This evening a friend of ours came over to watch Mavvo so my husband and I could go on a date. You guys, there were junk piles in my house so large that they could be considered architecture. No joke. 

Notice I said, “were”. That’s right… they are not longer occupying the tabletops, desks, chairs and countertops. I worked so hard and so fast. Now, they are crammed in plastic bags and piled inside the wardrobe.

Had I known that the piles of ca-rap were only going to be the first of several challenges tonight, I may have re-scheduled our date night. First of all, I’ve got to give props to the girl who babysat for us. She’s like 14 years old, and she fully handled a power outage and a screaming infant all on her own. Baby-sitter-girl… you rock.

While we were thoroughly enjoying Rapunsal-in 3D- I couldn’t help but think that maybe the rumbling that I was feeling was not caused by the speakers. I was right. When we got out of the cinema it was pouring. P.O.U.R.I.N.G. When I sent an SMS to find out how things were on the home front, I got the news that the power had gone out. When that happens it gets really, really dark in our house. Plus the rain. Plus the thunder. Plus there is no air circulation in the bedroom without the air-conditioner.

We decided we better go home, because Mavvo would get really hot and wake up and then there would be a lot of screaming when he realized that we weren’t there. In the time that it took to cross the street it went from pouring to raining jungle animals. Because helmets don’t come equipped with wind-shield-wipers we had to stop. Lets just say that the literal hole-in-the-wall that we ate ate was less than romantic. And there was a guy with a giant squeegee swiping water under my feet throughout the entire meal. 

Our prediction was correct. Mavvo woke up sweaty. The baby-sitter was actually a super hero so she took of his clothes. By the time we made it home he was screaming his head off because he had realized that she wasn’t his Mama, (He has got to get over that.) and we were drenched to the bone. Dudes, the streets were flooded literally up over the fender of the motorcycle. There were actual waves coming down the alleys. It was awesome in an annoying kind of way.

The best part? When we got home, I was not greeted with a junk pile.