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I’m honestly just glad that I have a horse that won’t take bad training from me. She’d murder me or just become completely depressed if I whaled on her. I love that about her.  Her behavior is very clear when she’s not comfortable with something, which is what I need as I learn to be a better trainer.  I feel worse for the horses who have people pull them around and just take it.

My horse rarely has to escalate for me to know that my training isn’t working. It just ended up working really well between us and I’m so lucky.

Horse Body Language for Writers

Hello! Because I see a lot of bunk weird-ass body language used in fantasy novels, I thought I’d drop some knowledge on actual horse body language, as opposed to that you’ll see in corny movies. You cannot trust movies, okay? They add horse sound effects in every scene with horses when in reality horses are very quiet. Movies lie.


Here’s some basic facial expressions:

Interested (and sometimes fearful). Horses with their heads way up in the air and ears forward can be stressed and looking for a friend. But they can also just be listening or interested in something in front of them.

Bored/Tired(only one hind foot taking the weight is common; horses tend to lean on only one foot when they’re sleepy/bored/comfortable). Their heads are lowered, their eyes and ears may be droopy, and they’ll be sighing a lot. What’s most hilarious is when their mouth hangs open as such:

If you’re like me, you then play with that lip and go LIP LIP LIP LIP because you are about six years old.

Notice that the ears are PINNED back, not just facing backward. A horse moves their ears based on what they are listening to. It’s possible that their ears are just facing backward to listen to something behind them. But if the horse looks tense, their ears are pinned to their neck, and they look prepared to bite, they are angry or afraid.

Listening (when ears move forward and backward)
One key thing to look for in a horse that’s listening to you is that they are a) moving their ears back and forth b) lowering their head and c) smacking their lips. This is horse talk for “I’m paying attention to you.”

Being weird

Sometimes your horse is just weird and does this lip thing. We had one horse who would do it when you gave him wormer. He did not like the taste of wormer. So he did this. It’s hilarious every single time, no matter how long you’ve had horses.

As terrifying as horse yawns look, they are not being aggressive. They are just sleepy babies with nasty teeth.

Some things horses WILL do:

  • Come when called (they must be trained to do so with many treats; it does not come as naturally to horses as it does dogs)
  • Tricks, such as bowing or rearing
  • Throw you off and not look back (if they’re a dick)
  • Throw you off and stop after a bit and wait for you (if they’re not a dick)
  • Bite people/buck people off they may not like.
  • Run under low branches to knock a rider off. Horses! They’re dicks!
  • Enjoy running up hills more than they enjoy running down hills (don’t ask me, horses are weird)
  • Change their personalities depending on who is handling them. This is not a drastic change, usually, but horses may become gentler or more stubborn depending on whether or not they sense their handler is confident
  • Go lame (lame=limping) at the most inopportune moments
  • Roll over with a rider still on them (aka bucking for the lazy, passive-aggressive horse)
  • Kick you if you stand behind it. I mean, most horses don’t do this, but it only takes one.
  • Paw at water. Think of horses as giant toddlers who like splashing puddles.
  • Eat things/poop while they walk and run (don’t anyone tell you that humans are the only multi-taskers)
  • Poop on you and fart in your face. A pastime horses enjoy.
  • Pick things up in their mouths and toss them around.
  • Lie down (some horses do lie down to rest, but they only do so when someone else in the herd is standing up. Think of it as guard duty. Horses can sleep standing up, and they most likely will not lie down if they’re in the open country and if they are the only horse)
  • Lie down like this:

Some things horses WILL NOT do:

