rapunzel cosplay


My “Rapunzel Rider” is almost done! I threw everything on (sans makeup) and this is SUCH the look I envisioned when I first started this project?! Which is really amazing. Normally my forte is replicating as accurately as possible, so it was fun to deviate from that a bit and try something more original!

Boots and satchel still to come, but this is pretty much wearable now and that’s so exciting. :D


He is the most important person for me, and I love him so much! <3 I already made 2 looong texts over Instagram and  Facebook, so now - I will just say

That I love you, and you deserve all the best. <3 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY @motokatheghost

disney princesses in action at katsucon 2016!

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Rapunzel’s outfit detail

Recently, I’ve had more than one person ask me for my opinion/observations about the details on Rapunzel’s outfit, for cosplay purposes. Here are some I’ve made that many people either don’t notice, get wrong, or just choose to do their own way (and there’s nothing wrong with that). But for maximum correctness, here’s what I’ve seen.

The dress actually has layers which are often not accounted for. I have spotted: slip, skirt, sleeveless shirt, bodice. Many people make the bodice and skirt all one piece, for simplicity’s sake, or, if they do make separate pieces, put everything that shows up on her torso as one piece and the skirt separate. In actuality, she has a sleeveless undershirt with a separate bodice with attached sleeves over it.

Here, you can see by the gapping/bunching, that the skirt is high-waisted, as is evident by the lack of skin showing.

Here, you can see that the lace is attached to the top of the sleeveless shirt and is white, and that the sleeves are attached to the separate bodice and not the shirt. The shirt buttons up the back, and thus is a solid piece in the front.

More evidence of the lace being attached to the sleeveless shirt.

Here, you can clearly see that the cap sleeves are sewn onto the chiffon three-quarter sleeves - they’re all one piece.

Here’s an interesting detail that clearly shows two separate things. 1) The lace attached at the bottom of the undershirt is pink, not white. 2) This is further evidence of the bodice-over-undershirt design.

And here we see the panels in the bodice, and that it doesn’t have boning, it’s just form-fitting.

This serves to show that the skirt is all one piece - it’s not an overskirt and an underskirt - and that the lace is attached to her slip. This also shows some of the paneling in the skirt, and that the “trim” embroidery goes around the bottom, minus  the center panel.

Detail on the skirt shows that the stripes that border the center panel are embroidered, and are not trim.

And that sums up the details I’ve noticed on Rapunzel’s outfit.