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Story time: Shit my students say

My students have been struggling with topic strings/transitions in their papers. So today I brought Cards Against Humanity to class and passed out several cards to each of them and had everyone go around the room transitioning from one topic to the next. We got a couple beauties like, “While Raptor Attacks are a pressing concern, I believe that not enough media attention is given to Vigorous Jazz Hands.” We also had a few really nice threads of sentences, like: “Although many people might assume that The True Meaning of Christmas is A Sassy Black Woman, I will argue that The True Meaning of Christmas is, in fact, Tasteful Side Boob.” “First, however, I will provide context in which I place my discussion of Tasteful Side Boob, since it involves Dark and Mysteries Forces Beyond Our control.” “While some critics may argue that these Dark and Mysterious Forces Beyond Our Control are problematic, I will prove that they are not. Bitches.”

We then made a list on the board of various techniques/transition words that they used in the exercise, and then gave them the last ten minutes of class to edit/rework their transitions in their papers for homework. I’m looking at their submissions now and feeling rather euphoric because they are SO VERY MUCH IMPROVED. Thanks, CAH. You the real MVP.


I just read from Huffington Post about the theory that Owen Grady is the kid that Dr. Grant scare from Jurassic Park! I love things like this. Can someone make a gif for this?!

Imagine that is the reason that Owen knows the Raptors attack patterns and he based their relationship with them on respect?! my feelings are all over the place!!

GIF credit to http://jurassicdaily.tumblr.com/


      I just watched Jurassic Park again last night and it had me in the mood to write a Jurassic Park / World imagine.  Thanks for the request!  I hope you enjoy it!  I think I may have gotten a few of the details wrong since I saw the movie a few weeks ago so I’m sorry, but I hope it still made sense.

     The truck fell across the rocky terrain, your dad and Claire struggling to keep the vehicle one step ahead of the chasing Raptors.  You were wedged between Gray and Zach, helpless to do anything but watch the group of Raptors attack the back door, trying to open it.

     “Are you ok?”  Zach asked, looking away from the raptors and towards you instead.  You hadn’t even noticed the tears streaming down your face until he reached over and rubbed his thumb under your eye.

     “Yeah.  I just never thought that I’d see the day that they turned on us.”  You murmured, jumping when the door to the truck flew open, banging loudly against the side of the truck.  The moment between Zach and you dissipated into fear as the raptors accessibility to the truck became easier.  You found yourself screaming along with Gray as the door continued to fly around and bang open and shut as your dad pressed harder on the accelerator.

     “What do we do?!”  Gray shouted, fear laced in his voice as one of the raptors managed to jump onto the back of the truck, screeching at the three of you.  You felt panic squeezing at your chest as you struggled to figure out what to do.  Zach was steps ahead of you, reaching around to unlock a large cylinder container and rolling it around to be at your feet.

     “Push.”  He shouted.  Without hesitation the three of you kicked the cylinder across the floor and watching as it connects with the Raptor and sending it tumbling back out of the truck.

     “Shut the door!”  You shouted, struggling to unclip your seatbelt and racing towards the door on unsteady feet.  Zach hurried behind you with Gray, grabbing the door handle when it swung closed once and locking it into place.  After making sure it was successfully closed you all slunk back to your seats, sighing deeply.

     “Good job.”  Zach smiled at you, clicking his seat belt back on as you mimicked his actions.

     “I only shut the door.  You’re the one who actually did something really helpful.”  You pointed out, sagging back against the wall of the truck.

     “We were both helpful.”  He countered.  The group of you fell into silence as the truck continued down the road, this time no raptors chasing after it thankfully.

     “Do you think that they’ll be ok?”  You asked suddenly, looking over at a confused Zach.  “The Raptors.  With the I-Rex running around there’s no telling what other dinosaurs are going to get out.  What if they get hurt?”  You clarified.

     “They’re some of the smartest dinosaurs they are.  I think they’ll be fine.”  Gray piped up, earning an eye roll from his older brother.

