he feels remotely at home at are the ruins scattered across Eos— the ones that no one can explain, the history long forgotten. These ruins are from before even his time, and he enjoys that there is still something he hasn’t experienced.
  • Aside from a spare change of clothes, some odd souvenirs, and his car, he doesn’t own anything.
  • He doesn’t have a cellphone, and it’s a running joke in Niflheim that the Chancellor is “old-school.” He’s impossible to get in touch with, but he always seems to be in the right place at the right time despite this, so Aldercap and the others leave him be.
  • Ardyn feels an intense loneliness if he allows himself to feel. Not only does he keep to himself, having little in common with anyone and feeling everyone to be inferior, but people are wary of him. He is used to being ignored and shunned, but it’s only made him bitter over the years. Sometimes he finds himself trying to attempt normal interaction, but it rarely goes well. People seem to sense something’s off with him, and this only makes him feel more corrupted / desperate for his end game to come to fruition.
  • Ardyn is tired. Not physically tired, but in his soul. If he isn’t occupied, it strikes him. He has seen and done just about everything over the eons, and no matter how the landscape changes due to natural or human influence, he can feel the familiarity of places in his bones. He is tired of Eos and craves release. He would never admit this, and it’s much easier to pretend that revenge against the Lucis Caelums is the sole reason behind his actions. He’s angry at the gods and Lucians for what was done to him in the past, but mostly he’s angry that he’s had to remain alive for so long— friendless, his soul corrupted, and with the daemons his only true ever-present companions.
  • After his failed execution, Ardyn was placed in the stone tomb on Angelgard by the gods. The imprisonment was three-fold: One, Angelgard is an island, and at that time, his daemonic powers were not known to him / undeveloped (so escape that way was a no-go). Two, the swords / stakes surrounding the tomb were once magically-imbued to keep him from escaping. And three, the narrow window is aligned with the opening in the crag behind the tomb, allowing sunlight to directly enter the tomb and weaken Ardyn due to the daemons in his body (over the years he grew used to the light, but for a long, long time, it pained him, and only darkness brought relief— which is why he grew to resent the light). We don’t hear much of Ardyn through history after his own time period because he was imprisoned. It wasn’t until rather recently that the magic was lost and he could escape. This would also explain how his speech is still fairly archaic.
  • When Ardyn first escaped his prison and “re-introduced” himself to modern society, the idea of having a paid job was abhorrent. He stole and shoplifted to get everything he needed (he did this for years). In his mind, everything was stolen from him, and his own needs outweigh anyone else’s.
  • Ardyn keeps the full extent of his power hidden from everyone. Why? For one, because the more he uses them, the more the daemons have control. Two, because having his powers known would complicate his place in the Empire, and thus his plans. He could easily achieve his goals by being 100% evil and killing everyone until Noct makes his covenants and enters the Crystal, but he isn’t SURE that Noct is chosen until he actually gets pulled into the Crystal.
  • Ardyn does (or did) feel some small shred of pity for Noctis because he’s essentially just a kid who gets screwed by fate as much as Ardyn did, but his resentment over Noct being chosen and able to Ascend (as well as Noct’s bloodline) vastly overwhelms his pity.
  • He gets his clothes custom tailored because he doesn’t like the current fashion trends (and doesn’t feel he needs to adhere to them); because it makes him feel important; and because it reminds him of a time when he had this privilege.
  • His humor and  charm took a while to redevelop (post-imprisonment). At first he was highly self-deprecating, but no one understood his plight or jokes. It wasn’t until he began to try to seem friendly and good-natured that people began to warm up to him and he realized this made it easier to get what he wanted. However, in recent years he’s allowed his contempt to poison the facade and now his “charm” just seems creepy.

YOU ARE MY WHITE BEAUTY (Negan x albino reader imagine)

Summary: Y/N is the only one in the whole sanctuary who is an albino. Negan is a fan of her beauty. But the days in the sanctuary are not easy for her because some saviors are mobbing her. What will Negan do?

(English is my third language but I tried my best. Sorry for grammar and word mistakes)


Y/N has been in Sanctuary for 2 weeks.
Dwight had found her in the woods. She was alone and hurt. Now she worked in the Sanctary for points. But she was different. She was not like the others. She was an albino. The only thing she saw in the mirror was white only white.
She had heard a lot about Negan, but she had not met him yet.
One morning she was woken up by Dwight.

