Created by Raqstar Nails (Raquel Nevarez) with our NEW Fantastical collection, get this dreamy look with a makeup sponge and three easy steps.

1. Apply our Gel Lab Base Coat then one coat of our Dream Weaver
2. Tear a makeup sponge into pieces. Using different pieces of sponge for each shade, dab Xanadu, Weird Science and Magic Carpet Ride all over the nail. These colors should overlap and touch each other.
3. To seal the look, apply our Gel Lab Top Coat

Probably the most disgusting/most amazing set I’ve ever created. Betty Boop Zombie nails complete with 3D brains, ya know, incase Betty wants a snack. I love em so much I may actually let these grow out! Googly eye #thumbsies inspired by @10thstorynails 💀💚💀💚 #nails #nailart #nailartclub #bettyboop #zombie #halloween #halloweennails #raqstarnails

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