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The Light in the Piazza
  • The Light in the Piazza
  • Kelli O'Hara
  • The Light in the Piazza (April 4, 2016)

The Light in the Piazza | 10th Anniversary Concert | April 4, 2016

Kelli O’Hara as Clara Johnson

“The Light in the Piazza”

Mars in Taurus - Earth Empress 

“All these words are just a front. What I would really like to do is chain you to my body, then sing for days and days and days.”  
 ―    Hāfez

The wind blowing through the petals, the elemental rage of storms, the placid sequence of nature rhythms - these are all energizing sources for Mars in Taurus. The individual could be perceived as lethargic because she adopts the steady, calculative, and enduring pace of mother earth. There is a steady energy generated by the individual that is dispersed like the lyrics of the universe, sweet, melodic, lethargic, and everlasting. Anger and rage build up over a long period of time and release through explosive tirades. The Mars in Taurus expression is typically analgesic, ritualistic, and energized by sensory delight. There is a good sense of forethought and thinking before action. The feeling of fingers sliding up the spine or writing poetry against the face brings a sort of cosmic orgasmic rapture. Everything beautiful is energy.

Mars in Taurus people disperse their vital forces into indulging amongst life’s sweet caramel pleasures. There is an endless supply of energy for diversions that captivate their sense of touch, taste, sight, and smell. The individual may be gluttonous, reckless with cash, and lazy. Maybe they eat too much, spend too much time soaking in bubble baths, and neglect their health and well being for pleasure vices. Taurus is the sign of finance and value, and with Mars here, there tends to be a tremendous compulsion to build wealth and establish financial stability. The individual will be soothed by the promise of stability and filled with deep fears, rage, and anguish if the future seems uncertain and security is on shaky ground. Mars in Taurus people are also materialistic in the sense of their appreciation for the physical plane. The individual can feel dewdrops from the cloud on their cheeks, the silk of frangipanis, like they are so acutely responsive to touch, sound, and intimacy with the body temple. Sex is important. There is the complete eroticism of sensual physical contact that delights every mental and somatic perception. The individual has an unwavering commitment and tremendous stoicism. Despite being slow to get started, tasks and objectives are rarely left flailing or unfinished.

The individual with Mars in Taurus has a spectacular means of dispersing energy so dreams can be accomplished in the most slick and efficient method possible. There is an entrancing fascination with their own bodies, and the sensations their body can create, through intimacy with the earth and through contact with the hands and curves of another. The individual values routine and values what they can hold in their hands. To wrap something marvelous in their palms like a crystal or a waist is to stand on top of the world. There is an acute sensitivity to the majesty of orchestra, the swelling of lips on the neck, the blooming flowers of spring, the sumptuous feel of a cotton blanket, and this provides a high voltage surge, this is the channel of nourishing energy.


picture by by Tana Makmanee                                        

And a sudden ache beset his heart; he had stumbled on just one of those past moments in his life, whose beauty and rapture he had failed to arrest, whose wings had fluttered away into the unknown; he had stumbled on a buried memory, a wild sweet time, swiftly choked and ended.
—  John Galsworthy, from “The Apple Tree,” Five Tales (BiblioLife, 2008)

There was this woman, two rows in front of me, in handcuffs, sitting with a cop. He looked at me, knew I was holding. If I didn’t take action I’d be caught. So I got up, went to the lav, and proceeded to eliminate the evidence by swallowing my stash. And at that exact moment, we hit turbulence. I choked. The entire bag of heroin is stuck in my throat. It’s, uh, it’s over. Everything starts to go dark, I’m slipping into the abyss, and then I see… her. A woman. Blonde, rapturously beautiful, and I know her. We’re together. It’s like we’ve always been and always will be.

Të pashë, det Adriatik, të pashë,
Si zanë je prej qiellit i pikuar,
Plot me margaritarë je trazuar
Dhe gjiri i yt plot hire si një vashë.

Më gjunj si perëndeshe ty të rashë
Për hijet, bukurin’ e patreguar,
Prej gazit madh që ndjeva, pa duruar
Me lot për faqe shkova dhe të lashë.

Si ar i derdhur dritët të shkreptijnë,
Pallate prrallash çfaqen plot magjie
Tek valle vajza dredhin mbi lendinë.

Të rinj për dorë, tek po ven’ e vijnë
Kujtime t’ ëmbla, botë lumërie:
M'u duk se pashë vetë Perëndinë!


To the Adriatic (ASDRENI)

I have beheld you, Adriatic, I have beheld you,
A nymph from the twinkling heavens
Sparkling with pearls, your breasts
Heaving gracefully like a sylph’s.

I knelt before you as before a goddess,
An apparition of untold beauty.
The rapture I felt, I could not endure,
And departed, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Like molten gold you shimmer,
A fabled palace full of magic,
You sway like maidens in the meadow.

Of youthful grace is your rise and fall,
Sweet memories, a world of wonder
Like a vision of divinity itself.

[Adriatikut, written in December 1912, published in the volume Psallme murgu, Bucharest 1930, translated from the Albanian by Robert Elsie, and first published in English by Robert Elsie in History of Albanian literature, New York 1995, vol. 1, p. 362-363]