rare hats


Ash-Cap Pikachu

This form of Pikachu is somewhat rare. It wears the hat of its Trainer, who is also its partner. Since the cap’s not the right size, the fit is a bit loose.“

I saw Seussical the Musical with @miaoumint last month and so many things about the Cat in the Hat character reminded me of the Once-ler, from the coattails to the body language. Soooo naturally I felt inspired to draw him in the Cat’s outfit. :P

People on Tumblr describing Ravenclaws: Ah yes it is i a CEREBRAL ravenclaw please excuse me for my COLD HAUGHTY personality it is because I AM SO WISE. I must spend the greater part of my existence in IMPECCABLY ORGANISED, intimidatingly beautiful scholarly or minimalist locales so as to ease the machinations of my INCREDIBLE LOGICAL MIND please excuse me my minute-by-minute daily plan says it’s time to draw up tomorrow’s minute-by-minute daily plan.

p. much the only Ravenclaw that the books actually tell us anything about: hi I wear vegetable-themed jewellery and draw on my own ceiling

Villainous Car Rides Headcanon

•Black Hat usually drives if all four of them are going somewhere, but Dr Flug drives if he’s just taking one of them somewhere.
•Dementia and Flug sit in the back while 5.0.5. sits in front
•This is because if Flug sits in the front, Dementia will spring forward to try and mess with him and if Dementia sits in the front, she’ll try to kiss and hug on Black Hat which will end well for no one
•The two bicker in the back seat until Black Hat threatens to leave them on the sidewalk
•Out of all three of them, Black Hat finds Flug the most tolerable on car rides
•He doesn’t constantly ask if they’re there yet like Dementia and he doesn’t mess with the buttons on the dashboard like 5.0.5.
•Flug, when not trying to keep Dementia away from him, either plays games on his phone or falls asleep, which is inevitable
•Flug always always falls asleep on car rides
•5.0.5. gets to decide the music
•If they get food, Black Hat threatens death if he finds one crumb in his car
•They usually end up singing together and sometimes, very rarely, Black Hat will join in


Favorite wardrobe moments from Depressing News -

  1.  Margaret’s ducky underpants
  2.  BJ’s Chucks + Hawk’s suspiciously 80′s tennies
  3. - 5. Klinger’s many hats + Potter’s painting outfit