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So after a job promotion, a full-time but far more manageable schedule, and now that the holidays are over… It’s time to open up some commissions!

Currently, I am open for Character Commissions! For further information, please refer to the original Document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QQdSQX6kB6_v_WEe5sFXfNysiAf4zrz-EIS04tyI_GM/edit?usp=sharing

If nothing else, signal boosts are GREATLY appreciated! ♥ Thank you!

Y ahí, entre mis rarezas, entre los gustos musicales que no tienen nada que ver entre si, entre mi amor por el arte, entre mis mejores recuerdos, entre los sueños que tengo por cumplir. Ahí, entre lo mejor de mí, ocupando un pedacito de mi alma, estás tú.

Official Sprites for the audioplay “Survey Corpse”! I am the Sprite Artist as well as the voice actress of Lily Pedroza.

These sprites include Krista, Ymir, Hanji, Levi, Auruo, Gunther, OCs Dominique and Lily, and Eld.

Tune in for the premier of Season 2–airing on the 3rd of APRIL!