rapunzel cosplay


Hope you like my Cosplay showcase video of my KH3 Sora cosplay at Disney World!!

I finally got to debut my Rapunzel dress at San Diego comic con this year! (And forgot to take off my purse for this picture 😑)

After almost a year of barely sewing at all, an awful research internship, and a fantastic weekend at SDCC, I’ve decided that I need to be putting more time aside for sewing (for my own well-being). I’ve also been inspired by the Her Universe Fashion Show to continue designing super hero themed dresses and outfits. I’m currently working on the Justice League so keep an eye out for those!

I’ve gotta say, DC officially has me hooked. After years of only watching Marvel, I’ve now become obsessed with the DC shows and even cosplayed Supergirl at comic con this year (pictures coming soon!). Also, as soon as I get settled in at school I’m going to begin sewing my Green Arrow dress which I designed a year ago.

Keep a lookout for exciting stuff to come, hopefully I’ll actually continue to update this page!

disney princesses in action at katsucon 2016!

( tumblr won’t let me tag for some reason but rapunzel is me, ariel is modest.titty on ig, and the mystery princess ;)))) is microwavedhope! )


A lot of people wanted to hear the conversations I had with each of the characters so here you go! The background noise was really loud though for almost every meet and greet but I subtitled it for what I could hear/remember the characters saying. And yes, some characters did know who I was! 

P.S. Trying to stay in character myself as Sora was lots of fun while talking to the characters!