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Sooooo fierce!  Still absolutely loving this routine by the glorious Shabnam and Mandanah. XD 

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Raks’s Character Sheet

ok, IT WAS HARD! As always PLEASE be kind with my italenglish. I HATE transalte my thoughts, they always look like a 3years old child’s thoughts. I swear I have a good brain! XD I any case….Enjoy Raks. 

Name: Raks Sharki (Raqs Sharqì)

Age: 28

Height: 1,89 cm

Position: drummer on the Doof Wagon

Occupation: exotic dancer at The Polecat with Jace.

Hair: three black dreadlock on the nape tied together with a piece of string

Eyes: Teal

Build: He’s athletic and his muscles are quite defined especially those of the shoulders and arms. As belly dancer his body is flexible and agile.

War Paint: large black strip on his forehead, darker circles aroud his eyes  and a thinner horizontal strip that crosses the face 

Piercings: on the nipples, on the bellybutton and on the ears. 

Body Mods: he has a scarification of the winged scarab on his back, under the Immortan’s symbol as if the scarab was carrying the mark/sun. He has also his drum sticks on forearms and flames on his chest. 

Clothes/Accessorise:  he wears gloves with short fingers,  very large black pants, with some bands of fabrics and pendants tassels and fringes  as others drummers of the Doof Wagon.  When he’s in mission he dresses the typical leather mask as his companions but when he’s in the Citadel he wears a long and big scarf as cowl. Also he has the “classic” belly dance belt composed by a chain and a red scarf, there’re various jingling objects attached to the chain probably found in the Citadel. Surely some of these objects were found by Jace and then brought to Raks as a gift.

About him: Rask has a visual defect, he’s shortsighted and he needs to bring near thing very close to his face to see better. It prevented him to be a driver, or a lancer or a polecat. But  luckily he’s a good sense of rhythm so Coma chose him as one of his drummers. But his weak eyes doesn’t prevent him to dance, the only problem is that he risks to stumble if he’s a very dark place. Once he broke his nose falling from the stairs of a hallway. (STAIRS ARE EVIL). Maybe one day Jace’ll find a pair of glasses to give him also if Raks wouldn’t wear them because he doesn’t like other war boys know about his shortsightedness. Because of this he always try to looks  self-assured and he’s a boundless admiration and devotion for his boss Coma who give him the chance to prove his worth during war.

He also like to be the dominant one and he feels like this when he dance and when he’s with Jace because he perfectly knows to have an ascendente on him. 

He’s also a very good dance teacher and when he works there is nothing that can distract him but Jace’s “shimmying ass”.