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I have not posted much here on Tumblr lately, but here is a quick update that I am ecstatic about!

Firstly, I am raising a baby male Augur Buzzard for our show. He is SO relaxed and growing so fast! This is my first time raising one.

Secondly, I happened upon a baby Great Horned Owl. A lady and her husband found the bird and decided they wanted to try to raise and release him (which is not only illegal, but a TERRIBLE idea for the bird’s sake). They had him for a week and fed him nothing but raw beef, which a baby owl should not be eating. I have decided to take him on as my new falconry bird. Hunting with owls is not done with much success, but I know for a fact it can be done. We will see how it goes! :) 

*NOTE* At this age, they have zero interest in each other and have no problem being near each other. That will change very soon though!

Jurassic World - Dean Winchester x Reader x Owen Grady - Part 1

Title: Jurassic World 

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Owen Grady x Reader

Word count: 5,909 (oh dear, I didn’t bargain for this)

Warnings: Jurassic World spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie I guess

Original Imagine: Imagine visiting Jurassic World with Dean and Sam. There you catch Owen Grady’s eye, who doesn’t miss a beat to flirt with you. Only for Dean to be jealous.

A/N: So Owen-week or more like Jurassic World-week starts from now! I will post an imagine that I’ve thought of with Owen as soon as I find the chance to. 

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“But pleeeease! I really really really wanna go!” you begged as you trailed off behind the older Winchester like a puppy.

Dean simply rolled his eyes but did not look back at you because he knew that if he saw that puppy look on your face then he was bound to give in. He really was on the verge of agreeing just at hearing you ask him. He could hardly deny you anything as it was.

“I said no (Y/n).” he grumbled, feeling a cup with coffee.

“But why? Oh come on Dean, why not?!” you whined and he rolled his eyes again.

“Because it’s freaking dinosaurs (Y/n)!” he said matter-of-factly.

“Dean! You fight monsters on a daily basis. Monsters ten times more dangerous than those dinosaurs that are, by the way, held under strict control! Come on Dean! Please please it’s just one day there! You don’t have a case anyway” you tried to convince him.

“Yeah but what if a case comes up, huh?” he retorted and you rolled your eyes.

“Then we’ll have somebody deal with it! There are so many hunters out there why does it have to be us? Come on Dean, please just please say yes! It’s Jurassic World we’re talking here about! They have live dinosaurs there!” you said with excitement “Please please please just say yes!”

“(Y/n)” he all-but-whined when he caught sight of you giving him the puppy eyes.

Your hands were clapped in front of your face and you were looking up at him with sad puppy eyes, a quite evident pout was on your face.

“Please Dean, please. I will never ask you for any other favor ever again. I promise. And you won’t have to pay for the tickets. I have saved enough money for the three of us. Please Dean?” you ended up whispering. You batted your eyelashes at him and Dean let out a big groan, running a hand down his face.

He knew he had long ago lost the battle.

“Fine” he grumbled and looked the other side from you.

“Oh my God, thank you! Thank you so so much Dean!” you exclaimed happily, throwing your arms around his neck and jumping right on him.

“(Y/n)” he groaned your name.

It wasn’t that he was bothered by your close proximity. Oh he certainly was not bother by that at all. If he was actually honest with himself then he’d say that he was actually happy to be in this situation. Having you in his arms, hugging him while he got to hear your beautiful laugh was the best thing for him but still, he was Dean Winchester. He had a reputation to live up to. Showing how much of a softy you turned him into just by your hugs was no good for that, at all.

“Thank you! Thank you so much! I promise you won’t regret this!” you said when you pulled away with a wide grin on your face that may or may have not just made Dean go weak on the knees.

His eyes slightly widened at the realization.

Snap out of it damn it he shouted to himself in his mind.

“This is going to be awesome!” you exclaimed and gave Dean a big kiss on the cheek.

When you realized what you had actually done, though, you felt your eyes widen and heat rise to your cheeks. You immediately pulled yourself away from Dean and took a few steps back, completely avoiding eye contact with Dean who, by the way, had a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Yeah I uh better- I better go pack some things- just, you know, just in case we uh need them and uh… yeah.” you started stuttering, looking anywhere but him and in an instant you were out of the room, hurrying to your bedroom to hide your furiously blushing face.

