rapunzel costume

“All those days watching from the window, all those years outside looking in.”
Today I’d like to shine a spotlight on child cancer awareness. To do this we’re trying to fill Instagram (and any other social media platforms) with as many children’s characters as we can. @scarlettsparrowcosplay suggested I do Rapunzel.

Geeking Out with Part-Time Princess Hannah Barker

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Last weekend, 17-year-old Hannah Barker (@nxtures) traveled from Essex to Margate, England, to attend Geek 2017 — a three-day gaming festival for all ages. For Hannah, a student and part-time Disney princess, work and play don’t look much different: “The cosplay masquerade was the highlight for me,” she says of the event, which housed retro games, virtual reality and more inside Dreamland, an amusement park that dates back to the 1800s. “I dressed up as Rapunzel. It’s the first costume I ever made myself. I’ve added lights and 1,000 rhinestones to the skirt by hand. Eventually, my dream is to design costumes for Disneyland.”


I’ve had a few people ask me how I did the Rapunzel hair for my daughter’s costume, so I thought I would do a quick write up on it. The whole project was thrown together in a couple of days as I didn’t have much notice that Flynn Rider was only going to be doing meet and greets on Valentine’s day. The first two pics in the collage are my daughter’s actual hair. She’s only two so she doesn’t have long hair, and it’s rather fine in texture. I started out by putting tons of mousse and hairspray in her hair the morning we went to the park. The second picture shows how her hair looked while meeting Tiana (before we put on her Rapunzel dress and hair.) I pulled some from each side into two little pigtails on the top and gave them a slight twist and then secured them with clear rubber bands. The braid itself i made out of synthetic hair I found at a local hair supply shop. The packages were only a few bucks each and very lightweight. (The color # is 27.) I braided them and twisted them and wove pink and lavender ribbon throughout just to kind of give them a Rapunzel-y look. I secured the braid in several spots with rubberbands and then ribbon. At the top of the braid I sewed in a tortoise colored claw style hair clip (collage bottom middle pic.) The braid was then embellished with flowers I purchased at the dollar store. I just used a dab of hot glue and placed them throughout the braid. I also glued some flowers onto bobby pins and alligator clips and they helped to embellish her real hair and secure the braid to her real hair. I ended up pulling her actual hair into a low ponytail and then used the claw clip to secure the fake braid to her hair. I then used the pins and clips and some pieces of ribbon to secure the braid. (I did this all outside the Rapunzel bathrooms at the Magic Kingdom, so it was actually pretty easy and drama free though I did worry up until the moment it was on that it wouldn’t work at all!)  Part of the secret of getting the braid to ‘stay’ was that I sewed lengths of ribbon at the shoulder of the Rapunzel costume and at the waist. I then tied the braid into place and this helped distribute the weight of the fake hair onto her shoulder instead of the back of her neck.)   

She ended up wearing the hair for a good four hours around Disney World and even ate lunch with it, and given that she’s a two-year old, I consider that a win. Especially since we were asked multiple times if it was her real hair. LOL!!


I’m so excited to debut our Disney Princess line just in time for Halloween! I love Disney and was so excited to bring these to life in the form of Cincher skirts! Each one is hand crafted with love and a little pixie dust for added magic :)

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