It's so easy to make believe, it seems you're livin' in a dream.
Don't you see that what you need is standing in front of you?

For my darling sweet Moirail, who is, as of today, 16 years old!!!!!!!!!! u v u please go send her birthday wishes she is the best and i lav her

Uhm. So apparently there’s actually a tag for a Rapunzelstuck thing, and it must have failed or something because i was able to get this blog no problem? Sorry guys. Very bittersweet to hear it didn’t happen. 

SOME LONG HAIRED JOHN! actually he is really grumpy when his hair is long but he is in peejays and his momma’s probably tucking him in and that makes him kinda happy hyuck hyuck

but yeah some rapunzelstuck john because pfftttttttt!!!!