  • Fight wolves to protect you (sorry; every man for himself)
  • Jump over their own paddock fence to come when called (I mean, maybe? IDK, teaching a horse to jump out of their pen sounds like an awful idea)
  • Jump random objects in their way when they’ve never jumped anything before, especially ravines (take it from me— horses do not leap over ditches if they’ve never done it before. I found that one out the hard way)
  • Put their lives at explicit risk for you (they’re not dogs. Again.)
  • Snort constantly like they do in movies, unless they’re sick
  • Talk to you via snorting/shaking their head. Horses do not understand English. (They can be trained to do this stuff to signals, like a dog. But they don’t understand what you’re saying.)
  • Charge into battle without regard to what they’re charging into (war horses are a thing, but I see a lot of CGI movies in which horses just fucking RAM into the other side, and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t happen. Horses can be taught to tolerate gunshots and canon fire and all kinds of stuff, but they generally enjoy not being stabbed and running straight into other horses)
  • Become exhausted from a relentless desert marathon, lay down to die, and then get back up when the rider gets in touch with his indigenous ancestors (thanks, Hidalgo!)
  • Start liking you just because you gave it an apple, even though you’re a wild Mustang and don’t like people. (thanks, Flicka!)
  • Pull a plow Day 1 with zero training because you decided it was a good idea to buy a Thoroughbred with the money your papa gave you a for a plow horse (thanks, War Horse!)
  • Run as an Arabian in a race meant for Thoroughbreds with an 8-year-old jockey or whatever (thanks, Black Stallion!)
  • Do magic (to my knowledge!)

Some things that are very rare for a horse to do:

  • Charge at you. A horse who did this would be considered very dangerous. Humans being able to handle a horse is entirely dependent upon the horse’s assumption that you can kick its ass. Once it realizes it can kill you, you have a predator animal on your hands, and dealing with a 2,000 lb predator with hooves and teeth is NOT a horse you want to have around.
  • Rear, just cuz. Horses rear when they are playing or fighting, and when a horse rears with a rider on, it usually means they’re being a dick, not just cuz they feel great and the sunset is behind you and you’re a cowboy. A horse can be taught to rear on command, as they do in movies. But they don’t just do it unless they’re mad at you.
  • Enjoy its head being hugged. Horses love hugs (or at least are neutral to them), but generally resist head hugging. I mean, what if a strange person came up to you and just clutched your head to their chest? Like, BOUNDARIES, okay?
  • Act like a dog in any shape or form.

it’s transgender day of visibility! here is me, natalie, visible for today only. this is an older picture cause i don’t look super great today????? also featuring my daughter, melody the popplio

it’s pretty fucked up but this blog is the most popular/successful thing i’ve ever done? it’s weird to think that when i started this blog six years ago i was a super shy awkward self-loathing teen who still thought they were male. and now i’m the queen of lesbian horses

mlp: fim played a really big part in helping me realize that i was a girl, and i know that’s definitely true for a few other fans! being able to embrace my femininity through horses helped me out a lot

to all my trans followers: you are valid and i love you <3 <3 <3

anyway i’m v trans and v gay. this is kind of rambling but i hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!!!

Obi is Zen’s Foil (AnS)

I don’t know if anyone’s already made the connection, or pointed this out before, but I’ve recently gotten into the Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair) fandom, and it struck me that Obi and Zen are total opposites in almost every single way. Their contrasting qualities go beyond mere esthetics, too, which I figured out after carefully watching both seasons of the anime and doing some basic research into the manga. I’m only just now getting into reading the manga, so please bear with me if I jump to the wrong conclusions.

To prove my point, I’ll break down their characteristics, including physical appearance, skills, mannerisms, habits, personalities, etc (hopefully you all find this as interesting as I did):

