so these days i’ve been playing a lot of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode (it’s a mobile Disney RPG that is surprisingly fun and addictive) and i’m a little miffed that nobody from Tangled is an unlockable character (yet)

so i had to make a fake avatar for my favorite trash boy. let him chuck vials of dangerous chemicals at some fuckin glitch ninjas, goddamn it


An Au where Varian never went rogue and traveled with the gang to help them uncover the mystery behind the blue rocks. 😋  also here is what they’re saying on the first page just in case  you can’t read it.

Varian: Kill me

Cass: Only if you promise to drown me first 

Yeah it suck being a third wheel 😅

More possible DPE evidence

Hey all! I know it’s been awhile, but we’re on hiatus, so there’s a legit reason I haven’t posted any new evidence. But me being me, I’ve ALWAYS got DPE on my mind. And during this long dark winter of a hiatus, I’ve been thinking.

During Next Stop Anywhere, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and Eugene all have a little solo part that they sing, and I personally think they are hints to what is in store for them this season (and possibly the next).

Cassandra sings “Next stop, anywhere! Gotta feeling things’ll be happening suddenly!” And whoa, yeah, things have been happening suddenly! Lots of things! All the things!

Rapunzel sings “Next stop, anywhere! Gonna chase my destiny, find the best in me!” And again, that’s what is happening! The whole big, overarching theme of this season is Rapunzel chasing her destiny, and really discovering who she is.

And finally, Eugene sings “Next stop, anywhere! ‘Cause it’s time we went to be where we’re meant to be!” Now, that. That right there, is something. Where do you think you are meant to me, Eugene? Because, as we see later in the episode, he clearly wants to settle down and marry Rapunzel - and that definitely includes living in Corona. So, if they are venturing away from Corona, then why is Eugene singing about going where he’s meant to be?

So maybe this isn’t necessarily DPE evidence, but I feel like it’s definitely a hint at what’s to come for Eugene this season. I think we are finally going to learn about his past, and maybe even meet his parents. Eugene’s going to find where he is meant to be. And I can’t wait to see where that is.


an old sketch of mine from my Avatar/ Tangled Au 😊 

Wanted to focus on Varians/Zukos and Caines/Azulas relationship as siblings. 

So I envisioned them being rivals. caine besting him in everything except one thing…one thing she could never take away from him. His birthright cause she was adopted by the Fire Lord and Varian is his son and rightfull heir to the throne of the Fire Nation. So whenever they bicker and he brings out that fact  she simply looses her temper with him, because she knows she could never have that one thing he has.