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Layers of Rita {chapter 2}

“Isnt that right cara?”
I wonder if she still thought about it. thought about me. about how close we got. how close I got and then poof!
funny,it was the best i ever had,even though it actually didn’t happen.
“Are you even listening to me?! EARTH TO CARA DELEVINGNE” Jordan shouted in my ear probably blowing an ear drum.
“What? oh yeah definitely heard every word”
“Oh yeah? what do you think?”
She said obviously not buying it.
“Um go for it.”
“oh really? you think i should choke you for not listening to me too?”
she prepared her hands but i was quick to scramble away.
“Cara you’ve got to get over this chick i mean you act as if you’ve never done a quicky before! thats all it was.”
 I had told her about my time with Rita and she never let me forget it,every time i spaced out she assumed it was because of Rita.
Well it was but that’s beside the point.
I could actually feel myself obsessing over this woman that i barely knew anything about and the only info i got on her was from google.
“Im sorry jord,i just cant get her off of my mind.”
“Well had you been listening you probably wouldve heard me when i said your girl is attending Karl’s dinner party tonight. “
“You’re fucking with me.”
Jordan had developed this habit of getting off on my dissapointment and had often been playing this game of cat and mouse with my affection and like all dumb ass cats she kept coming back for the poor mouse.
I’ve been keeping my emotions in check though so curiousity hasnt killed her yet.
“Nope,check her instagram”
i nonchalantly pulled out my iphone and swiped the lock screen,silently thanking my passed self for not putting a lock on it,i knew in this moment i would shamefully get several vibrates that the password was incorrect,my fingers were so eager and fidgety though i tried to keep cool.
“Thank you to Karl and the chanel family,see you tonight x” i read aloud.
“You can be happy,i wont judge”
i let the smile spread across my face as i bursted into a happy dance.
 (that night)
“Cara stop with the water your making me have to piss just looking at you!” Karlie said as she watched me down my 4th bottle of water.
“Well its either this or alcahol,for the sake of my insanity.”
I hadnt told Karlie what was going on but she knew it was something,i was definitely having a problem with playing it low key.
I caught a glimpse of blonde hair across the room laughing with Melissa and Karl,i couldnt help but mentally leave the place i stood.
 I studied her entire body,head to toe. she wore a revealing dress that showed off her chest,maybe she knew i would be here?
Her eyes caught contact with her,i didnt bother feeling embarrassed this time and ripping them away,i simply just stared back at her.
 ”Hey! lover girl. i know you’re sort of busy with your little love connection but we’re on.”
i tore my eyes away to meet Jordan’s look.
“on for?”
“You’re joking right? you think we got invited to stand here and look pretty? did you not notice the 34 feet catwalk in Karl’s living room?!”
“Oh shit. no one told me we were walking!”
Unknown panic sneaks up on me,but i dont know why.
It’s not like i’ve never done runway before.
Maybe it was because it was my first show since the burberry show where i had a bit of a stumble.
“It was in the invitation cara.”
“You think i actually read those?”
She rolled her eyes at my response.
“We don’t even have a change of clothes do we? where would we even change i mean Karl has a lot of bathrooms but not that damn much.”
The pressure was hitting me like a ton of bricks and i had no idea why.
“We dont need a change,Karl’s got scouts and companies here to watch us walk,you know like one big casting”
“I did not sign up for that.”
“Uh yes you actually did,do you read anything?”
“pft yeah”
“Miss Ora’s twitter updates dont count”,she had me there.
“Cara why are you so worried? is it because of the last show,or are you just nervous infront of your boo”
 Was that why? I didn’t get nervous,ever,it wasn’t me and never as been me,but she so much as looks at me and i cant seem to function.
I excused myself and headed in the direction of Karl and Rita.
“Ah Cara so glad you could make it!”
i shook Karl’s hand and smiled.
“Thank you for having me! actually i was wondering,do i have to walk? i mean is it mandatory?”
“Well no but why wouldnt you want to? you’ve walked several shows before have you not?”
i cleared my throat.
“Well the last time she walked she had a bit of a stumble,perhaps shes just afriad to get back on the horse?” Rita chimmed in.
“Oh nonsense Cara you are beautiful,with little mistakes you make up for in beauty now”
“got that right” she winked at me.
“Cara come on!” i spun around hearing jordan say my name,i saw that she was next in line to walk with no one behind her,which meant i was closing.
right foot left foot right foot,breathe,breathe,stop,pose,retreat.
I wondered if i looked as bad as i imagined.
stepping off the runway i headed straight towards the drinks.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Poppy pops up behind me *no pun intended.*
“What’s it look like? im thirsty.”
“It looks like my baby sister is about to promote under age drinking.”
Promote? i raised my eye brow in confusion.
she pointed to the people with camera’s standing on the side taking photos.
I rolled my eyes and downed the glass anyhow.
“Well seems nothinge changed,you still do whatever you want whenever you want.”
“Damn straight” i gave her a smirk.
it was her turn to roll her eyes.
“Great walk by the way,it seems you’ve redeemed yourself!”
“Redeemed? god was the burberry show that bad?”
She didnt have to respond,her face said it all.
Rita’s P.O.V
 ”Cara cara! tell us about the burberry show,what went wrong? how do you feel about clients dropping you because of it?”
“It was one stumble and in my defense i did a shot before it so!”
i chuckled.
Watching her silently from across the room i took notice of everything she did.
she was working on her 3rd glass of wine and running her fingers through her hair.
I couldnt quite tell if she was high,or just tired.
After a few minutes of watching my eyes followed her to the swinging door she dissapeared behind,Karl’s kitchen.
Should i follow?
one part of me yearned for her body. to have my fingertips graze the inside of her once again,this time finishing what i started.
But the other part knew i was barking up the wrong tree.
 You dont just screw Cara Delevingne and get off scott free,she was different than the other girls i took an interest in.
I never fancied the poster girl,the blonde hair and blue eyes were a cliché i tried to avoid in my choice of one night stands.
But this girl. this Woman was intoxicating. i felt like an AA member that had just inherented a bar.
I had to have more.
“Where the fuck does Karl keep the red?!” her back was to me as dug through the cabinets.
“I think you’ve had enough for tonight”
she swung around hearing my voice,our eyes connected.
I could see everything in her eyes just by one look.
shs cleared her throat.
“I’ll be the judge of that.” spinning back around she kept looking,or atleast tried to look busy.
 I let my eyes roam down her back as her dress gave me access to where her waist curved up into a perfect hour glass figure. i stepped forward.
 ”Still thirsty?,” i whispered making sure she felt my breath on her skin.
i allowed my fingertips to grase her waist,my lips trailing down her neck.
“Me too.”
This time im determined to finish completely with her.
I feel her fingernails dig deep into my shoulder blades, mostlikely breaking skin but i didnt stop to hiss in pain. i didnt stop for anything,and this time,i wouldnt stop for any*one.*
Shes practically sobbing against me.
“Shh,lord i forgot you were a screamer” i whispered followed by nipping her ear.
She squealed under me.
I could tell she was almost there,but i wasnt done with her yet. i wasnt fully satisfied with the damage i was doing,so i slowed down the pace.
I heard her murmer,chuckeling at this i went slower,yet keeping up the strength and push.
“Im not done with you yet.”
with those words,i did something i didn’t normally do. something i would regret.
I pecked her lips.
it lasted not even a second,but it impacted my entire view of things.

