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100 Magic Item For 5e Pt. 17

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81.      Spear of One Hundred Cuts

Weapon (Spear), Very Rare, Requires Attunement

A spear made of a hard, dense wood, it’s tip is hardened steel, with wicked serrated edges. When the creature attuned to the spear successfully makes an attack with it – they apply one “cut”. A stack of cut lasts for 1 minute – and applies the following effects for each stack. A creature can remove one stack from another creature or themselves by using an action to make a DC13 medicine check.

1.       The effected creature takes 1 damage from bleeding at the end of each of their turns.

2.       Increase damage from bleeding to 1d4 damage at the end of each of their turns.

3.       The creature becomes weakened, and has their movement speed reduced by half.

4.       Increase damage from bleeding to 2d6 damage at the end of each turn

5.       The creature is fatally wounded, and required medical attention. If the creature doesn’t have any of its wounds healed – either magically or by a DC13 medicine check. It will die in 1 hour.

82.      Raptor Blades

Weapon (Daggers), Rare, Requires Attunement

Twin daggers modeled after the jaw of a Velociraptor with jagged spikes on one edge of each blade. When attacking with a dagger in each hand – the attacker gains advantage on the attacks. The creature only gains this benefit if they attack with both blades in one turn.

83.      Badge of Authority

Wondrous Item (Brooch), Legendary, Requires Attunement by a Lawful character

A shining golden badge, in the shape of a kite shield. When a creature becomes attuned to this badge – they’re words ring with power and gravitas, able to cull the masses into carrying out their orders. Any creature with 10 intelligence or lower has no choice but to listen to the commands on the creature attuned to this badge. They must carry out those commands to the best of their ability, or if it directly harms them or something/somebody they care about. A creature who doesn’t carry out the command feels as though they have failed a civil duty, usually choosing to exile themselves or undergo some other social punishment.

84.      Belt of Giant Size

Wondrous Item (Belt), Very Rare, Requires Attunement

A solid belt made of Aurochs leather and fur. On a medium sized creature, the belt must be wrapped around the waist multiple times in order for it to fit properly. When a creature speaks the magical word as an action, they magically grow to “Huge” size. The damage dice on their melee attacks increases by 2 dice. (Ex. 1d8 becomes 3d8), and their reach becomes 10 ft, as well as gaining 5 movement speed. This effect lasts for one minute and cannot be active again until the creature finishes a long rest.

85.      Powder of Dumbening

Consumable (Powder), Very Rare

When the Yakkj root is synthesised using the proper spells and acids, it creates a fine powder that is odourless and inoffensive to the taste. When this powder is placed in a drink, it dissolves – leaving a faint coffee smell, this smell may go unnoticed by humans – but will be easier picked up on by races with a keen sense of smell. The creature who ingests a pinch of this powder becomes effected by the “feeblemind” spell, auto-failing the first saving throw. After 30 days, the creature may make another saving throw – ending the spell with a DC10. The powder can be detected by a “Detect Poison and Disease”. The “Protect from Poison” spell will slowly bring the creature back to their normal state over 24 hours.

You got scars; I got scars too. The tissue will make us hard; the tears wash us anew. We are harder than doubt had bargained, but battling with the truth. Your scars are beauty marks, but don’t let ‘em define you. Breathe. (x)

I’m still utterly speechless. 

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Lana Del Rey, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, 5/16/14

It might be surprising to know how quickly tickets for Lana’s North American shows sold out. Or that she even sold out the 4,500-capacity Aragon Ballroom at all. Or that the average price of resale tickets are rivaling that of Beyoncé’s. But it’s important to remember that this is Lana’s first U.S. tour; apart from a showcase or two in L.A. and New York, a Lollapalooza set last summer, she has never performed here. Combine that with an eager, stan-inclined fanbase (it’s definitely there, as much as the music crit world has gotten tired of talking about her), and there’s a massive demand for very little supply.

