raptor costume


Time to add some color, the crazy slow and painful way. I decided to sew the different colors onto the green rather then painting them or something else far easier. The “feather lines” are also sewn, contemplating going back with a bit of dye to make them pop later but I have not decided if its worth the risk.

Despite the mass amounts of pinning and sewing the end result was so worth it. 


Last weekend I attended Anthrocon and it was pretty darn awesome. While I don’t consider myself a furry, I do enjoy realistic costumes, so I took the raptor mask I made (base/blank by: http://kierstinlapatka.tumblr.com/ ) and some gloves I put together. I ran out of time to make a tail. I figured I’d raptor around the con incognito, because it’s fun to be anonymous. Unfortunately for my planned secrecy, I was unaware that in the interim my last photoset of the raptor mask managed to accumulate around 3,000 notes on Tumblr, and the internet knew that it was mine, so there was no secrecy or anonymity. OH WELL I had fun anyhow! Let me tell you though, it’s super weird to have people come up and shout “I SAW THIS ON TUMBLR” in real life. Uhhh. Hi, Internets.

Thus, I raptored around the con and generally acted like a nuisance. The very best reactions were the ‘muggles’… people on the street. They acted like it was Disneyworld and almost everyone really loved it. My friend managed to get a photo of me peeking into a bar window. Check out the enthusiastic lady on the far right.

I even managed to bump into my eagle mask being worn around the con a few times, which was super exciting to me (the Philippines Eagle mask seen above).

All photo credit goes to my friends Byzil and Hypno.

Here is a short video. I didn’t know she was recording at first so I was holding very still so she could take a still photo. Oops. Also ignore my bad anatomy raptor wrists pose. I had just smacked Dark Natasha in the throat with my claws accidentally and was feeling a bit sheepish. (Natasha was fine, but apparently I was going for the kill. Instincts?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJLdFoQOSOg

I am thinking of naming her Kinglet, after the bird that inspired her.


After some intense pattern finalizing it was time to start making all the bits. After sewing out the base parts of all 5 panels the cloak would be constructed from I decided to put a gradient on the green parts. 

In the end it didn’t turn out as dark or noticeable as I would have liked but its there none the less. It was a fun experiment regardless.

For Halloween Owen would put wings on the baby raptors and call them his little dragons.

Echo still wants to wear them.

meowdoglover  asked:

May I please ask how the allies would react to when hearing noises in the hall during world meeting, they check and see a velociraptor charging at them?

So basically…Jurassic Park? Did you mean Admin Jay’s love? HELL YEAH!

Originally posted by mxlderisms


Alfred would jump to investigate the sounds before screaming and launching himself back into the room. But after looking around the room he would stand up and fix his jacket before taking a breath… “I am Chris Pratt…I can tame a raptor…”. The hero can’t falter in his moment, so Alfred would be ready hands out and doing his best to calm and tame the raptor, because life works like the movies, right?


Arthur would poke his head out in the hall to investigate the sound before screaming and jumping on/over the table and hiding behind someone. He would immediately blame Alfred for anything and everything that is happening and would not stop shaking! The poor man would probably cry a little at the sight of the raptor.

Francis: “AHH!”

No question, Francis would scream. Probably proceed to shove anyone out of his way, after all, survival of the fittest. He’d end up on-top of the meeting table, screaming like he had just seen a..well, much larger and more aggressive mouse of death.

Ivan: “Hmm..It’s kind of cute! Like a puppy!”

Ivan, Ivan, Ivan…Ivan wouldn’t be phased, really. If anything, maybe fascinated. He’s probably too busy planning how to train the velociraptor to attack Alfred on sight, to be perfectly honest.

Matthew: “O-oh no..is this another drill, Alfred?..”

Matthew would be quick to assume that this is another one of Alfred’s pranks, maybe one of those blow up raptor costumes or-..oh, no, it’s coming right for them. Plan B! Act invisible. If it works with Ivan, it should work with the raptor…Right?…

Yao: “It’s just a prop, right? OH NO!”

Yao would be alright with it up until the moment it moved and was way too natural. As soon as it clicked that it was real and not a movie prop or a prank from Alfred, he would jump into action by…throwing his wok at it and running for cover. No one would be safe if Yao is retreating, since he would push and throw people behind him, only one needs to survive, yeah?

And finished this up for myself just in time for halloween!
Resin base and teeth is by KierstinLaPatka
Painting, furring, eyes and assembly by myself.
The front neck thats currently spandex will later be replaced with a darker grey scale pattern vinyl.

Other info:
Moving jaw
Realistic following eyes
Stripped craft feather shaft spines
Short seal and long pile furs used
Airbrushing to blend furs and used heavily throughout face
Mat clear coat to resist paint chipping
Zipper on back of hood

One of the reasons Jurassic Park holds up so well is its use of practical effects in addition to CGI. Animatronics were used to achieve lifelike close-ups of giant dinosaurs, actors in raptor costumes created their iconic movement, and Sam Neill was used to simulate Harrison Ford. Everything about Dr. Alan Grant screams Harrison Ford except the “not being played by Harrison Ford” part. Not that they didn’t try.

On the page, Dr. Alan Grant is an oddly specific character – one who seems slightly familiar. Despite being a paleontologist, he isn’t your typical ivory tower academic. He’s a “barrel-chested,” rough-and-tumble paleontologist “you wouldn’t want to get in the way of.” A colleague calls him “a digger,” meaning the only thing that matters to him is being out on site, digging for an ancient find. When he’s running for his life, we find out he’s so good at derring-do that you’d think he was tenured by the Department of Jungle Survival.

Does that remind you of anyone? Say, a rough-and-tumble archaeologist who is only happy while running for his life through a jungle? Someone with a pretty dope hat?

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Raptor Partial Commission

This guy was made for a fellow who goes to furry cons as “Raptor Jesus”.  This is an upgrade from his earlier costume which was a simple rubber Halloween mask.  His final costume will be paired with a robe, staff and crown of thorns.

The costume includes head, feet and hands, and features; follow-me eyes, tear duct vision, moving jaws and custom made resin claws and teeth.


Raptoring Around RMFC
This past weekend I was able to make to to RMFC for the first time. Only hours before my flight to Denver, I had managed to make myself a quick tail of somewhat appropriate shape. I dared not make it any longer, for fear of taking out bystanders with my quick and lithe raptor like movements. I am still calling her Kinglet, for lack of a better name.
I had a lot of fun, though I was pretty exhausted from camping in the approximately 10k-foot high mountains just days prior, and my stamina was not the best as a result.
(Mask base is by kierstinlapatka, check out her fantastic work! Slightly modified and finished by me. The fantastic leather thing on my butt is crafted by FolkOfTheWoodCraft .)

Photo credits to my husband, eldarath. This was the first time I had a real camera with me at a convention! Fun! If anyone else has photos of Kinglet, I’d love to see them too. I am still a bit nervous about costuming like this (you can not deny that it’s a pretty silly thing to do), but it beings out an innocent fun that reminds me of childhood. It was delightful to make people smile, and I was happily surprised that a number of people knew that I was playing as a feathered dinosaur!