*spoilers, obviously*

  • Zen and Obi’s colours are direct inversions of each other. Zen has white hair and blue eyes, whereas Obi has black hair and yellow eyes.
  • Zen wears mostly white/silver regalia with blue accents, whereas Obi wears dark tones, often black, brown, and other earth colours. His attire is usually more casual and that of a lower station.
  • Zen has a serious nature and can be quick to temper. He is described as being a very straight forward, easy to understand person. His emotions are very readable. Obi has a relaxed nature that borders on easy-going. He jokes around and avoids answering questions seriously. He often veils his true emotions to the point of being considered mysterious by almost all of his acquaintances. He rarely shows his true feelings to anyone.  
  • Zen is literally a prince, the highest form of nobility, whereas Obi is an ex thief with no title: a mercenary with no social status. They exist on opposite ends of the medieval caste system.
  • Zen is a master swordsman who fights in the open, preferring to announce himself to his opponent, giving them a fair chance before engaging in battle. Obi hides in the shadows and attacks with hand blades, throwing knives, and other projectile weapons. He moves silently, never giving his position or his intention away to his enemy.
  • Zen has no visible scars or birthmarks. His appearance is totally symmetrical. Obi has several very noticeable scars: one over his left eye, one massive scar across his chest, and many others etching the rest of his body.
  • Zen has bodyguards looking after him day and night. Obi is a bodyguard.
  • Zen has a lengthy name and title: Zen Wistaria, Second Prince of Clarines. Obi is just Obi. He has no known last name.
  • Zen rides a horse or in a carriage almost exclusively while traveling. Obi not only avoids riding in carriages, but is rarely shown riding a horse. He moves around mostly by running on foot or traversing through the trees.
  • Zen, despite having Shirayuki’s love and attention, gets jealous when others spend time with her. This is especially true when the person she’s spending time with is Obi or even Raji. Curiously, Obi fully supports Zen and Shirayuki’s relationship, not getting jealous of Zen and Shirayuki’s relationship despite having complicated feelings for Shirayuki. Even in love they are completely opposite.
  • Zen comfortably refers to Shirayuki by her first name. Obi uses pet names in place of Shirayuki’s first name, preferring to call her ‘Miss’, ‘Little Miss’, and ‘Mistress’ instead, and has been shown to feel embarrassed or shy while saying her actual name, often catching himself before finishing the word out loud.
  • Zen shows his face openly, rarely disguising his features. Obi initially covered some, or all of his face before Zen instructed him to not mask his face while in his employ.
  • Zen’s posture is fixed, upright and proper. Obi’s is fluid, often shifting from a position of extreme alertness to that of complete relaxation, much like a cat. He often walks around with his hands resting on his hips or behind his head.
  • Zen is popular and well-loved by his people, including his aides, Mitsuhide and Kiki. He has very little trouble winning friendships throughout his kingdom with his charm and good looks. Obi, on the other hand, is trusted by few people, forming no lasting friendships or relationships, preferring to keep to himself. Only Shirayuki and Zen initially trust Obi.
  • Zen is classically handsome with blue eyes and light hair. He is princely in both title and appearance. Obi is ruggedly handsome, with animal-like features, short, messy hair, and a scar over his eye.
  • Zen has no freedoms and is monitored constantly both at home in the castle and abroad. Obi goes wherever he pleases, initially choosing to serve Zen on a whim, his attachments unknown.
  • Zen, as Clarines’ second prince, is forced to abide by his brother’s rules. He asks permission and negotiates before acting. This includes times of emergency, an example being Shirayuki’s kidnapping in Tanbarun. Even though he was visibly upset by the news he received, he chose to act only after formally requesting permission from his brother, the first prince of Clarines. Obi acts first, often forgoing giving people notice, let alone asking permission. When Shirayuki was kidnapped, he immediately rushed after her, despite being injured by her kidnappers the night before.

These are the ones I’ve noticed so far. I’m sure there are plenty of others I’m forgetting, so I may update this list at some point to make it more complete.

anonymous asked:

Hello love! If you have time, I was wondering if you could do a White Stallion for the patronus thingy? I don't really know too much about it. Thank you! Also, I really love this blog it's brilliant and you're doing a great job! ❤️

  • Always the horses I bet on at the grand national even though they never win lol I just like them cause they’re pretty
  • In hinduism, christianity and islam, saints ride white horses at the end of the world
  • Speaking of hinduism apparently a white horse is the last incarnation of vishnu 
  • Vishnu’s the preserver and protector of the universe so maybe it means you’re v protective of your friends?
  • There’s the Uffington White Horse which is basically this giant ass drawing of a white horse in a hill side that’s been there for like 3000 years it’s p cool
  • White horses are super rare. Most ‘white’ horses are actually greys so I guess you’re #unique
  • I’m struggling with my gcse biology here but I think the reason they’re so rare is you can’t have both parents with a dominant gene. If the foal is (WW) it has something called ‘lethal white’ and will die in a few days so all white horses are (Ww) so even if you have 2 (Ww) parents there’s only 50% chance the foal will be white too
  • biologists let me know if that makes sense I haven’t studied DNA in four years

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Did Michael Kitchen wear padding g to look larger above waist?

Do you mean in Foyle’s War?