Cara’s POV
she looked at me in utter shock,as if she’d never kissed a girl before. as if she’d never kissed anyone before.
 We held eye contact for a few seconds until i finally built up the courage to connect her lips with mine.
Her lips were frozen against mine for a while
Was i doing something wrong?
 I cupped her face bringing her closer to me,begging her to open up for me.
Finally she sank into me whimpering.
 She removed her fingers,i reframed from holding them in,ignoring my horny mind i focused on just her lips against mine.
 It was a game of tug and war,i pushed,she pulled.
 I thought we could go on forever like this. just be here,in this moment,kissing her.
 I was so caught up in my mind that i hadnt noticed her whimpers were sounding less like pleasure and more like pain and hurt.
I had to pull away to get a look at her.
 I could see tears spilling out her eyes.
“Im sorry”
She whispered.
 Was i really seeing this? Rita frickin Ora breaking down infront of my very eyes.
I allowed my thumb to graze her cheek attempting to remove the tears that just kept flowing.
“What for love? crying?” i gave her a little smile.
She nodded,breaking my heart.
so there was more to this girl than i thought.
Out there she was a party girl,living it up,making small talk and just not giving a fuck.
But in here? with me? she was a person. a person i knew would fuck with my head.
What am i doing? i’m setting myself up to get hurt,that’s what im doing.
This was just sex,she’d made that clear. just sex relationships never worked.
 And i didnt want a just sex relationship.
Sure i’m no saint,i

“I can’t. i can’t do this.”
“You don”

“I can’t do that either i just. im sorry

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