“The shuttle that was descending was far more imposing than those with which the trooper was familiar, boasting exceptionally high folding wings and a raptorish silhouette. When the bay door opened, it was to allow a single figure to exit. Tall, dark, cloaked, with its face hidden behind a metal mask, it ignored the still-swirling chaos of the battle to head unerringly in the direction of Lor San Tekka.”

These guys, ahhh, I can’t even write this properly. To think my reaction while watching Malzetov’s MV for the first time was “Oh, this one is cute!” while talking about Kwanghee. And in the end he just turned out to be my hysteric and shameless bias, who I am extremely proud of. And it still seems unreal the fact that Dongjun and Kevin are coming to Brazil in three days, and it’s also insane that on the 19th I get to see them performing on a small concert for a limited number of a thousand fans.

Each one of them has an unique personality, but they’re also similar some way. I guess that’s what ZE:A is, no matter where the members came from and even though they have their differences, they still have their own kind of harmony between them.

Don’t know when or how I became so attached to their music, and also to the boys themselves. Many things happened in two years: the chic guys image (that quickly disappeared) , “Now Or Never” (mini album from 2009) songs were re-recorded and released in different albums, their English improved (a little bit), they won many awards (yay!!), Jungshin and Minhyuk appeared in girl-group’s MVs, Yonghwa was part of WGM with Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun <3, Jungshin became Jungshin Chingoo, Yonghwa/Minhyuk/Jonghyun acted in dramas and movies and their tours were all pretty much successful.

They achieved so many goals in only two years, they even opened Linkin Park’s concert in Japan. Those four have so much talent, I guess being a Boice means being proud 24/7, even with their childish personalities and weird sense of humor, CNBLUE is still our CNBLUE.