raptor costume


The cloak is a rather insane and complicated design and material is expensive so the second step was prototyping. A grabbed a few bed sheets from the thrift store and took over my office’s kitchen on a weekend to have enough room to pattern out something so ridiculous and large.

The basic design totally worked out to my relief and my first test was close enough to perfect that I could use it as a template and just fix it a bit and head straight to the next step.

One of the reasons Jurassic Park holds up so well is its use of practical effects in addition to CGI. Animatronics were used to achieve lifelike close-ups of giant dinosaurs, actors in raptor costumes created their iconic movement, and Sam Neill was used to simulate Harrison Ford. Everything about Dr. Alan Grant screams Harrison Ford except the “not being played by Harrison Ford” part. Not that they didn’t try.

On the page, Dr. Alan Grant is an oddly specific character – one who seems slightly familiar. Despite being a paleontologist, he isn’t your typical ivory tower academic. He’s a “barrel-chested,” rough-and-tumble paleontologist “you wouldn’t want to get in the way of.” A colleague calls him “a digger,” meaning the only thing that matters to him is being out on site, digging for an ancient find. When he’s running for his life, we find out he’s so good at derring-do that you’d think he was tenured by the Department of Jungle Survival.

Does that remind you of anyone? Say, a rough-and-tumble archaeologist who is only happy while running for his life through a jungle? Someone with a pretty dope hat?

5 Famous Roles Obviously Written For A Different Actor


Time to add some color, the crazy slow and painful way. I decided to sew the different colors onto the green rather then painting them or something else far easier. The “feather lines” are also sewn, contemplating going back with a bit of dye to make them pop later but I have not decided if its worth the risk.

Despite the mass amounts of pinning and sewing the end result was so worth it. 

For Halloween Owen would put wings on the baby raptors and call them his little dragons.

Echo still wants to wear them.


Raptor Partial Commission

This guy was made for a fellow who goes to furry cons as “Raptor Jesus”.  This is an upgrade from his earlier costume which was a simple rubber Halloween mask.  His final costume will be paired with a robe, staff and crown of thorns.

The costume includes head, feet and hands, and features; follow-me eyes, tear duct vision, moving jaws and custom made resin claws and teeth.


Last year a bought a raptor mask blank from Forgess and have been slowly picking at making a costume for it. I got monstrously sidetracked from the actual mask as soon as myself and RamblingHeartWood started brainstorming and working on a design together. When I say together mostly I mean she made up some amazing designs and I yay’d or nay’d certain bits and scribbled on her drawings like a child til we came up with something we both loved.

The concept sketches are all RamblingHeartWood, the vectorized versions that played with colors are my obsessive tracing works of art.

So here is the initial concept for the cloak for the most kick ass raptor druid ever.

And finished this up for myself just in time for halloween!
Resin base and teeth is by KierstinLaPatka
Painting, furring, eyes and assembly by myself.
The front neck thats currently spandex will later be replaced with a darker grey scale pattern vinyl.

Other info:
Moving jaw
Realistic following eyes
Stripped craft feather shaft spines
Short seal and long pile furs used
Airbrushing to blend furs and used heavily throughout face
Mat clear coat to resist paint chipping
Zipper on back of hood

This costume has sold! 

Completed a Hawk! Just in time for Anthrocon! This is in fact FOR SALE! 

Serious inquiries only! If you don’t have the money yet, please save up for next time! 

  • This mask was made off a resin blank, modified with air light epoxy for a blunter beak. Uses a super soft fur, with hand a wefted mane. Markings in airbrush. 
  • The ornaments in the hair are easily removed by bending away, underneath is a rubber band that can be cut off or removed for mane care and maintenance. 
  • The ear gauges are not removable.
  • Hidden zipper in the back. 
  • Gloves are elbow length spandex gloves, with resin claws, and airbrushed scale details.
  • Art is a hand drawn concept art piece, influenced by Goldenwolf and Darknatasha. Done in graphite and white pencil on grey toned paper.
  • Head fits anywhere between 22.5 inches and 23.5 inches. 

$1,500 for the mask and pencil art. 

$1,700 for the gloves included. 

I DO take payment plans, and can bring it to Anthrocon. There is no chin cup inside, awaiting the buyer’s head size. 

The heads I make are very light, and ornamental. This means they are not prepared for heavy wear/interaction with surfaces. It is not LARP friendly, and one should avoid keeping inside a car, and must be stored properly in a space that is room temperature. 

Please EMAIL with questions! 


Went to a festival/carnival called festival of the giants (would you believe, I mean really) and actually realised 15/20ft is….dang huge!

There were these big stilt costumes of raptors and their heads were about twenty feet into the air and they felt so loomy and gigantic and aaaa it’s such a big height!
Then I was thinking about being about that size and how huge I’d look to others and