How to Get Trades in Animal Jam

                            A How to Guide to gettin them sweet trades!

Step 1: Put on your best outfit.This will give others the illusion that you are “rare” and “hip” and therefore a good person to trade!

Step 2: Surround your 1 (one) good item with miscellaneous ones. This gives the impression that you have cooler stuff. ( don’t.)

Step 3: Go to Aldan, the coolest place in Jamaa! (It’s the best because it starts with an “A”!

Step 4: Panic and leave! What were you thinking??? You’re not cool! These people are so much rarer than you, that wolf has a spike AND a Headdress, what the HE-

I hope this helped people in getting rare! <3

This was my attempt at humor,it wasn’t meant to offend,and if it did…my bad.


Yooka-Laylee’s credits have 3 straight minutes of people named “Alex” and it’s making me lose it right now. the word “Alex” doesn’t mean anything to me anymore