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Hitler hair swipe

Hitler Uniform Mystery no. 1:   Above his left pocket is an unknown badge. In it he appears to have attached a small flower. What event was this? What was the badge for? This appears to be the only time he wore this badge.

Hitler Uniform Mystery no. 2:    On his left pocket flap appears an unknown heart-shaped object very dark, very light. What is it? 

Hitler Uniform Mystery no. 3:   On Hitlers pocket there appears to be a small award similar to the crossed-hammers-over-a-sword gau essen badge.of 1935. Problem is, the photo of Hitler and the SS man were taken sometime in 1933 evidenced by Rohm wearing his distinctive SA leader insignia that he wore in 1933. Rohm was no longer breathing by 1935

Hitler Uniform Mystery no. 4:     On Hitlers left pocket above his Iron Cross is seen an unknown badge. What is it?

Hitler Uniform Mystery no. 5:   Hitler is seen wearing his rare silver dress brocade belt. Its circular gold buckle appears to have the same detail as the same from a German Army General, Were they the same? Final photo shows the general buckle for comparison

I still think they should’ve made Leia a proper Jedi in the new movie. She clearly has the potential, that much is shown. I really wish they’d just given her a lightsaber. Just there, on her belt, rarely used because let’s face it, Leia Organa’s primary weapon has always been her words, but there.

I mean think about it. General Leia Organa, Jedi Knight. Stepping into the footsteps of General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight. Because back in ANH, she sent a droid to him to ask for his help, and inadvertently started everything; in TFA, they’re trying to get the droid back to her and thus inadvertently started everything.

It would’ve fit so well.