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All the “mcl au” posts I’ve seen around kind of inspired me to do a sweet elite inverse au?? Idk long story short it made me and the rest of the team very uncomfortable so I want you all to suffer with me.

Hopefully their alter personalities came through via the art and dialogue…


Part two of the Warm Up Requests!

eudaimonarisornae requested a few (seemingly unrelated) ideas that I decided to tie up together. The story basically being: Mihawk has helped himself to Zoro’s booze and Sanji’s choosing not to get in the way of that.

And here’s the bonus (because someone(s) has to eat those waffles while they’re fresh).

(The requests were along the lines of: Sanji serving Mihawk “some kinda good” (although I guess he didn’t get to do that oops), Zoro and Mihawk glaring & touching foreheads, and Usopp & Nami eating waffles together).

If you’d like to request me please refer to this post.