I really don’t think so, anon, but I freely admit to wishing I knew for certain 😉

According to IMDb, Mr. K is 5′7″ tall, but it looks to me as if he has naturally broad shoulders and a larger than average chest for a man of his height. Take a look at these gifs from House of Cards: To Play The King (1993) and then decide if you agree.

Now, you didn’t ask for all of this, but let’s have a look at some images from a few of his other roles, beginning with the earliest I have…for purposes of comparison, of course.

The fandom has seen all of these before – many times – but please humor me, sisters. Anon questions are rare as rocking-horse poo and Himself IS my favorite subject 😃

Is That Your Body, Boy? (1969)

Unman, Wittering, and Zigo (1971)

Ladykillers (1980)

Still Life (1984)

The Browning Version (1985)

Ball Trap on the Cote Sauvage (1989)

Advocates II (1992)

The Buccaneers (1995)

Wilderness (1996)

Reckless (1997)

Oliver Twist (1999)

Foyles War: The German Woman (2002)

Foyle’s War: Eagle Day (2002)

Alibi (2003)

Falling (2005)

Foyle’s War: Bleak Midwinter (2007)

Foyle’s War: All Clear (2008)

Brian Pern (2014/15)

The Collection: The Scent (2016)

I could go on and on…but you get the point.

Tbh I think, as with most of us, it likely depends not only on his wardrobe, but also how much weight he’d lost or gained before filming. Personally, I think he’s pretty perfect as is and doesn’t need padding anywhere. And I think the rest of the fandom would agree 😉

Thanks a lot for the question, anon!
~ VTxx

signs as memes
  • aries: rare pepe leak
  • taurus: horse e-books
  • gemini: dril
  • cancer: tfw no gf
  • scorpio: sausage song
  • pisces: sure jan
  • aquarius: Buy my silence. Permanently.
  • capricorn: the american educational system
  • leo: shitpost generator
  • cancer: white people
  • virgo: racists getting fired
  • libra: meninism

Operation Egg On Eye 2.0

Tagging: @mylittlehony

Attempted a thing! For science!! With super scientific methods!! 😂

Was on my own, so I attempted to prop my phone up on the feed trough. You can see how well that worked. Luckily, my mare is an utter saint and tolerated everything. Please excuse the poor video quality, and my voice, and enjoy my Super Scientific Contribution to the egg on eye theory featuring a rare appearance of my horse on this blog. In which it is concluded that either I need a smaller or rounder egg, or this proves that Watermelon is not authentic (which she isn’t, mostly Arabian but part American Quarter Horses.)

dreamed I had to fight several colorful talking horses WoW rare boss style and cut off their heads to silence them permanently

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why does Gigi act like she's permanently 14 years old, "Zayn's eyeball"? "Zayn and Gigi" with hearts all around it? Is she that desperate? Because no one in a real mature relationship would feel the need to do all of that and constantly embarrass herself to show off their relationship

Hi anon,

I know - it really is quite tragic.  

It feels like such an over the top way to say ‘Loookkkk everyone he’s my boyfriend’  its literally the type of thing I did at school Toni loves Jason or Toni 4 Jason (I loved Jason). 

As I said before, if this is the limit of it, if this all they can do to maintain the illusion of zigi, you know what its so silly anyway I’ll take it (but it may well be its not and he’s required for later)  because once again it takes no effort on Zayn’s part and I think (could be wrong) that Zigi will continue until both Z2 and Liam’s music is out, that and/or Chiam will remain as it is. 

Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s around for the met ball  gala thingie next week. so we may have them then, or not.  But its almost as rare as rocking horse shite a zigi sighting lately, and that suits me fine. 

I Will Be There (Delitoonz)

There were bright flashes from cameras that almost blinded Jonathan’s eyes. There were too many people around him and his one of his greatest friends. And who was this great friend? None other than his most beloved horse, The Delirious King.

Right now, they had been victorious once again. They had won the Monmouth Park Racetrack, just like they had won the many other races before. Once again, a trophy was handed to his mother and sister, who were right by The Delirious King’s side. Once again, their colors, blue and white, would be seen on the newspaper. Once again, their number 3, would be heard over and over again. And once again, a crowd of photographers surrounded them.

“Tell us! How does it feel for your son to win another race?” a female reporter asked Jonathan’s mother.