“Come on you have to clean up Negans room”

She stood straight up and changed her clothes. She walked with Dwight through the long corridors

“You will not touch anything else besides your work, have you heard me?”, said Dwight with a strong voice

“I am not deaf, and I am not interested in men’s affairs”

Dwight looked at her angrily.
When they arrived in Negan’s room, she looked around the huge room. It was so nice. She had not seen such a beautiful thing for a long time. A huge and probably very comfortable bed.

“Stop looking around and do your work”

Dwight went back again 

She stayed in the room and began to clean up Negan’s bed. He was probably awake. At that moment, Negan passed through the corridors and held Lucille in his hand. When he arrived in his room, the door was open. He slowed his steps. When his room became visible, he saw Y/N.
He was admired.
She was so beautiful, so fantastic. He walked slowly into the room and looked more closely at the girl. She did not see him, she folded the blanket. He knocked with Lucille on the door frame, Y/N frightened and looked quickly at him.

“What do we have here?”, he said in a calm voice.

She was ashamed and looked down He went with loose steps to her until her faces were only 1 cm apart. He grabbed her chin and lifted it so that she looked into his eyes. 

“Look at this beautiful angel”

He went smelled her smell

“What’s your name sweetheart?”

She said nothing

“Ou our beauty is mute ha?”


“There she is, you are not mute, I knew it”

“No I’m not”, she said in a shaky voice

“You look pretty pale honey, are you okay?”

“I’m not pale

“What is it then honey”

“I’m an Albino”

“Albino? What the hell is an Albino?”

She was shocked that he had no idea what an Albino was.

“O , you don’t really know what it is?!”

“No, but maybe you can make an explanation”

She took a deep breath and began to speak

“Albinism is a condition some people and animals are born with. This condition is caused by a lack of pigment (colour) in their hair, eyes, and skin. A person or animal with albinism is called an albino. Many albino people prefer to be called a “person with albinism”. There are ten different types of albinism.
People with albinism can have white or light blonde hair. They can have very pale skin. Their eyes are blue, or rarely pink-ish. People with albinism can have problems such as bad vision and getting sunburnt easily. This is because people with albinism have less pigments in their eyes, skin and hair.Albinism is rare in the United States. One out of every 20,000 people in the United States has albinism. There are about 15,945 people in the United States who have albinism”

When she was finished she took a deep breath and said,

“Oh no I forgot to breathe again”

Negan laughed and was shocked that she did not worry about her own situation. She acted like everything was normal.

“Where do you know this everything?”


He began to laugh

“You are a smart girl and you have humor. I love girls like you?”

“I-I-I have to go”, she said in a shaken voice

She broke from Negan’s grip and walked away with quick steps until she heard Negan’s voice behind her.

“I would be very glad if you would visit me again”

“If I would not disturb you sir,” she said politely

“A come on doll it would be an honor for me”

She smiled at him and disappeared. Negan lay down on the bed, thinking about her beauty.

The weeks passed and Y/N and Negan got to know each other more and more.
Negan could not tell his feelings for her because she was a very shy girl. He wanted time.
One evening Y/N wanted to get something to eat and stand in the line.
There were a lot of people in the Sanctuary who were making fun of her, but she did not care because she was bullied at school too.
It was normal for her. But today it was too much

“Hey, you’re immune, or something why did not you turn to a walker, when were you bitten?”

A Savior said loudly and laughing

She turned to the voice 

“What are you talking about?”

“Are you kidding me look at your death skin. It’s so pale that I sometimes think that they have forgotten to bury you. When did you die tell the truth? ”

Many men began to laugh

“Where is your color sweetheart?”

“How old are you actually because your hair is so white How much 100???”

She had slowly tears in her eyes

“Sometimes I think if you’re a human being or an alien?”

They laughed more
They suddenly heard a whistle and a knocking. It was Negan. He had heard everything.
He quietly called Dwight to his side

“Everyone who has laughed at her and bullied her, you can throw them out to the walkers, they’re hungry,” he said almost screaming

The men becoma scared and went to Negan 

“Negan please, we were just having fun, please do not do that,” they said panicky Negan raised his eyebrows


He looked at Y/N and saw the flowing tears.

“If that was so funny, if it was really fun, why is she crying?”

He said seriously, looking at the men badly.

“I’ll tear anyone’s tongue out that says her something bad. No one can hurt her in my sanctuary, but if someone does they will be punished" 

Simon and Dwight pulled the men out to the walkers.
The men begged Negan, but Negan’s decision did not change. When they were completely gone, Negan held Y/N’s hand and led her to his room.
They sat down on the huge bed. Negan took her face between his hands and wiped her tears with her thumbs.

