guardian and demon

Claude sat down next to Claudia, it was his first break of the day while working. 

“Daddy daddy!” she pulled out a book “Read this! Pretty please?” she looked up at him

“Oh fine.” he sighed and smiled. The book was titled “Rapunzel.”.

Life Near 8 Mile

“Hey kid, you got any drugs I can buy off you?”
A short Latino male turned around in his chair to face Hiccup. The boy had tattoos on his neck and a thick mustache. His eyes were dilated, obvious that he was tripping out on something. Living his whole life only six miles above 8 Mile in Michigan, the sight of people in school being strung out on drugs was so common it became natural to Hiccup.
Hiccup leaned back in his chair, feeling immediately uncomfortable. “Uh, sorry Phil, I don’t.” He stammered. Phil’s smile dropped instantly and he lunged forward, grabbing Hiccup’s shirt and pulling him forward so he’d be forced to look at the tan-looking male. “Kid how many times I gotta tell you?! It ain’t ‘Phil’, it’s P-Dog! Get it right or your name’ll be Six Feet Unda!”
Hiccup threw his hands up near his face to defend himself. “Okay, okay! I’m sorry man! I forgot!” Hiccup admitted.
“Yeah, we gon’ get some action up in this bitch!” Hollered another male from across the room, sending the entire class into a chant. “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Hiccup winced and covered his face with his skinny fingers, bracing for impact before the teacher walked in. “Settle down class, I don’t need anymore kids being hauled off to the ER today.” The teacher snapped, slamming her yardstick on the nearest desk to silence the class. “We got a new student today, so try not to be douchebags.” The teacher waved at the door when she got to her desk, signaling for the new girl to make her appearance.

Ariel & Rapunzel

Ariel couldn’t help but laugh as air escaped through her lips as she wandered into the woods, never seeing trees before. They were huge, reaching to sky as though they were trying to touch. Humans may not have walked around this area much but it was beautiful. Her hands reached out to feel the texture of the trees, smiling at the feeling it created. 

Changing her walk into a run, her arms reached out and she twirled around in circles. Her feet didn’t appreciate the strange movement, quickly losing her balance. Forced to lean against a tree, she looked ahead and saw strange vines covering a rock. Regaining her stability she strolled forward, eyes bright with curiosity. When she went to touch it, her hand just moved right through and before her was a secret passageway. Smiling brightly she walked through and her blue eyes went wide when she saw a large tower.

rapunzel-guardianofspring entered your study.

♛:- “And just what do you hope to accomplish by entering my study unannounced this fine evening."  Ciel asked the blonde woman before him, slight irritation seeping into his voice at her presence.  He shut his single eye as he brought the delicate teacup to his mouth, inhaling the bitter scent of the hot liquid before gingerly sipping at it.

Bringing the cup back down towards the hard wooden desk, he opened his eye once more; it widened nearly immediately in surprise at the blonde’s massive amount of golden stranded hair.  Not only did it touch the floor, but also trailed outside of the ajar door and without a doubt down the hall.  He lifted a single eyebrow as his mouth opened slightly, his stare never faltering.

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“Gees there’s a ton of ya! Name’s Vanellope von Schweetz, nice ta meet ya!”