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Yuri on Ice BD choreography commentary translation - Volume 3

I’m alive… There were too many things this month, I can’t believe we’re already halfway through. Anyway, finally, here’s the full translation of the choreography commentary from the BD/DVD vol.3. The commentary is by Kenji Miyamoto & Mitsurou Kubo, as usual. This time it’s Minami’s FS, Phichit’s SP, Leo’s SP and Chris’ SP. More programs so of course it’s longer than usual.

-It’s two people talking, not a written interview, so expect them to hop from one subject to another within the same sentence… Even if it sounds a bit unconnected at times, that’s how they said it.
-I still arranged it a little to make it easier to understand as written material, by removing lots of “ehm” “uuhm” “you know” “yes” (I especially removed all instances where someone says “yes” in the middle of the other speaking) and fumbled words.
-Amusingly enough both their initials are KM/MK, but I used the surname initials so M is Miyamoto and K is Kubo.
-I put (LOL) when they’re laughing because otherwise some lines might sound serious while they’re actually joking.

Do NOT use this translation for subtitles, in ANY way.
I don’t support the upload of bonuses contained in BDs/DVDs, as they are meant to be (as the word says) bonuses for the people who spent money to purchase them. If you like a series so much that you absolutely need to watch the bonus contents, please buy the BDs/DVDs.

Translation under the cut since it’s twice the usual length.

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redacted-metallum  asked:

Do Cybertronians sing?

Absolutely! Cybertronians can be every bit as musical as humans- and then some. Cybertronians are capable of producing a much wider and more varied array of sounds than humans are- including being able to play stored recordings (although this ability varies in quality by individuals). Cybertronian singing can sound like a lot of things, but one thing’s for sure- virtually all Cybertronians are inclined to follow along with music.

Of course, professional musicians tended to fall into a slightly different niche than the average Cybertronian singing- some Cybertronians had particularly complex or hard-to-replicate voices, which made them particularly famous, while others simply had the presence and pitch to make themselves known. Of course, music varies a lot by culture. Starscream and his trine often sing in high, whistling sounds like birdsong, tea kettles, and slide whistles, while Optimus and Ironhide sing subsonic traditional songs that vibrate the plating, they’re so low in pitch.

Cybertronian language is even variable and offers enough freedom of expression that some Cybertronians sing everything, or speak in particular cadence.

Cybertronians generally can recognize music in whatever form, and the Cybertronians who  make their way to Earth quickly grow fond of human music in all it’s variety even if they don’t care much for the planet. After all, a few thousand years of warfare with very little media or simple pleasures- new songs to listen to are precious indeed.

Especially for those who already have a particular interest in music.


Check this out, I’ve personally never seen one:

1990’s rare P-bass. This bass is an original “Cowpoke” bass from that era. It has the original Kubicki 2-band active electronics. The neck is a modern C shape that is maybe a little more narrow at the nut than a standard Jazz bass.


Here it is @manalophoto captured @markagnesi & @sqydvicious playing our @fender Custom Shop “Dennis Galuszka” built #Telecaster #Bass #Doubleneck here at #NormansRareGuitars! Full video on our #YouTube Channel, link on our bio! What do you guys think? (at Norman’s Rare Guitars)

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