“Well, I will say watching this race had me on edge with Trojan Spirit catching up to him,” his mother began. “But I had faith in my son and The Delirious King. They have this unbreakable bond.”

Jonathan smiled and looked down at the white American Thoroughbred horse. He placed his hand on the neck of the horse and stroked him. Throughout the day, all Jonathan had to do was smile and wave, and all The Delirious King had to do was hold their head high up for the pictures.

After a while everyone in the stages along with the crowd surrounding Jonathan was gone. Everyone was gone from the racetrack. Save for Jonathan, The Delirious King, and a group of men.

Within this group of men were some of Jonathan’s friends. Human friends.

There was Luke, Bryce, Marcel, Tyler, Evan, and Brock. They were a couple of childhood friends he had met from school. They would never part with him. And now, here they were. All together for his race. It has been difficult without them. Marcel had married Tyler, Brock and Evan had plans on adopting a daughter, and Tyler had gotten a son after the mother left him with Tyler and Marcel.

And Luke…Luke.

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I once had a guy take nude photographs of me without my permission while I was impaired and powerless to stop him, and made sure not to include his own face because “he wants to get a job in politics”. I think the pics might have ended up on the Internet. I also have reason to believe that he tampered with my drink.

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100 HORSE BREEDS ↬ 14. Marwari Horse

The Marwari, or Malani, is a rare breed of horse from the Marwar (or Jodhpur) region of India. Known for its inward-turning ear tips, it comes in all equine colors, although pinto patterns tend to be the most popular with buyers and breeders. It is known for its hardiness, and is quite similar to the Kathiawari, another Indian breed from the Kathiawar region southwest of Marwar. Many breed members exhibit a natural ambling gait. The Marwari are descended from native Indian ponies crossed with Arabian horses, possibly with some Mongolian influence.

The Rathores, traditional rulers of the Marwar region of western India, were the first to breed the Marwari. Beginning in the 12th century, they espoused strict breeding that promoted purity and hardiness. Used throughout history as a cavalry horse by the people of the Marwar region, the Marwari was noted for its loyalty and bravery in battle. The breed deteriorated in the 1930s, when poor management practices resulted in a reduction of the breeding stock, but today has regained some of its popularity. The Marwari is used for light draught and agricultural work, as well as riding and packing. In 1995, a breed society was formed for the Marwari in India. The exportation of Marwaris was banned for decades, but between 2000 and 2006, a small number of exports were allowed. Since 2008, visas allowing temporary travel of Marwaris outside of India have been available in small numbers.

The Marwari averages between 15 and 16 hands high. Horses originating in different parts of India tend to be of different heights, with the breed having an outside range of 14 to 17 hands high. They can be bay, grey, chestnut, palomino, piebald, or skewbald. Although white horses are bred specifically for religious use in India, they are generally not accepted into Marwari stud books. Gray horses are considered auspicious, and tend to be the most valuable, with piebald and skewbald horses the second-most favored. Black horses are considered unlucky, as the color is a symbol of death and darkness. Horses that have the white markings of a blaze and four white socks are considered lucky.

The facial profile is straight, and the ears are pointed with inward turning tips. The neck is slender, running into pronounced withers, a deep chest, and fairly straight shoulders. Marwaris generally have a long back and sloping croup. The legs tend to be slender and the hooves small but well-formed. Members of the breed are hardy and easy keepers, but they can also be of tenacious and unpredictable temperaments. They are quite similar to the Kathiawari horse, another breed from India, having much of the same history and physical features. The main difference between the Marwari and the Kathiawari is their original geographic origin – Marwaris are mainly from the Marwar region while Kathiawaris are from the Kathiawar peninsula. Kathiawaris tend to have slight facial differences from the Marwari, and are slightly taller in general.

The Marwari often exhibits a natural ambling gait, close to a pace, called the revaal, aphcal, or rehwal. Hair whorls and their placement are important to breeders of Marwaris. Horses with long whorls down the neck are called devman and considered lucky, while horses with whorls below their eyes are called anusudhal and are unpopular with buyers. Whorls on the fetlocks are thought to bring victory. There are correct proportions that horses are expected to have, based on the width of a finger, said to be the equal of five grains of barley. For example, the length of the face should be between 28 and 40 fingers, and the length from the poll to the dock should be four times the length of the face.