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Although Gym Leaders are often strong enough to hold their own opposite Elites, they rarely utilise their full potential against amateur trainers. This is because Gym Leaders aim to advance their students’ capabilities, something that cannot be achieved through obliterating their team before it can land a hit. By battling a student in a downplayed manner that specifically exploits just one of their weaknesses, the student can recognise that weakness and learn to rectify it. 

For example, if a young trainer with a fast, hard hitting team showed up to a Gym, the Leader might focus on crippling said team with paralysis and then taking them down. This would show the young trainer that they had to devise a strategy to cope with status effects. Once they did that, the Leader would battle them in the same way and see if their student managed to defeat them. 

A good Gym Leader is one flexible enough to challenge trainers of a variety of strengths. They must be able to target the weaknesses of an accomplished trainer, but also to show a complete novice where they need to improve. There may be occasions where Gym Leaders go all out against students - some pupils may even request that they do so, to see how well they can cope in an honest battle - but the majority of Gym matches are considerably less intense than official ones. The way a Gym Leader would battle against students and the way they would battle at the PWT would be wildly different.

This is one of the reasons why the gulf between challenging Gyms and taking on the Elite Four is so wide. Elites are not teachers, and their reputation hinges solely on their number of victories and how they achieve them. They never accommodate their opponent’s battle style. For this reason, many trainers seek honest matches with a number of Gym Leaders before requesting a battle with an Elite. If you aren’t prepared, they will wipe the floor with you.

(This is also my fancy explanation for why the Gyms get more difficult as you progress through a region. It’s not that the Leaders increase in strength, but that they fight harder against those with greater ability.)

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  lantern city was oft heralded as italy’s pearl of the mediterranean , built in the influence of venice and upon the once desolate island of siciliy . things had changed , for sure . the city was stratified , if beautiful , and built on the backs of people who had no place in the upper , golden echelons . as a mere airship engineer , yuna harrak had no say in such . apprentice to a sicilian with relatives from her motherland , it seemed as though he were the only generous man in a city built upon oppression of peoples who could do little to resist . the bazaar , at least , in the colorful slums of the city always seemed to provide some restitution , at least . the upperlanders – those of the wealthy elite – rarely bothered them . they policed their own , and dealt with their own . exactly as she proffered it . 

  noticing a man who appeared to be a nobleman himself , yuna couldn’t help but stare . this was the bronze district ; what was a man dressed so expensively doing here ? didn’t he belong in the gold or platinum districts ? nearing him rather tepidly , yuna canted her head at him . ‘ excuse me … ? are you lost , sir ? ‘

“Kill 3 rare elites” if you’re gonna make us do such menial things you could make us kill like 20. Make us work for it at least. Or have us do dungeons or raids? Something instead of these really easy tasks we already do on our own lmao

I revamped my gemsona soooo here it is!

So Pyrite
I pictured her to have limb enhancers similarily to Peridot as she was created after the rebellion when homeworld started to lose resources

Pulling from the gem abilities based on folklore Pyrite is a protecting gem and has scrying abilities
Pyrites are also hardly ever used as gems nowadays but they used to be semi-popular back in the day
Pyrite is also known as ‘Fool’s Gold’

I picture that after PInk Diamond was shattered they started to produce Pyrites as shields for diamonds and various other rare, elite gems that needed the protection. Pyrite has the ability to produce a shield (this is done without the aid of any homeworld tech; the limb enhancers are there for daily movement and if a combat situation ever came up). Also Pyrite has the ability to see into the future, but only very slightly and only pretaining to situations where she would need to use her powers, sort of like a heads up. The actual future vision is left to Saphires but in the case of danger and if a Saphire was nowhere near, a Pyrite will work just as well.

As for the ‘Fool’s gold’ saying-
It would be very dumb to get in the way or to attack a gem guarded by a Pyrite. Hell, even just getting in the way or attacking a Pyrite is just as bad if not worse than protecting the gem that a Pyrite is guarding.

My Pyrite serves Yellow Diamond and like most of the Yellow Diamond gems she has an attitude. I haven’t fully fleshed her out yet but I’d like to see what else I can do with her. I also have an idea for another gemsona, but I’m not done ironing out the kinks.