And eager they were. I arrived at the Aragon a little before 6pm, and the line outside the doors stretched into a nearby alley, through a shopping plaza’s parking lot, and halfway down the block. It took about forty minutes for me to get inside; along the way, I saw the remnants of the crazed camping: discarded pizza boxes, Starbucks cups, plastic tarps, folding chairs, Snuggies. The crowd was a mixed bag: post-grad 20-somethings; high schoolers whose moms had dropped them off; lots of people in flower crowns; my parents*.

After seeing Lana last summer at Lollapalooza (as well as her aftershow at House of Blues), I was wondering how different her show would be. Turns out, almost nothing changed. Apart from some more elaborate set decorations (dead trees, candelabras, and a giant chair which Lana never actually sat in or interacted with) and the addition of “West Coast” early in the show, the setlist and her performance style were pretty much identical. Lana said next to nothing between songs, opting for stock-standard plugs (“I’m really excited for you to hear the new record Ultraviolence”) and blunt transitions (“I think we should play ‘Video Games’”), sauntering around the stage without clear purpose.

Still, she and her band can put on a good show. The live instruments gave a nice heft to the songs; “Blue Jeans” had the biggest transformation, turned into the sprawling rock song it probably should have been. Her band is fantastic, and were it not for the mostly downtempo, somber songs, their energy would trump Lana’s. And even the second time around, it’s very satisfying to hear how on-point her voice is and that she’s owning her blasé affect, in the wake of the SNL drama. She knows how to contort her voice, and the rare moments where she belted (in the second chorus of “Million Dollar Man”), there was some true power there. I also find the discord between Lana’s nonchalant attitude and the audience’s rabid fandom very interesting. When Lana came on stage to kick off the show with “Cola,” the floor audience rushed the stage (I was pushed forward ten feet without me moving any of my body). They whipped out their phones and kept them raised for at least five minutes. They screamed wildly whenever she did anything, really (bending over to pick up her drink, smiling and pointing at a fan, moving closer to the end of the stage). And they sang along to virtually every lyric.

But if elusiveness is Lana’s end goal, then she’s more than nailed it. This was no clearer than the finale song, “National Anthem.” Just as she did in the past shows, she performed the song as normal. Then, she stepped down from the stage into the crowd (a fence providing a barrier, of course) and made her way along it, signing vinyls, posters, shirts, giving hugs, taking pictures. All the while the band continued to play the song, crescendoing into perhaps the biggest sound that’s backed Lana. While I was expecting this finale, it was this third time that clicked. As you can see from the photo above, a camera shooting from the side occasionally projected Lana on the big screen (it alternated between that, her music videos, and grainy, Hipstamatic-core films). While she was down in the pit, I could see how the elusiveness manifested itself. The lucky front row faces lit up, on the verge of tears that their hero was inches away from them. They were projected on the big screen but couldn’t focus on anything else. This is when it all made sense: the rare appearances, the infrequent shows, the lack of performer-audience dialogue; this is Lana Del Rey’s aesthetic, and it creates a mystique that intrigues people enough to camp out on an unusually cold and rainy day in May and get close enough, if only for a second.

Six minutes later, she returned to the stage and picked up a few flower crowns that fans had thrown to her. She clasped them to her chest with one hand, waved goodbye with the other, and left the stage without a word.

*They enjoyed it!


yixing’s weibo update!!!!

Yixing: I don’t care who you are, don’t scold my family, don’t touch my fans. They are my most treasured in my life.


I still think they should’ve made Leia a proper Jedi in the new movie. She clearly has the potential, that much is shown. I really wish they’d just given her a lightsaber. Just there, on her belt, rarely used because let’s face it, Leia Organa’s primary weapon has always been her words, but there.

I mean think about it. General Leia Organa, Jedi Knight. Stepping into the footsteps of General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight. Because back in ANH, she sent a droid to him to ask for his help, and inadvertently started everything; in TFA, they’re trying to get the droid back to her and thus inadvertently started everything.

It would’ve fit so well.