“Be proud of yourself.”

She looked at him with wet eyes

“I’m ugly”

He was shocked. How could she say something like that. She was the most beautiful woman he ever see.

“Hey hey hey I do not want to hear this again, I love your white skin, I love your rarely pink-ish eyes, I love your light blonde hair, I love your color. I love you the way you are ”

He hugged her, stroked her hair as she cried even more.

“Sssshhhh, I’m with you now, I’ll never leave you in my life, do you hear me, I promise you”

“I love you,” she said in a weeping voice

At that moment, Negan’s men were eaten outside by the Walkers.

Note: Be proud of who you are. Don’t be ashamed. Albinism is beautiful❤

Model: Beata V.

Connor X Evan's Twin!Reader

bithc have some headcanons

  • mkay so on days where heidi is as work
  • he invites you over his house 
  • and Cynthia makes ur favourite meal
  • okay so after the meal, y'all kids sit at the kitchen table
  • and you talk and giggle with Zoe
  • and you sit on Connor’s lap 
  • and if Evan’s there, yOU TRY SO HARD TO GET HIM TO TALK TO ZOE
  • Sometimes it works actually!
  • okay so
  • binch you KNOW you date all throughout senior year
  • and you KNOW he bases his college and career around you
  • (photography yas binch)
  • and he promposes to you in ???? the MOST CONNOR way?
  • He literally just straight up asks you when you’re both sitting on the hood of his car, and he’s smoking some weed
  • “babe lets go to prom together or some shit like that”
  • You’re just????
  • “Wait really?”
  • “yeah why not”
  • “u sure you’re not just saying this because you’re high RN?”
  • baby boy convinces you not
  • I mean he kinda did tho because??? He wouldn’t consider it if he was sober tbh
  • prom isn’t his scene
  • You and Zoe have the same dress, only yours is in light blue and hers is in black
  • Connor wears a black suit with a light blue tie, and Evan wears a light blue suit with a black tie????
  • also you know he paints his nails light blue just for this yes queen
  • she loves Connor too??? 
  • Connor is real polite to her
  • Also she just likes him because he makes you happy
  • If you and Connor fight (rarely-ish? IMEAN it happens sometimes but mainly only if his bipolar starts flaring up)
  • You betcha she takes the next day off work and y'all sit at home eating Ben and Jerry’s and watching your favourite movies
  • okay so when Connor proposes to you
  • You know…your dad isn’t around.
  • And you wouldn’t wanna ask him to the wedding because??? ya kinda hate him
  • So who does Connor ask for permission to marry you???
  • Ya boi Evan
  • Evan is???? so touched???
  • He starts bawling straight away like don’t even @ me on this
  • Of course he says yes
  • So then Connor proposes to you
  • At ThE oRcHaRd BeCaUsE i Am WeAk
  • and y'all start bawling too
  • He literally peppers your face w kisses???
  • Boy is happy and emotional as fuck
  • You’re both crying
  • Happy cry
  • Omg
  • you look???? Stunning in your dress???
  • Oh bitch you know what
  • He grabs Heidi and gets her to help him walk you down the aisle AW
  • She starts sobbing
  • Bitch everyone cries
  • Zoe girl cries too
  • She’s ya maid of honour
  • Your bridesmaids are like??? Alana and a couple of girls you met at high school and college
  • *cough* christineeeeee canigulaaaaaaa and Brooke and Jenna and all
  • and Conboy’s groomsmen are Jared and and a couple guys he met at highschool and college
  • Michael, Jermy, Rich, Jake, and so on
  • I’m sorry I went on quite a bit here
  • but I hope y'all liked it like wow

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I'm going to be doing a study abroad to central Queensland university from one of the snowiest cities in America- any advice?

ohhh man. which campus are you at?? because there’s a lot of regional differences depending on where you’re visiting

