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Ra Ra Riot - Can You Tell

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Ra Ra Riot: Beta Love

I’ve been a huge fan of Ra Ra Riot for years now. I had the fortune to see them twice, back-to-back at Bumbershoot in 2010, and kind of met them at an album signing. They’re signed with Barsuk Records here in Seattle, but I haven’t been in town for a show since 2010. I’m assuming since I last saw them (they were debuting their previous album “The Orchard”) they got down to work on “Beta Love.”

Well… the wait is over.


Seriously… it’s just radiating get up and dance vibes, paired with some more introspective, chill jams.

It’s really hard for me to explain what kind of music I “like best.” Being a musician I’m kind of stricken with an ear that hears too much, and I enjoy dissecting form and finding motifs and all that. I try to explain the kind of music I “like best” as not a genre, but a vibe. It transcends just “I like this music,” moving closer to “this music resonates with me.” It matches my personal vibrations and it’s almost like a sigh of relief when I listen to it, almost as if someone is singing my song for me. It’s more than just lyrics - in some cases lyrics are irrelevant, but in others they are practically personalized.

One listen through this album, and I can just preliminarily say: this sounds like me. Without listening too closely, without dissecting any parts, without googling lyrics to see which line exactly fits something I’m going through… haven’t done any of that yet, but I’m sure I will in the future.

But for now, give this album a listen. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t - music and food are just the same in that way, everyone has different tastes (quite literally, haha) and who knows why that is! But I just needed to get it out there… basically just word vomited this entire post… to just say that this album sounds like me.

So by default I guess that means if you like me you’ll like this album, hahahahaha xD I kid, but that would be a pretty cool experiment - finding a correlation between how much a person is liked and how much people like that person’s favorite album… alright I need to stop bringing school into everything!!

Ok, Beta Love is awesome go listen to it RIGHT HERE!!!!

Bye :D