rare flo

anonymous asked:

We rarely see a sad Flo! What kind of things would make her sad?

Flo is very outgoing by nature, but she’s also very abrasive. She can be a handful to people of quieter, more serious personalities (like Calix). I can’t think of instances where things make her sad outside of dramatic things such as witnessing death or abuse? She’s more likely to get angry than to be sad.

HOWEVER, if she’s been hurt emotionally enough, she’ll definitely be sad (but again, mostly angry LOL). She’s very defensive of her own self worth and her family name.

Unlike Calix, she’s MUCH more likely to talk about her feelings though. Kontar is usually her go-to person for that. If she’s in a REALLY sour mood, she’d rather avoid all her friends and find the nearest bar. She also gets out a lot of tension from bar fighting, but this is a rarer occurrence for her while at the Academy.