“Uh is everything alright? Did (Y/n) talk to you about Jurassic World?” Sam asked as soon as he entered the kitchen and saw Dean just stand there, looking at one direction with a grin that, he was sure, was going to make his face later hurt.

“Uh yeah, yeah she did” Dean mumbled, not taking his eyes off of the direction you left.


“Oh my gosh Sam look, look!” you took hold of Sam’s arm and shook him violently so that he would look at the direction you were looking at.

“It’s Triceratops, Sam! Triceratops!” you said excitedly jumping up and down like a little child and Sam chuckled.

“Yes (Y/n), I know.” he laughed more.

“We’ll get to ride them later, right? Right?” you looked up at him with puppy eyes and he chuckled some more.

“Yes, (Y/n). Don’t worry. You’ll get to ride them later.” he ruffled your hair and you squealed happily.

“What are you five? This things are for kids!” Dean pointed out with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, first of you already know my age because we grew up together and second of, who cares!? It’s freaking Triceratops, who wouldn’t want to ride one?! They’re so so so adorable!” you said making faces and Dean shook his head.

“Whatever” he grumbled trying to show how annoyed and bored he was.

You rolled your eyes at him and ran away to look at another exhibit.

Sam looked at Dean with a smirk that once Dean caught sight of simply rolled his eyes at.

“What now?” he looked at his brother with an annoyed look.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Sam asked and Dean just ignored him.

“Me? Pff it’s dinos, what do you find enjoyable in all of this?” he avoided answering the question directly.

“Lots of things but I don’t mean just the dinos. I mean seeing her like this?” he motioned to you a few feet away “Happy and excited over something. It’s rare for a hunter to be like this even for just a full day in his life. Especially for us. What with all of the things that are going on. You like seeing her like this, don’t you? Now, come on Dean, don’t deny it. There is no point in it after so many years”

“I- What- No, I- Well, maybe. Oh shut up Sammy” Dean grumbled and walked away from a laughing Sam.


“But how did you manage to get us here? I don’t think visitors are allowed at this side of the island.” you frowned, looking up at Dean as you all three walked towards the cage with the Raptors in it.

“Well, yes visitors are not allowed at this place but first of; I need to see those dinos you’ve been bugging me about-” he said, glaring at Sam that smirked at him, knowing fully well that Dean was doing this because you wanted to see the Raptors “-and secondly; the chick on the entrance was willing to do anything for a piece of this” he motioned to himself with a smirk and you rolled your eyes.

“Of course she would” you said and Dean smirked more.

“Why you’re jealous?” he asked and you scoffed.

“You’d wish” you brushed him off and walked a little bit faster towards the cage with the Raptors. Walking away from them was the only thing you could do at that moment to hide the blush forming on your cheeks from Dean’s remarks. Yes you were slightly jealous, although you already knew that nothing was going to happen between that chick and Dean but still, yeah, the crush you’ve had on the older Winchester had developed into a lot more over the years. As a result you couldn’t help but feel jealous.

Dean merely watched you with a big smile and Sam shook his head, the both of them walking towards where you were standing.

You watched with a smile as a Raptor ran after a pig before immediately stopping at hearing a voice.

“Hold!” was heard a somewhat rough voice.

Three more Raptors came behind the first one and stood on its sides.

“Hey! Ok. Eyes on me” the same voice was heard and just like the Raptors looked up at somebody you followed their gaze with wide eyes to see a man. You couldn’t really make out his features, the light was almost blinding, but you couldn’t help but be in awe of what had just happened.

“Blue? Blue!” he said, clicking something in his hand and one of the Raptors’ head snapped to his direction.

“Watch it!” he pointed to her “Charlie, hey! Don’t give me that shit.” he pointed to a different one and you let out a giggle at hearing what he told her, obviously she was a female.

“Delta, lock it up!” he talked to a different one.

“Good!” he praised, making more clicking noises “Aaaand- ” he raised his hand “Moving” he said walking further on that metal thing he was on and looked like a catwalk, the Raptors following his movement and you just stared there with wide eyes and a big smile.