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(Bloodontherocks) Bloodstone sat in the cell, grumbling and kicking at the walls. This was the third owner this cycle... the feral gem had yet to meet her match. She was young and well, a Bloodstone. Bloodstones were notoriously difficult to handle and through their status sitting even below a Pearl, they were rare and sought after for pets or slaves for the elite. Too rare to crush but too difficult to have freedom.

Blue Topaz’s heels clicked loudly against the cold floors of the dungeon, stopping at the only cell occupied and crouching down, looking at the Bloodstone kicking the walls. This was the first she’d ever seen, and it thrilled her as much as any new discovery. She hummed quietly and put on a smile, speaking as sweetly as she possibly could considering her snarky personality. “Hello, Bloodstone.”

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Ouran As...2

Bending Styles!

Tamaki: Air! Tamaki’s generally non-confrontational(as it’s unbecoming to a gentleman) much like the airbenders. Tamaki is very spiritual, if not in a religious sense, which is what the airbending style if focused on. Not to forget his lightheartedness and easy-going attitude.

Haruhi: Water! Haruhi is very go with the flow, and is known to be highly versatile in her pursuits. Waterbending is known for its discipline and flexibility, just like Haruhi’s dedication to her work/studies. 

Hikaru: Fire! Hikaru, emotionally speaking, is really much more of a firecracker than his brother. He’s clearly short-tempered and angers easily when things don’t go his way. Firebending is typically aggressive and extravagant, much like Hikaru himself.

Kaoru: Water! His brother’s compliment in every way, Kaoru is more level-headed and calm than Hikaru when the two are separated. Like Haruhi, he’s very go with the flow and like water to fire, he seems to quell Hikaru’s more intense outbursts.

Kyoya: Fire! Firebending is all about control, just like Kyoya. It’s fueled by a person’s drive and determination, which are key aspects of Kyoya’s personality. In ATLA, firebending is shown as being a skill of the elite - rarely seen outside the royal family or its military, just as Kyoya’s elite status sets him apart from others.

Honey: Air! Like Tamaki, Honey is remarkably lighthearted and aside from when his friends are threatened, entirely non-confrontational, and is in fact more of a peacekeeper - the airbenders being a generally pacifistic people.

Mori: Earth! Mori’s level-headedness and strength, both moral and physical, would make him a great earthbender. He’s solid and unmoving like the earth, and seems to be the group’s “rock”, so to speak.

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Here's a ridiculous theory. What if Pink Diamond was actually a fusion that Rose was one half of? Fusion between different types of Gems was unheard of so could it be possible she could pass herself off as some kind of rare, elite gem? For power or just for attention

Well, there’s two problems with that theory (and it’s one a friend of mine brought to me, too, so you’re not alone).

1)  Rose’s reaction to first seeing the newly-fused Garnet was one of genuine surprise.  Garnet was the first known example of two gems of different types fusing and Rose seemed genuinely interested in this, while also accepting of it (because that’s her nature).  I think her reaction would have been very different had she herself previously been part of a fusion to create Pink Diamond.

2)  Rose has her secrets, but so far as we know, she’s not really a glutton for attention.  It’s unlike her to seek out fame or power.  It’s pretty safe to assume that her place as the leader of the rebellion was born of a genuine interest in making the universe a better, fairer place.

It’s a cool theory, though!  Part of me thinks that Yellow Diamond might be a fusion and that it’s possible that the other Diamonds are fusions, too, and they support an agenda of a society that looks down upon fusions so that no other gems are tempted to become powerful enough to overthrow the Diamonds.  Kinda like politicians who vocally condemn the gay agenda but are caught two weeks later renting a young male hooker in a seedy hotel outside of D.C.  If any of this theory is true, though, it probably suggests that Rose wasn’t a Diamond.  And I’m not convinced she was, so it’s an interesting theory to think about.  Yellow Diamond is a giant woman, as the other fusions have mostly been, and her neck is unusually long.  Maybe instead of getting extra eyes and arms, she got extra neck?  Sounds funny, but it’s possible.

Anyway.  That’s my two cents.


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