rapunzel!! lol


Something new from me. I begann to play LoL and was so in love with my main Champ Soraka that i drew her some Skins. Maby, maby there will be other champs i’m going to make this for but who knows :D Tell me if you like it or what outfit your favourite is!

1☆ Steampunk - Soraka

2 ☆Deer Girl - Soraka

3 ☆ Starknight - Soraka

4 ☆ Doctor - Soraka

5 ☆ 60s Hippi - Soraka

6 ☆ Pijamaparty - Soraka

7 ☆Princess Rapunzel - Soraka

8 ☆Angel in Heaven - Soraka

I’ve never done one of these

Rules: tag 10 people you want to know better
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Name: Paul
Nickname: Junior, Mangas
Birthday: February 23
Star sign: Pisces
Gender: Male
Height: 5′6
Sexual Orientation: League of Legends (and Sonia Nevermind)
Favorite colors: Yellow, Purple, Black
Lucky Number: 23
Last thing I googled: Tumblr
Words that come to mind: Fast Food (I literally just heard it on TV)
Number of blankets I sleep with: 2
Favorite fictional characters: Sonia Nevermind (SDR2), Jamie (Steven Universe) (He looks like me), Flynn Rider and Rapunzel (Tangled), Miss Fortune (LoL), April Ludgate (Parks & Rec)
Favorite famous people: Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt
Favorite book: The Percy Jackson Series
Favorite bands: Panic! at the Disco, Marina and the Diamonds, etc.
Last movie I saw: Inside Out
Dream trip: Japan and pretty much any Disney Park
Dream job: Video Game Artist

I tag: gudetam-a, lullabylatte, a-hero-kings-burden, chicksdoitbetter, nattorii, steampunk-gryphon, gaming-fanchild, happyturtl3s, santiagobernabeu10, how-are-you-so-cute. (Feel free to do it if you want. Whoever else wants to do this that I didn’t tag go for it!)

sirlonelytaco asked:

My fave is Rapunzel. She didn't accept the reality Mother Gothel shoved down her throat. She knew she deserved more. She jumped out that tower and never (intentionally) looked back. And Pascal is the most adorable thing ever ^.^

Pascal is the best, but also Maximus because the sass is me lol

Rapunzel is one of the most optimistic princesses (even though they all are lol) and like yes she jumped and she got to see those lanterns!

kittenyzma asked:

Ahh! Blog rates!!! Yzma and Belle and Meg and Rapunzel for starters lol 😄

Sure thing! and how did i know Yzma would be one of your faves? :)

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send me your favorite disney character for a blograte

Thank you cristianoisking for tagging me :)

Do you have a morning ritual? I watch the Food Network

If you could define your aesthetic in 3 words/things/people what it’d be? look at my main blog hehe

How do you take your coffee? Black and without sugar (i know it sounds pretentious af but my parents take it that way and they passed along to me)

You get a round trip back in time. What’s your destination and time? the ice age or the early 90′s

What’s your favorite plant (flowers/trees/etc)? PEONIES AND TULIPS!!!!

What’s your cooking level? a. burned pizza; b. omelette du fromage; c. gordon ramsay : definitely A

What’s a fictional or non-fictional character you can relate to? Rapunzel lol no I’m kidding I don’t really know actually

What’s your favorite clothes combination at the moment? dresses because i’m too lazy to thing pants/shirt combos 

Life is possible on any planet/moon of our solar system; on which one would you move? Pluto

What’s your phone’s ringtone? i always  have the sound off

How’s 2015 so far? alright I haven’t done anything like super exciting but I have fun everyday 

I’m not tagging anyone