     “Thanks Gray.”  You smiled, ruffling the smaller boys hair and laughing lightly.  Zach leaned back against the truck wall as well and fiddled with the zipper on his sweatshirt, glancing over at you.

     “When we get out of here…. Do you want to go on a date?  Little brother free?”  He asked, taking you by slight surprise.  You hesitated before nodding slowly.

      “Yeah.  I’d like that.”

Surely, Robert. Surely you dont.
Its perfectly normal to tame almost every dilo in sight…

On our little server we have 37 Dilophosaurs right now (or rather what the game depicts as dilophosaurs).
They are called “the legion” and work as a mob we send after things we dont want to deal with face by face, such as alpha raptors or random dinosaur-attacks on our base such as raptors, carno and other dilo.
We used to have a second legion of 39. But they where torn apart by an alpha rex. (They may be remembered fondly)

We have 4 rexes now. So technically we really have no need for the legion to kill alpha raptors. But we still keep them. And I am afraid it will only grow fu- oh hey a dilo!


Clexa Jurassic Park AU


Authorities and animal containment reinforcements have arrived on the island and begin to treat the wounded and collect the dead. Clarke searches through the crowd and is about to give up hope when she hears a familiar voice call her name. Relief doesn’t even begin to describe what Clarke feels when she spots Lexa alive and well after losing her during the raptor attack. The two embrace and promise to never be far apart again. (And to never go to another island filled with dinosaurs as long as they live)

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Raptor Attack! //ZachxReader//

Of course, you were a star at the Jurassic World among the trainers. Youngest trainer there by the age of 15 and you didn’t train any dinosaurs, you trained one of the most ferocious: velociraptors.

It was all due to your uncle, Owen Grady. When you had told him about your love for dinosaurs, he convinced your parents to let you work at Jurassic World with him as your guardian and he would make you work with the gentle dinosaurs, the babies.

That didn’t work out so well because he would constantly find you trying to get near the velociraptors. You loved them! And as he noticed, they loved you too. So he let you train them with him but one thing he didn’t know was that you would always sneak into the cage and play with them. Throwing a balloon, they would jump up and pop it, the girls enjoying that immensely.

So, one day, you were on the catwalk, throwing them their dead mouses as treats when your uncle called you. “Y/N! Look who’s here!” You throw the last mouse before turning and catching eyes with Claire’s nephew, Zach. Blushing, you turned away and smiled at Gray and Claire. “Hey, guys!” You hug Claire and Gray, deciding to just wave awkwardly at Zach.

“I have to leave them here. Take good care of them, will you?” Claire scoffed and rolled her eyes, earning a laugh from you. “Yeah, of course. Now get out. You’re taking up time that Claire and I could be spending talking bad about you.” You wink at your uncle and he ruffles your hair, walking in the door and out of sight.

An idea popped into mind and Claire seemed to see the mischievous glint in your eyes. “What are you going to do?” You hum nonchalantly, “Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that maybe you guys would like to get Ito the cafe with the raptors?” You shrugged as if it was nothing, like it was a normal thing to ask.

“Y/N! Are you crazy? We could get killed!” Zach yelled but Gray seemed to be thinking. Claire was just straight out fuming. “Come on,” you whined, “I’ve gone in plenty of times and I’m fine! I even play games with them!” Gray hugged his aunt, “Please, Aunt Claire? Y/N would protect us, right?”

You give them a reassuring nod and after begging a few more times, Zach and Claire agreed.
You opened the habitat door, the raptors instantly running towards you. You hold up your hand, keeping it steady just like your voice, “Blue, Delta, Charlie, Echo. Stop!” The four stop in front of you, all of them seeming excited. You give them a small smile before hitting a balloon twenty feet away from you.

As the raptors tried catching it while it was still in the air, you get the three that were as nervous as could be. “Relax. If they sense fear, that’s when they want to strike.” Gray holds on to you, as does Claire. Zach, on the other hand, just stayed behind you, trying to seem unfazed but his clenched and shaking fists said otherwise.

