Crappy NaruHina 692 Prediction Fanfic

Sasuke: Naruto, we still have a lot left to do.
Naruto: …
Sakura: Sasuke?
Sasuke: We still have to free everyone from the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
Sage of Six Paths: Well now that the 10 Tails has been divided into the 9 Tailed Beasts again, Infinite Tsukuyomi shouldn’t be able to run on its own anymore with it not having any more chakra to power it.You should be able to see your friends now.
Naruto: Let’s go!
Sakura: Naruto!
Sasuke: Hmph.
Naruto sits down for a moment to gather Sage chakra so he can use his abilities to sense everyone trapped inside the cocoons.
He rushes over to a certain cocoon and quickly unravels it. Inside is Hinata.
Hinata opens her eyes slowly.
Hinata: Naruto-kun?
Naruto: H-hey.
Hinata: …
Naruto: So, uh, funny thing is. I was just talking to my dad a minute ago when I kind of realized something. Haha.
Hinata: Naruto-kun?
Naruto: I did a lot of things my mom asked me to do, like eat all kinds of food, and made great friends, and I became really, really strong, but…I never really thought about things like…women…and alcohol.
Naruto: So… (shouting) would you go on date with me for my birthday?
Naruto: (nervous) We can have…ramen?
Hinata faints.
Naruto: Huuuh?! Hinata? Hinata? Hinaaata?
Sasuke smirks.
Naruto: HEY! What’re you smirking at?
Sasuke: First of all, you don’t ask a girl out on date for ramen. Second…
Sasuke pulls Sakura closer to him.
Sakura: S-Sasuke?!
Sasuke: Unlike you, I already have a date tonight. (looking at Sakura)
Sakura: Geez, Sasuke! (blushing)

Naruto is pretty jealous at this point in time and this conflict leads to an even greater one: Naruto vs Sasuke, begins! (Please, Kishimoto?)

This is where the fanfic ends because I honestly can only write so much before I get all gushy about my OTPs. NaruHina FTW and maybe SasuSaku too.


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