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Reyna and Hylla

One night, alone in her bunk, drowning in camp papers and all that. Reyna with her hair free from any braids, wearing purple pajamas and a loose tee, groans before getting up from her bed, crunches her nose before putting on a large pair of glasses and facing her laptop.

She clicks on the  answer button and Hylla appears on her screen. Wearing a similar shirt and glasses. Reyna stares at her almost reflection sister in smug.

“Your camp seen you in that mess of a hair yet?”

“Your warriors seen you without makeup yet?”

mythical facts about Reyna

1. Four bars in her arm is four years in service with one year probation means she was made praetor by her own peers, the way they made Percy one bc you cannot win by popular vote in short span of time

2. She was separated from Hylla after Circe’s Island means, Lupa deemed her worthy–chose her for something great therefore training her

3. Jason was already in camp when Reyna arrived, either they initially hated each other’s guts or admired each other secretly

4. Aurum and Argentum are automaton dogs, basically the works of Vulcan, or of a god, means Reyna did something worth the gifts of a god

5. Wearing the praetor’s toga is not self taught. Someone someone must have helped Reyna once

6. Scipio is the only pegasus in Camp Jupiter, there were not much of pegasus riders in camp, means Jason assisted Reyna in flying before

7. With her dark past back in San Juan, with all the staring ghosts in their home means the Lares in camp scared Reyna to death once

8. Hylla was the assistant of Circe in a damn spa. Means Hylla taught her how to do her makeup, or at least it means Reyna has killer brows

9. With all the praetor formalities Reyna has to wear every day, it means once she is in casual attire, people stare as she walks by

10. We are not the only ones. It means someone in camp, not just anyone is secretly in love with Praetor Reyna from afar

Roman Logic
  • Jason: The Gods are under attack. The monster forces them to New York.
  • Roman#1: Why, Preator?
  • Reyna: Lupa has told us that the seat of the Gods power is in New York. So if that monster reaches New York, then all is lost. The Gods will fall.
  • Roman#2: So what is our strategy?
  • Jason: Isn't it obvious? The Gods are retreating to New York. Neptune and Pluto have yet to appear. There are no reinforcements coming. We are the only ones who can help. And everything will be decided in New York.
  • Reyna: Exactly.
  • Reyna: YEA-wait what?

Since demigods can’t use cell phones and stuff to have their music, each cabin has a record player and everyone brings their own vinyls to play.
But seriously imagine:
The Athena cabin having classical records and indie rock
The Apollo cabin with a little bit of everything and campers having their own cassette tapes
Percy blasting fergalicious from his cabin and Jason responding with boom boom pow
Nico who has the most extensive collection of all the cabins ssshh don’t tell anyone he doesnt like to share
Will forcing Nico to share and they ending up trading records
Leo hijacking the Hephaestus cabin’s record player to increase the volume
All the Hephaestus campers going temporarily deaf
Just demigods and music

Character Scheduling - Edit weeks

Annabeth Chase -  March 2017 26th-31st

Hazel Levesque - April 2017 24th-30th

Frank Zhang - May 2017 22nd-28th

Jason Grace - June 2017 24th-30th

Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano - July 2017 24th-31st

Percy Jackson - August 2017 14th-20th

Leo Valdez - September 2017 24th-30th

Rachel Elizabeth Dare - October 2017 23rd-29th

Grover Underwood -November 2017 20th-26th

Thalia Grace - December 2017 18th-24th

Nico Di Angelo - January 2018 22nd-28th

Piper McLean - February 2018 19th-25th

We’re going to repost this each month with links to the edits made for each character

***These dates have nothing to do with the headcanon/writing prompts posts made by me. This only serves for edit dates

While reading Magnus Chase:

-Okay, lm a little bit sceptical about this…

-Names of the chapters are back!

-Woah! That kid can compete with Percy. I feel sass here…

-We know something from Annabeth’s childhood. Good

-UncleRick takes the story to the whole new level. Like here is a 16 y o boy living in the streets for two years who said Dammit. I like how Rick is kinda growing with us

-So… um… When does the series go out???

(-Dont forget about Percy + Magnus = Mercy… Yes… Sorry Annabeth and Jason, but this wins)