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Rapunzel was Raised to Not Show Physical Affection

We’ve all seen that Gothel makes Rapunzel come to her for hugs, but today I realized it goes deeper than that. Gothel doesn’t want Rapunzel showing physical affection unless she has been given specific permission. Opening her arms is that unspoken permission.

For example, towards the beginning, when she’s reminding Gothel that it’s her birthday tomorrow, she grabs her arm in exuberance. Gothel is put out and then pries Rapunzel’s hands off her arm, all the while pretending she doesn’t remember (or care) that her birthday - something Rapunzel is extremely excited about - is fast approaching.

She also uses Rapunzel’s need for physical affection, deliberately taunting and “teaching” her with it by pretending to offer it, then taking it away immediately.

The first bazzilionty times I saw this movie, I always assumed Rapunzel was relieved to see Gothel towards the end of Mother Knows Best just because she was scared.

But now I realize it’s not only because she’s scared, but because Gothel is now giving Rapunzel permission to seek the creature comfort of physical contact that she so desperately needs after the gamut of fear she’s run.

Eugene, on the other hand, starts showing physical affection as soon as he starts feeling any affection for Rapunzel at all. He uses it as a comfort. Yet Rapunzel keeps her hands to herself.

It continues when he gives her the little flag, touching the small of her back in an affectionate way. But her hands (and attention) are full at this moment.

In fact, the first time she realizes she’s touching him, and he’s touching her, and there’s affection and enjoyment buzzing between them, she’s the first to pull away.

She’s alarmed at first, then apologetic and sheepish. Sorry I was touching you, Eugene. And he politely takes a step back, tuned in to her discomfort and giving her a little more space.

But that is why the moment on the boat is so important, and why Rapunzel has the reaction she does.

In taking Rapunzel’s hand, out of the blue (as far as she can tell), it’s sending her a clear message that he feels the same about her that she does about him, and that physical affection is both alright and wanted. That he will seek out her attention in a way Gothel never has. And from this moment on, she touches him often, holding hands for the rest of the song, brushing his hair from his face as he lay dying, and never letting go of his head, even after he’d died in her arms. Not to mention kissing him when he lives again, holding hands on the balcony while they wait for her parents and end-of-movie smooching.


And at last I see the light,
And it’s like the fog has lifted.
And at last I see the light,
And it’s like the sky is new.
And it’s warm and real and bright,
And the world has somehow shifted.
All at once everything is different,
Now that I see you.

y’know if i were mother gothel i wouldn’t tell rapunzel that her birthday was ACTUALLY her birthday. like i’d probably tell her that her birthday was any other day where floating lanterns from the castle do NOT fill the sky and make her think they’re for her. hell whats the point of even telling her that birthdays exist, its not like she’s gonna ever know anyone else besides mother gothel who’ll tell her about birthdays

also what is rapunzel’s real name? is it actually rapunzel; is that what the queen and king named her? if that were the case then mother gothel should have definitely renamed her and had her grow up with a name that is different than the missing princess. like if she got to the town in the movie and heard someone say “this is for the missing princess, rapunzel” she’d be like “holy FUCK”

nononsenselady  asked:

"Morning, birthday girl! Rise and shine, or would ya rather sleep in on your own birthday?" she asked, opening the curtains. "C'mon! Let's put you into something special, everyone wants to see you."

Rapunzel’s eye opened like a shot. She was a rise-and-shiner on most days as it was, but today, she was excited!

“I hope by ‘special’ you con’t mean ‘so many skirts that I can’t sit down’,” she teased as she stretched. “My first birthday home, can you believe it?”

#777: Nobody in Gravity Falls is straight except maybe for Preston Northwest.

Submitted by anon

There’s a letter on top of the box these are nestled in.

“Dear Rapunzel,

So I know this isn’t something you’d normally get, at least not color wise, but they just kind of reminded me of your journal. 

I hope you DO like them, though. I mean, you don’t HAVE to, it’s okay if you don’t, I just HOPE you do.

So, um, yeah.

Happy Birthday, Sunshine.

Forever yours,

Eugene Fitzherbert”

Rapunzel picked up the quills and turned them over and over, her eyes wide with wonder. Feathers! Real feathers without dye or decoration! Beautiful quills he’d picked out, just for her! She loved them!

She was definitely going to have to track him down and show him just how much she loved them, and how grateful she was for such a beautiful and prefect gift!

aguagi  asked:

Do you think Isshin/Souichirou ever told Ryuuko when her actual birthday was (or if her supposed birth date was real)? I figure he'd change it to prevent any paper trail that would link her to being a Kiryuuin, birth certificates would have been destroyed in the fire, and there's no proof Aikuro or Tsumugu would know where he stored documents like that if he did. I actually don't think he even celebrated Ryuuko's birthday, if her greatest desire showed her celebrating it (albeit with Ragyou).

…this ask is breaking my heart right now…

But as for the question: I don’t think Isshin/Soichiro would change Ryuko’s birthday, though he had to have fabricated a birth certificate. It seems doubtful Ryuko even had a real birth certificate in the first place when she wasn’t even named, and judging by her “death” scene, it doesn’t look like she gets a death certificate, either.

So, the birth date could certainly be changed to be extra safe—and Isshin/Soichiro is definitely the kind of person to go overboard in that department (breaking your back and completely altering your face for a disguise?)—but in a lot of ways, a fake birthday is probably even more unnecessary than an elaborate, fake disguise. It’s doubtful Ragyo would even remember when Ryuko was born, and Ryuko’s entire existence before being Ryuko is probably not documented anywhere, thereby eliminating any paper trail.

But personally? The thought of Isshin/Soichiro robbing Ryuko of her birthday feels… really cruel. He lied about so much, and the thought of lying about even that…

I mean, heck, Mother Gothel in Tangled even told Rapunzel her real birthday—which actually was super troublesome for her evil, selfish goals!

And if you consider character designer/animator Sushio’s drawing of Isshin and Ryuko celebrating Christmas together as more canon than “just for fun” animator art, I’d like to imagine that Isshin would celebrate Ryuko’s birthday, too… at least, before he sends her away.

If there’s one sequence from Kill la Kill that never fails to mess me up, it’s when Ryuko recounts her past in episode 8. When she describes being sent away to boarding school as a child, little Ryuko is shown in flashback, crying out for Isshin, and it’s abundantly clear that Ryuko desperately doesn’t want to be separated and left alone… but her father leaves her behind and doesn’t even look back. Ryuko is completely and utterly devastated.

And this moment is a sign that Ryuko—very potentially—was a securely-attached child. No matter her claim that she and her father “never got along,” the fact that she is so distressed here indicates separation anxiety, which, in infants and small children, can be representative of a very strong, secure bond with a guardian figure.

But regardless of the nitty-gritty psychology behind this moment, it’s clear that this is a girl who sincerely wants her father in her life and is horrified of being taken away from him. I think this is the moment that really hurts Ryuko more than anything: she was separated from the only family she knew.

In Ryuko’s fantasy, it doesn’t seem she’s sent off to boarding school—in fact, a lot of emphasis is placed on Ryuko’s “mother” being involved in her schooling. That’s what Ryuko wanted from Isshin, and if you look at the candles on the dream cake, there are six or seven, indicating that Ryuko’s “mother” had an active role in her life even when she became old enough for school. In my eyes, the fantasy and all the background information suggests that Isshin did celebrate Ryuko’s birthday once, but he stopped after he sent her away… and that breaks her apart. It’s just one more indication that he doesn’t love her and doesn’t want her.