  • if your campus is actually in queensland, prepare yourself for heat and humidity
  • no matter the campus:
  • if you’re coming over in summer (when are you getting here?) it’s going to be much hotter than you’re used to, and the australian sun is fierce. make sure you have sunscreen and a cute, stylish wide brimmed hat to wear if you’re going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time and please do not attempt to sunbake/sunbathe/deliberately lie in the sun to tan, you will burn to a crisp
  • prepare yourself for flies. they’re disgusting and they’re everywhere and you’ll quickly become accustomed to swatting them away. again, this is much, much, much worse in summer
  • we don’t tip. some cafes and restaurants will have tip jars but it’s not expected. everything is expensive because our workers are paid a liveable wage, we live off our income, not tips
  • wait staff generally won’t come and check up on you during your meal. if you want something, you have to get their attention
  • if you were planning on travelling around australia while here you’ll need a lot of time. a lot of people don’t seem to realise we’re actually pretty much the same size as the U.S.A. you can’t just hop from one city to the next
  • speaking of, there’s a lot of empty, natural space. everyone lives right on the coast, and if you go just a few kilometres inland there’s bush pretty much everywhere. there’s lovely bushwalks to do if you’re keen on some nature sight seeing
  • our power switches are individual!!!! you can’t just flick a switch and have the entire bloody room charged with electricity. you plug things in and then turn the individual plugs on and off as needed. it’s a much better system!!!!
  • no one drinks fosters beer pls dont
  • in australia you will drink the first true coffee of your life. percolated, drip-fed coffee is disgusting and frankly the entire country of america should be ashamed. we take our coffee very seriously here (melbourne, particularly, is colloquially known as the coffee capital of the world) and there are so many types to choose from: flat white, cappuccino, latte, mocha - and that’s before you even get into the different flavours!! try them all
  • cadbury chocolate puts hershey’s to shame make the most of it while you’re here
  • don’t try to eat vegemite by the spoonful, you need to spread it really thinly over a piece of buttered toast - so thin you can see the butter through the vegemite - and then layer a slice of cheese over the top
  • our internet is terrible. laggy, drops out, over priced and just generally shit. free wifi is still sorta rare-ish?? mobile data is so expensive. i am sorry
  • i don’t like it, but a lot of people use the c-word here. it’s become almost a complimentary, joking term between friends
  • wild kangaroos are not for petting, they will fight you, and they will win
  • don’t feed seagulls, you’ll never escape them if you do
  • drink and meal sizes are much, much, much smaller than you’re used to in america. like i think a large drink from australian mcdonalds is the same size as a medium from american mcdonalds?
  • mcdonalds is called maccas
  • if you go to the beach, swim between the red and yellow flags!!! they symbolise the safe area to swim, where there are no rips/dangerous currents
  • ‘bogan’ is generally, roughly comparable to ‘redneck’
  • thongs = flip flops
  • if a homeless person/anyone approaches you asking for money, just say, “sorry i don’t have any cash on me” without making prolonged eye contact and keep briskly walking
  • in general, aussies are weird about people who brag. be subtle about it
  • if a shop assistant says to you, “are you all right?” they mean, “do you need any help or are you okay on your own?” either ask for help or say, “just looking/i’m okay, thanks”
  • no worries = no problems
  • if someone says, “my shout” it means they’re paying for you
  • we drive on the left. be careful when crossing roads

if anyone wants to add to this post, feel free (✿◠‿◠) 

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how would lucio, mccree, and hanzo react to someome flirting and getting a little handsy with his painfully oblivious s/o


Lucio took a quick glance up from the book he was signing and saw that someone was talking to you. Between photos he saw that you pointed somewhere, so they were just asking for directions.

After a few minutes later when the crowd started to thin down he saw that the person you were giving directions to was still talking to you. But the problem was they were closer to you, so close that their hands were hovering if not touching you. Unfortunately you were to oblivious to their actions.

The Dj had to excuse himself from his fans much to his own disliking, he had to be by you.
“Hey there (Y/N)!” Lucio exclaimed wrapping an arm around your shoulders placing a kiss on you cheek. Lucio needed this stranger to know that you were taken, taken by him.
“Hey! Are you all good or still have a few pictures to do?” You asked kissing him back. The person you were talking to was clearly uncomfortable and slowly started backing away.
“W-well I better get going, thanks again.” Lucio sighed placing his head on your shoulder glad that the person was finally gone.


Bless this cowmans soul as he sat beside you listening to you and the bartender chat away. The conversation started with you asking about a certain type of rare-ish liquor seeing if they had it. Now it’s about… well he doesn’t know he tuned out about 10 minutes ago.

Despite the fact he wasn’t listening he wasn’t instensly watching what the bartender was doing. They were leaning in pretty close to you and their hand was inching closer to yours. As always you were oblivious to someone’s actions.

Jesse knew what to do as this point, it was common for this type of thing to happen to you. He put his peacekeeper on the counter taking a sip of his drink acting like nothing was happening.
“So darlin’ I was thinking steak for dinner tomorrow?” You pondered at this for a few seconds.
“Yeah sounds good.” McCree smirked victoriously at the bartender like he took first place away away from them and you were the prize that he won.