“Girls!” Blue turned to you with a pink popped balloon in her mouth. “Come.” The four run and stop, sniffing Claire and Gray. The raptors chatted amongst themselves before seeming to agree that they were no threat. Claire and Gray were able to stroke them for a few minutes before a commotion happened behind you.

“Get away!” Zach screamed, hitting Delta’s nose/snout. The other went on guard, hissing at the others but not at you. “Shit,” The raptors seemed to want to zone in on Zach so you pushed Claire and Gray out while you still could, getting them out the cage. “Start closing the cage door when I say so. Understood?” Claire nodded shakily and you ran back in to help Zach.

“Hey!” You clap your hands, gaining the raptors’ attention. Motioning for Zach to get behind you while you still had their attention. He ran and got behind you as instructed, putting his hands on your waist as a way to calm down. He was so close to you that you could feel him breathing on your neck and you blushed before shaking yourself out of it.

“Delta and Charlie, I see you behind me! Back up!” They did as told and you started walking back slowly, but they hissed. You decided to take a risk. “Claire, start closing it.”

You heard her gasp. “What? No!” You snarled. “NOW!” You heard the alarm going off, signaling that it was closing and you grabbed Zach’s hand before taking off. You rolled under the gate just as it was a foot away from the floor.

The raptors tried getting through but the gate squished their mouths and they backed off.

Sighing in relief, you turn to Zach and-

SMACK! Your hand flew into his face.

“Who do you think you are, hitting my raptor, huh?” He stammered for an answer but before he could give one, you grabbed and slammed your lips on his, kissing for two minutes until you let go. Zach was blushing like a crazy man and stuttering while you were as cool as can be.

Zach hugged you and laughed, his chest moving up and down like crazy. “About time you made a move, Y/N.” Claire said, shaking her head and laughing. You giggle and thought everything was going to end well until Owen showed up. “Y/N, WHAT THE HELL?” You groaned in annoyance. “Crap. Uncle-”

“YOU KISSED THIS KID? I LIKE YOU BETTER IN THE RAPTOR CAGE THAN KISSING HIM!” He crossed his arms and glared at you. “Hey! That’s MY nephew, Grady. Do you want a problem?”

Your uncle’s firm stance faltered as he uncrossed his arms and looked around uneasily. “What? Wait, no-,”

“Well you listen here…” As Claire continued scolding your uncle, Zach smiled down at you and kissed you softly again. “She’s right, you know? About time you made a move.” You roll your eyes before grabbing him by the back of his neck and being so close to his face that your noses were touching, you said, “Just kiss me, you dork.” He chuckled and moved just a little closer, “Alright, raptor girl.”

He envelopes you in a kiss that has your knees buckling and all you could was, ‘Damn, today is a good day.’

a list of things that happened to Deiuli during tonights @delversociety event

failed a roll to keep her from falling off a rope bridge

failed a roll to avoid drawing attention from a pack of riverbeasts, resulting in a dislocated shoulder

failed a roll (with a 1!) to avoid another attack from said riverbeasts resulting in that same arm being broken and cut

failed a roll (with a 1!) to use voodoo to control an attacking raptor, drawing its attention and getting hit

failled a roll (with a 1!) and got her non-broken arm bit off by said raptor

good times

Fun facts about Dr. Alan Grant:

- He’s a widower
- He likes children
- especially if said children have “dinosaurs on the brain”
- he tackled a pterodactyl to save Lex’s life
- he killed 3 grown ass raptors by injecting poison into some eggs & rolling said eggs toward the raptors
- he is able to identify a raptor egg shell by a tiny fcking fragment based on the patterns on the shell
- he knows how the dinosaurs on the island are breeding before the top geneticist (Henry Wu) does
- he figures out that the T Rex can’t see you if you don’t move
- he goes into the fcking raptor nest to see how fast they’re breeding like a boss ass bitch
- he survives a T Rex attack
- he survives a shit ton of raptor attacks
- he fcking hates computers
- he tranqs the shit out of a small raptor & then carries it to safety
- he literally spends the entire book protecting Tim and Lex with his entire soul
- he is too pure™


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He had only gone on a break. That was all. When he came back you were being taken away by medics.

