Marilyn Monroe in a deleted scene for THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH (1955). The idea was to have her play a sassy, Mae West-like character, but director Billy Wilder didn’t think she was convincing and cut the sequence.

Many of the fake quotes attributed to her paint her as just that: a Mae West. “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” stuff like that. Marilyn Monroe never said that. She wasn’t bawdy, or cheeky, she didn’t pretend to know her way around in the world, cocky rudeness wasn’t part of her make-up. She wanted to please: photographers, fans, director, co-stars, friends, movie audiences, foster parents. (There are no cases of her badmouthing people.)

Some more from this cut scene later on.

Rare, hard-to-find footage of Leonard Nimoy in Dr.Kildare, s2 e31, “An Island Like a Peacock” (1963) where he plays an adorable, gentle soul who looks after his blind neighbor

*Fun Fact* When he was being considered for the role of Spock, Leonard and his agent sent this episode to Gene Roddenberry to show his softer side (he was known for playing bad guys)

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The complete set of MCR action figures box set. This was limited to 40 ever made. Includes every normal figure, the zombie variants, all of the trading cards and picks. These were only given to the band and their friends + family. I only know about this because it was up on ebay a few months ago. I’ve never seen it before or since!