Out of the Darkness

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: depression (reader), angst, fluff.

A/N: This is very slightly based on the song “Lullaby” by Nickelback. I’ve been feeling especially down lately, hence the somewhat rare angsty (ish) story from me. This really helped me release some negativity. Hurray for productivity! Anyways, here you go.

The sound of wings filled the bunker library. Dean shot up out of his seat, relieved that he had finally patched through to Cas. He had been trying to reach you for almost two days with no luck, which was very out of character for you. You were usually right in the middle of whatever case they were working on, cracking jokes and livening up the room. But, lately, you barely left your bedroom, locking the brothers out and making absolutely no noise.

“Dude, she won’t pick up her phone. I’ve called her so much, I filled up her voicemail. She won’t open the door when either of us knock. I dunno, Cas. Something’s up.” Dean’s voice was wrought with concern. You were the little sister he never had and he would do anything to make sure you were okay. “I even tried breaking down the door, but it’s reinforced. She just won’t answer.”

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artie!!!! show us all your gemsonas!!! (or at least just tell us about them if you don't have drawings)

ah, sure! Okay, so I have three which are involved in a little storyline I got going on in my head. I only have rough concept sketches of two of them, but nothing for the third because I’m still tinkering with her design the most.

The first is Hematite, and I actually have the most solid sketch for her because I worked on hers first. Colors not final

Her gem is a tooth that’s jutting up there. Her body is metallic. She’s big (Bismuth-sized or bigger). Her weapon is based on a horseman’s pick (which I chose because the head sometimes looks like a tooth).

In the story, Hematites are rare-ish Gems whose role is a fixer. They discreetly do jobs and solve problems to keep the illusion that the Diamond Authority (and, by extension, the Diamonds) are all-knowing, all-powerful, and infallible. While very powerful, their key feature is their discretion and as such they usually solve problems quickly, quietly, and above all secretly, so violence is typically a last resort for them.

Typically, a Hematite is very loyal, obedient, unquestioning, and extremely secretive. As such, they tend to be very quiet and have a difficult time opening up. They’re also very smart, good under pressure, and adapt easily to changing situations.

This Hematite was sent on a secret mission to retrieve a very important artifact.

The second Gem is Pyrite, and I only have a really rough sketch of her I scrawled out just now to give you some idea what she looks like. Still a work in progress, some design elements are subject to change and colors not final.

Pyrite’s gem is her left eye. Her body is also metallic (less shiny than Hematite’s, though). She’s fairly tall and lanky. She does not currently have a weapon. She has a visor like Peridot and Doc.

In the story, Pyrites are pilots. Specifically, they’re meant to pilot exploratory crafts in short-range or difficult areas. They’re also commonly used for secret missions, since they can use smaller and lower profile ships. They’re very skilled at flying just about anything, especially when manual controls are involved (they have great reflexes).

Typically, Pyrites are headstrong, excitable, cocky, and reckless. They have a tendency to be very chatty. Like Hematites, they’re great under pressure and adapt easily to changing situations (as long as it can be solved by dodging or shooting), but they’re not particularly smart in areas outside of flying.

This Pyrite was assigned to pilot Hematite in pursuit of the artifact.

The third and final member of the trio I don’t have a drawing I like enough to share yet. She’s a Pearl, specifically a peach Pearl. Her gem is located on her throat. Her body is also somewhat metallic. She has your average Pearl build and no weapon.

I don’t need to go over what Pearls are, since that’s established canon. This Pearl belonged to the Gem (I haven’t decided who that is yet) that assigned Hematite’s mission. She sent Pearl along to give continued instruction since she was paranoid someone might try to steal the mission out from under her so she wanted instructions for the next steps in the mission to be given as needed. This Pearl was basically forced onto a mission she’s absolutely not equipped to deal with.

Their heights compare roughly as such (using Crystal Gem Pearl as a stand in, since all Pearls are the same general height)

Anyways, spoilers - throughout the mission all three of them learn and grow and eventually become rebels.

Between the Pages

Summary: After losing your Potions textbook, you’re pulled along on this journey to find out Draco’s true feelings for you. 

Word Count: 1,885

Warning(s): Fluff?

Once again, one of my first imagines I’m posting. Please, please give me constructive criticism to help for future work. Thanks for reading, loves! -D 💚💚

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