“Hey hey!” He yelled running after you but one of the medics ordered him to step back before he could ask any questions.

“What happened?” Owen asked one of the workers who was standing nearby. The man ran a hand through his hair. He looked pretty shaken up himself.

“Raptors attacked her” the worker explained “I was sure she was as good as dead but somehow she managed to get away from them so we could get her out. She’s damn lucky let me tell you that”.

Lucky didn’t seem like the right word to use. You looked pretty bad. All Owen did was leave for a few minutes and you got hurt. He knew it was ridiculous but he partly blamed himself.

anonymous asked:

Here's a little fun fact about the Dino Stalker Troodon: She also has the uncanny ability to control large hordes of Raptors to attack the player. PS: The Dino Stalker Troodon's name is Trinity, for those readers who are curious.

That’s so wild

Part Raptor

Based on Anon Prompt: “Could you do a prompt where the reader and Owen have had a baby, and when the whole thing with the Indominus Rex happens the Raptors immediately fall in to protect Reader and the baby?”

You were at home with Charlie when Lowery called you, telling you what had happened. The Indominous got loose and Owen was going after her. You held back your tears as you listened to him give you orders to get to the control room as soon as possible. You felt numb when you got off the phone and grabbed Charlie and ran to the car. Ignoring all your clothes and pictures and keepsakes, you threw your purse in the passenger seat and began to drive away, keeping Charlie safe being your number one priority.  However, as you drive past the raptor paddock, you see one of the interns asleep against the outer wall. You look back at Charlie in her seat cooing at you and you slam your forehead against the wheel. You honk your horn, waking up the poor boy and he comes running towards the car as you roll the window down.

“Get in the car!” you shout at him but he seems confused.

“Mrs. Grady, I’m working right now.”

You practically growl at him before saying “One of the dinosaurs is loose. Get. In. The. Car.”

However, right about this time, you see the treetops ahead of you in the distance shaking and you know what’s happening. She’s in front of you. There’s no way you could drive past her, and all that’s behind you is the house, lake, and mountains. It’s a dead end. You look to your right into the paddock and see the girls at the edge of the fence and you know what you have to do. You turn the car off and jump out, pulling Charlie from her seat in the back. By this time, you can feel the ground shaking with her every step and you run to the safety cage. You close the door behind you when you see her step out from within the trees and let out a loud roar. Your heart stops for a moment.

She immediately goes to the SUV, crushing it and searching for someone to eat inside. The intern beside you is whimpering now chanting about not wanting to die, your panic and motherly instincts being the only thing keeping you from doing the same. The Indominous stands up, sniffing at the air and turns to you in the safety cage. You can hear the girls behind you hissing and growling, and this seems to attract the dinosaur even more. She comes running to the outside of the cage and slams her head against the door. You pull Charlie to your chest, keeping your back to the wild animal as the boy next to you screams. Once, twice, three times she slams her head into the cage before she breaks the bars.

You open your eyes and find yourself looking directly into blue’s face, her snout just inches from your nose. You will never say this to anyone for fear of being mocked, but in this moment, you can hear exactly what blue is saying to you. You throw your arm up to the controls, smashing your palm on the large red button that opens the paddock door. The girls begin to dance at the gate waiting for it to rise high enough. The Indominous in mere feet away from you now; her teeth terrify you, but you can’t move, not until you see Blue rush past you and lunge at her face. The Indominous pulls back as the raptors begin to attack her and then you see the weirdest thing happen. They all stop moving, and begin to roar and chirp at each other. You could almost swear they’re talking to each other. Blue turns and looks at you, before turning back to the dinosaur in front of her and makes a loud sound, one you’ve never heard her make before. It was almost a screech, but not quite.

You watch in amazement as the Dinosaur turns to look at you before turning around sharply and running in the opposite direction.  Charlie, Delta, and Echo give you a glance before running into the trees after her. You begin crying as she disappears from your view and drop to the floor, Charlie still tight to your chest, now wailing. Blue comes up to you, completely ignoring the crying boy beside you, and nuzzles her snout against your head. She sniffs Charlie’s head and lets out a low moaning sound before you hear the Indominous let out another loud roar from within the trees. At this, Blue straightens up and gives you one last long look, before following her sisters into the woods.

