laughing my ass off because jack is the way i usually appear in pictures

i finished this! i didn’t exactly make the lines clean but i tried my best to not make them too sketchy- it’s lat e

background is the cristobal colon statue in barcelona!! picture i took

hope you like and stuff- i wanted to make a quirky picture of these dorks

just a few minutes until i watch steven universe tonight!! are you all hyped? /though i’m more hyped for monster reunion and alone at the sea

JACKUNZEL WEEK 2016 DAY 7 >> Everyone can see it 

I always imagined them being the perfect “fun buddies” (does that even exist?) Anyway, I mean, he’s the Guardian of Fun, and she’s a free-spirited girl who still enjoys every single thing… Everyone can see they have fun together, that they are comfortable with each other’s presence, that is not hard to imagine them in a relationship… romance or  friendship, who cares? They’re happy and that is all that matters.

I had some trouble this week when I was supposed to finish the other days… (sorry about that) but it’s a sure thing I’ll post them in the other days stablished. So I really hope you liked what I managed to post and that you’ll like the stuff I’m working on. 

Thank you for the support  (´。• ᵕ •。`)

Guess what happens when you grab it?


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeQK9OTMR0Y)  Jackunzel/Tiiro


Jackunzel Week 2016 Edition: Day 2 > “She’s Not My Girlfriend.”

[Modern AU] Jack is a famous Ice Hocky player and rapunzel NEVER misses a game. Everyone on Jacks team (even his coach) know Jacks feelings for her except jack himself, hes always distracted by her presence during his games/practice. Even strangers(Merida) can tell they have chemistry/interest in each other that they both don’t want to admit to.


Jackunzel Week Day 6: Childhood Friend Romance.
AU: Hogwarts Au

So I have a whole Hogwarts au with the big four and this is just a snapshot of each of their years together at school.

Their first year, they are not friends yet. Rapunzel is terrified of the world and Jack is unhappy to be separated from his sister. By year two they are friends. Rapunzels growth spurt when they’re thirteen makes Jack a bit annoyed and Rapunzel likes to tease him because of it.
Year four is just another year (although Jack may be starting to realize his feelings for his childhood friend) but by year five they’ve both realized they like each other, but aren’t sure how to tell each other. By the time they are sixteen, Jack and Rapunzel have just started dating. And in their final year they’ve been dating for over a year and are adorable together. ❤️

MERICCUP WEEK [July 19 - 25]

Day 3 - Everyone Can See It

Hogwarts AU

Everyone can see just how much Hiccup has been hinting to Merida if she wants to be his partner for the upcoming Yule Ball. Merida however doesn’t realize he’s serious and brushes it off as a joke until Hiccup finally asks her out directly, along with the exaggerated help from Rapunzel and Jack. The ring was probably the blondie’s idea.