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some more human!cars au headcanons

- continuation of this  

- lightnings mom tried to convince him to wait a few years before going on to the big leagues, b/c she was worried that something would happen to him 

 - lightnings dad left when he was ~6. hes still not over it 

 - doc is NOT his dad, however doc himself sometimes wishes he was 

 - mater is TALL. lightning comes up to like the middle of his chest, and thats WITH the platforms 

 - lightning styles his hair in a spiky way. it makes him look taller by an inch. naturally its wavy 

 - before he was discovered, lightning used to do drag races 

 - he considers mack a friend but has never actually said this for fear of coming off as awkward 

 - chick used to be afraid of passing other cars in races because he was scared of bumping them and causing a crash, like what his dad does 

- the king came from an impoverished background and worked his butt off to get where he is. he didnt accept sponsorships at first because he thought it was shameful to accept help. he’s long since wised up, though 

 - chick’s dad pulled some strings for chick to get his sponsorship 

 - the king was worried about lightning because he didnt want the kid’s stubbornness leading to him crashing and burning. he didnt want lightning to lose everything he worked for just cause hes a stupid kid 

 - lightning’s middle name is lloyd 

 - after the cars 3 crash, lightning lost at LEAST one leg. maybe both. whom knows 

 - doc left lightning the Hornet in his will 

 - lightning is worried that the other racers dont see him as being on the same level as them. deep down (VERY deep down) he wonders if he is, but those wonderings are pretty rare 

 - flo and ramone have matching tattoos, which ramone inked himself 

 - sarge and filmore are not married (yet). when lightning found this out he was genuinely shocked and attempted to start a betting pool over when theyd tie the knot 

- said betting pool failed because nobody had any idea when itd happen so nobody made a bet

 - a note: lightning does have a specific set age in my mind, but i can’t reveal it yet because it spoils an AU fanfic i’m working on

The Maggie Sawyer Situation


Okay so everyone knows that Floriana Lima will have a reduced, recurring role in season 3. The exact number of episodes she’ll be in remain unclear…but I can’t help but think about how weird this whole situation seems. The showrunners have claimed that the demotion was Flo’s decision and that she wants to persue other opportunities and, therefore, has limited availability this season. That may well be the case but it may also not be. Here are a few interesting points to consider:

1. Chyler stated in a podcast at the end of June that she and Flo were ‘fighting’ for Sanvers. Why are they having to fight if it was Flo’s decision to step back? As a fellow actress, and seemingly good friend, Chyler would almost certainly understand Flo’s reasons to look for roles that offer more screentime/storyline to sink her teeth into.

2. Around the time of this podcast, after the cast got the first script of the season, Chyler suddenly instagrammed this picture, titled ‘Find yourself a girl who’s always got your back…’. It was her first post about the show since the finale and it was kinda came out of nowhere. And then Flo commented ‘Gotcha babe.’. This around the time Chyler said they were ‘fighting for Sanvers’? Coincidental timing?

3. This video from SDCC. Watch from 4:00 when they mention Flo. Note the sudden sombre/serious tone. Melissa (who’s usually upbeat) is noticeably off discussing it and Jeremy also looks very solemn. Why? If it was their castmate wanting to persue other opportunities, they’d be supportive, right?

4. And Jeremy and Melissa? To quote Flo herself, just a few days ago, ‘they’re the BEST’. Flo rarely posts on social media and the only other castmember she posted a picture of on IG last season was Chyler. Sure, the SG cast seems a close knit bunch but this is just another instance of timing that seems very coincidental. 

5. And let’s look at Flo’s twitter. When the demotion was announced, a demotion that was supposedly her choice, she liked some very interesting tweets. One was a tweet about ‘the LGBT comm always gets kicked in the head’. One was a tweet to the producers about how she ‘deserves better’. The most interesting tweet she liked? Was one about her ‘selective’ liking of tweets. Again, she’s rarely on social media but for her to come online that evening for a couple of hours and like those sort of tweets? It’s noteworthy. 

6. Oh and there’s also this tweet from a few days ago she liked about how there’s ‘more to the story’.

Maybe this is over-analyzing everything. Maybe it’s not. Again, I am not claiming to have any ‘insider knowledge’, I’m just presenting what everyone can see. And, in my opinion, there’s a lot more to the story than what we’ve officially been told.

And it’ll be very interesting to see what she’ll be working on next if she’s supposedly so busy she can’t return on a regular basis…