You sit there, almost paralyzed, before you hear the car pulling up outside the paddock. You look up to see Owen getting out and running to your own crushed SUV, but you call to him before he can get any ideas.

“Owen!” You shout at him hoarsely, before throwing one hand in the air. Tears continue to roll down your face as he and Claire run over to you, stepping through the destroyed cage. He hugs you tight, squishing Charlie between you two and kisses you both on the head.

“I thought- ” He starts, but stops himself short, not wanting to even think about it.

“Owen,” you whisper, cheeks still soaked in tears. “They went with her.”

“What?” He asks, only now seeming to notice the Paddock door open. He looks back down at you waiting for an explanation.

“They saved us.” You answer, before looking down at Charlie, fresh tears in your eyes. “They saved us and then went with her.”  Your eyes return to his and you see your own fear reflected in his as you whisper to him, “She’s part raptor.”

Thanks for Reading!!

BirthdayBoy goes to BabyRaptor PettingZoo and is the happiest goober to ever goob. [insert bf dying of cute]… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCO BBY <3 <3 <3


Imagine saving the boys from the pterodactyl attack…

You drove your sharp pointed end of a chair leg into the creatures skull before it could munch down of a pair of kids - the oldest being around your age, holding his little brother tightly to his chest. 

“You alright?” You asked, grunting as you pulled out your weapon from your fallen enemy. 

“Yeah” the older boy nodded in disbelief, struggling to get back on his feet. 

You grinned at his nervous attitude, giving him a wink before sprinting off to go help some other endangered soul. 

“Wow” he whispered, watching you take down another dinosaur. 

“Zach!” Gray yelped, pulling on his brother’s hand. 

“Right, sorry” and with that the pair dashed away, in search of their aunt.

Just as they found her – and the mysterious badass Owen Grady – you also appeared right beside them, much to their shock.

Zach stared in amazement as you punched a pterodactyl straight in the face, not even blinking.

“Ah, (y/n). Glad you could make it” Owen rolled his eyes, aiming his gun at the oversized bird at your feet and shooting it in the head.

“Who’s this?” asked Claire quickly, panting and shaking slightly. Clearly she had never been exposed to this much destruction, but you were pretty used to it.

“(Y/n) works at park that lose control, makes sure everyone’s evacuated safely. She’s the youngest in her field” Owen answered, shooting down a few more of the airborne predators.

“Yeah, I’d love to explain in more detail about how stupid you’ve been lady, but we need to move. Now” You ordered, looking around nervously.


“Hey (Y/n)?” Gray asked quietly, turning his body to face yours. He was still holding onto his brother’s hand however. The three of you were in the back of a truck, waiting for Owen to get back from hunting the Indominus Rex with the raptors. No matter how much you had fought, they wouldn’t let you go too. Which of course pissed you off to no end.

“Yeah, kid?” you whispered, biting at your lip.

“We’re gonna be okay, right?” his eyes widened in innocence “I mean, this isn’t the worst you’ve seen. People have survived worse attacks, right?”

You looked down, heart pounding.

“Yeah, don’t worry, it’s been much worse” you replied, trying to reassure him with a smile. He nodded his head, but he still didn’t seem convinced.

“Hey” you caught his attention again with your short exclamation “this one time, there was this giant T-Rex in France that got out, starting munching on the little things surrounding its paddock. And one kid was injured. It didn’t eat anyone of course, we stopped it before it could. But it managed to eat half of the park’s exhibits. No, that time was much worse”

“How- how was that worse?” Zach narrowed his eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“People have died this time, a lot of people. How could that time be worse if no one was eaten?” he exclaimed, confusion written all over his face.

