rare denim

Good Sister, Bad Sister
Good Sister, Bad Sister

The only time Hole played Good Sister, Bad Sister live, at Raji’s in Hollywood, California on 7.26.90. One of the most underrated Hole songs of all time.

I’ll be the biggest scar in your back, run down and jagged and naked and blind. I’ll be the biggest dick that you ever had. Hey you want it bad, you want it bad, you want it.




Attributes are Simple Sexy Lively Mature Cool


Earrings: Foam Star -> Denim Earrings Rare

Brooch:  Suspension’s Wings Virus ->  Homecoming Queen

Foreground: Time Pilot -> Plume of Black Swan Dream

Background: Fantasy Fox -> Black and White


Attributes are Gorgeous Sexy Elegant Mature Warm

Tag is European


Makeup: Night Sakura Goddess ->

Gloves: Black Gloves -> Floral Ink

Right Hand: Silver Foam -> Diamond Handbag

Brooch: Suspension’s Wings Virus -> Homecoming Queen

SCANDAL: Fashion Q&A on ’S Cawaii!’ October 2015 Issue (HARUNA & MAMI ver)


  • What accessory are you into?: A turquoise bracelet that I bought in Mexico. I don’t usually wear accessories but I’m into this one! The point are the squarish parts.
  • What’s your way of destressing?: To go for meals with friends. Yesterday, I had spicy hot pot with my close friends, Toda Erika, Mizukawa Azami and Hyunri. We got excited with talk about love, beauty and work.
  • What are the shops you’ll often check out?: Omedetesando’s Opening Ceremony and more. I like select shops.
  • What beauty item are you concerned with?: John Masters Organics’ Argania oil, and this is my third one. Spread this on before skin care and you can up its transparency, forever continuing with the bouncy feeling!
  • What did you GET recently?: A Chanel clutch bag. I bought it at its store in Paris during the world tour. It’s my very first Chanel bag.


  • What did you GET recently?: Denim sarouel pants from GARSON. It’s rare denim material by GARSON, and putting it on, I feel that my character can come out. I’m into it.
  • What’s the hair salon that you visit?: RISEL x.o.x.o, where Kazu-san takes care of me. Now, I only just retouch the two-tone turquoise on my hair ends.
  • What are the shops you’ll often check out?: COMME des GARÇONS, mintdesigns. I like things that have personality to them.
  • What are you into right now?: Recently, all I’ve been listening to is a band named cero. I’ll spend the morning with “*21 Sekki no Hideri no Miyako ni Ame ga Furu”, and “Summer Soul” during the night. As I take strolls in the city, it’s music that I’ll want to listen to.
  • What beauty item are you concerned with?: A line of products called Calendula by Jurlique. I turn red easily so in order to control that, I use this habitually.

Photo and translation by fyscandalband. For Tomomi / Rina’s, it’s HERE!