Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Courage is not the absence of fear

“What makes you think I wanna be a guardian?”

“I’d rather die than be like you!”

“You were wrong about the world. And you were wrong about me!”

“For once in your life, would you please just listen to me?”

Rapunzel: “What happens if you put a werewolf on the moon” is a great question. Probably the best question ever asked.

Hiccup: He’ll explode and die because there’s no oxygen on the moon.

Jack: We never said we’d send him up without a suit you absolute monster. 

Merida: I need new friends.

Character Roster

Ariel - The Little Mermaid 

Captian Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean

Cheshire Cat - Alice in Wonderland

Elsa - Frozen

Fawn - Disney Fairies

Hiro Hamada - Big Hero 6

Honey Lemon - Big Hero 6

Judy Hopps - Zootopia

Merida - Brave

Sorcerer Mickey - Fantasia

Peter Pan - Peter Pan

Rapunzel - Tangled

Hicca Haddock (genderbent) - How to Train your Dragon

Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians

Pitch Black (genderbent) - Rise of the Guardians

Haruhi Fujioka - Ouran Highschool Host Club

Iris - Greek Messenger Goddess of the Rainbow.

Captain Lucy Goldtoe - Pirate OC

Umiko Kaiyō - Siren OC

Emma Swan - Once Upon A Time 

Regina Mills - Once Upon A Time 

Mary Margaret - Once Upon A time

“Dread Pirate” Wesley - Princess Bride 

Wow! It’s been amazing, seeing support for all these wonderful blogs, and now the results are finally here! I’m pleased to announce the winners of my Tumblr Awards! *drumroll* (anyways bold is for winners and italics is for runner-ups! Congrats y'all! And it’s okay even if you didn’t win any prizes, you’ll still have my eternal friendship!)​

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Wow! Congrats for winning, guys! Here’s a reminder of what you’ve won! And if you didn’t win, that’s okay too coz you’re all wonderful! ♥ Go celebrate! Tell your friends! I’m proud of y’all for being amazing blogs <333 Thank you everyone for participating and for voting and ILY all for reals:)


SOOOO, Issue #76 was, as many of you know, the issue where Rapunzel and Jack at last came to be friends. ahhhhh…..the emotions I feeeeeel.  

AND as many of you remember, there were a ton of happy, joyous messages at that time. Well, I’ve been trying to clean up a small portion of my askbox today and stumbled upon many messages that I didn’t reply to for this issue (I apologize. By that time, I was completely overwhelmed with my askbox) 

But so many of these are just gold and I’m sad I didn’t reply to them then. SO HERE’S A BIG POST WITH A LOT OF THEM. 

*feels all the warm fuzzies*