“Your brother didn’t ask what was worse for casualties, he asked what was the worst I’ve seen” you turned your head to the side, sliding down a piece of your T-Shirt to show the boys three long scratch marks that had faded into white scars that ran across you chest and neck “Trust me, the first time you see one up close and personal like that, it’s your worst”

“You were the kid that got hurt” Gray whispered, lurching forward as the truck started moving.

“You bet I was” you flinched as you heard the raptors screeching, tightening your grip on the gun you had been given.

“Hang on guys” Claire yelled from the drivers seat as you sped down the road, swerving to avoid the attacking raptors. 

“Crap” you whispred quietly as two ran toward the swinging open doors of the truck , snapping and yipping at the three of you in the back. 

“Zach, help me close the doors” you yelled lunging for one. Zach hesitated for only a moment before helping you, kicking a raptor in the head when it got too close. 

“Zach!” Gray yelled when the animal got too close yet again, for the boy’s liking. 

“We’re good” he replied finally closing his door. He turned round to send you an exhausted smile, which you returned in earnest. You were just about to turn back to slam the other door closed, when a mouth full of sharp teeth lached onto your arm, pulling you toward the road. 

You let out a quiet scream for help as you were pulled out of the van, but Zach grabbed you back, desperatly trying to get the raptor off you. 

There was a loud bang and the animal dropped you quickly, falling to the ground dead. You turned your head slowly to see Gray holding your gun, chest rising and falling rapidly. 

“i’m okay, kid, I’m okay” you panted, touching your bleeding arm with caution. 


spidey-loving-starkid  asked:

Can you help me identify some key differences between Echo and Delta in Jurassic World? Blue and Charlie I can identify by sight, but I often mix up the other two raptors.

Yeah! I think I’ll describe the others as well, just for any of my followers who are still confused. As a lot of the raptor scenes are dark as well, I’ll try to point out which scenes correspond to which raptor.

BLUE is obviously the most recognizable in the whole raptor squad pack, she has a bright blue stripe down her flank, and is a sort of greenish-grey colour. She can be seen in the following scenes:

When the pack turns on Owen (obviously)
She is the one who attacks Barry
She is one of the two that chases the mobile vet unit, along with Delta
She is the one who fought the Indominus with Rexy (obviously)
The only confirmed surviving raptor from Jurassic World
She was also the leader of the pack, and the oldest

DELTA is the second oldest in the pack. She is a dull green mottled colour. She has a dark spot on her eye and she has some distinct birdlike movements. She is the one typically depicted with round pupils, though this is never shown in the film. She can be seen during:

When the raptors attack the handler, she is the one on the left
She is the one that Hoskins develops a special interest in
She attacks the InGen merc at the back of the MVU, in front of Zach and Gray
She is the raptor that chases the MVU with Blue
She is the one that kills Hoskins
She is the one who is distracted by the Dilophosaurus hologram
She and Echo are the two that attack the Indominus after Blue is knocked out
She is thrown off the sceen by the Indominus, so she may still be alive

ECHO is the second youngest. Her distinguishing feature is a scar across her muzzle from challenging Blue as the leader of the pack, though this can be difficult to see in the movie. She most closely resembles the original Jurassic Park raptors; she’s mostly brownish, with blue and green marks on her back and face. She doesn’t have a prominent role in the film, but she can be recognized in these scenes:

She is the raptor that catches the loose pig, and subsequently causes the young handler to fall into the pen
She’s the only one not seen in the “pratt-keeping” sequence (probably because she’s devouring the pig)
She’s the one that growls at the handler through the cage bars
She attacks the Indominus with Delta after the Indominus knocks Blue out
She is the one that the Indominus throws into a grill, and is incinerated

CHARLIE is the youngest and most “puppy-like” of the four (she’s on the right in the above image). She’s bright green with thin, dark green stripes all across her body. She is also the absolute best and is extremely adorable. She appears in the following scenes:

She is the one who keeps hitting the other Velociraptors with her tail
During the “pratt-keeping” scene, she’s the one on the right
She’s the one that is blown up by a rocket, which she didn’t deserve, but whatever.

I know this turned out to be a pretty long answer, but I hope it helps you and any others that were confused about which raptors were which.