“Hold!” he said again and you now realized you’ve been doing just what he was saying as well, just as if you were one of the Raptors.

“That’s good. That is damn good” he said making clicking noises again.

He took something from the bucket and threw at one of them “See, Charlie? That’s what you get.” he threw another one to a different Raptor “Echo here you go!” and another one “Delta!” he took another one from the bucket and held it up in the air “Blue… this one’s for you” and he threw it at the last Raptor.

“Hold!” they stood still “Eyes up!” they all looked up and so did you “Go!” he made a motion with his hand and the Raptors started running again.

A wide smile was on your face no matter how much you wanted to suppress it and you felt your cheeks already hurt but you were unable to stop, nonetheless. You were stunned at seeing them follow his every instruction, much less that it was dinosaurs you were talking about.

“Damn” you breathed out, with a slight shake of your head. Unable to comprehend how he had managed something like this. Your eyes were glued to him then the Raptors, therefore you missed the roll of eyes Dean gave him. Sam let out a small laugh at seeing what the man had just done and so did you.

You could not take your eyes off the Raptors- or well, you were mostly trying to spot them through all those plants and trees.

“Well, thank you” a voice said next to you and your head snapped to his direction. It was the man from before. You saw him walk down a few stairs and approach you with a smile that instantly made you melt.

“That was amazing” you said with a big smile, truly in awe of what the man could do and… now that you got a closer look, at how handsome he was. How could you not smile at those looks?

Broad shoulders, slightly tanned skin, soft-looking as far as you could see, short light brown hair, messy as far as you could see and pretty daring, if you could say, for you to run your fingers through and a small scruff. A dazzling smile, definitely to die for, and bright green eyes that you could certainly get lost in.

“Glad you think so then” he flashed you a smile and you could hardly hide yours, now.

“I’m Owen, by the way. Owen Grady.” he didn’t miss a beat to add and extended his hand towards you.

Biting your lip you extended your hand towards his “Name’s (Y/n). (Y/f/n) (Y/l/n). And these are my friends, Dean and Sam Winchester” you said shaking his hand and motioning to the brothers standing right behind you. The brothers that you had slightly forgotten about while staring at the man in front of you.

“Nice to meet you” Sam, always politely, extended his hand as well; a small smile on his face. Obviously he was equally amazed by the dinosaurs and Owen.

Dean extended his hand for a handshake as well but his face was as stoic as ever, his jaw was even clenched which made you frown for a while. But of course your attention was brought back to Owen.

“So, did you guys enjoy the show?” he asked but his eyes were mostly on you, a small smirk playing on his lips.

“Very much so” you found yourself answering before anyone else could, voice low almost in a whisper and slightly out of breath.

His smile only got bigger and you were sure your knees were about give away any moment given. Damn what this man was doing to you in just a few minutes of talking with him. You doubted you’d be the first woman to feel that way in front of him, though.

“This is not exhibit, though. Why?” Sam asked and Owen glanced at him for a while.

“Well, this is the training area. These Raptors are still in training and specialists get to study their behavior here. There’s still lots of job to be done before people got to see them” he said putting his hands in his pockets.

“And you’re the trainer?” you asked him and a smile formed on his lips again when he heard you and turned his head to look at you.

“Yep” he said excitedly “Been with these girls ever since they were inside their eggs” he said with a grin and you giggled slightly.

“Do they have names?” Sam asked him.

He glanced behind him for a while and then back at the three of you “Yeah. That one there is Echo, that one Delta, the other Charlie and the bluish one is Blue.” he said with a small chuckle, motioning to the raptors standing behind the cage “She’s the Beta” he added, looking at you.

“And who’s the Alpha?” you asked with a small smile.

“You’re looking at him, sweetheart” he said with a smirk and wink that made you giggle again. This guy was clearly trying to impress you and, hell, was he doing an amazing job at that! Not that he needed to put much effort into it, anyway.

“It’s astounding how they listen to your every command” Sam said with a small grin and Owen nodded.

“Well, that’s what the Alpha male is for. Being dominant is my thing, anyway. In all kinds of fields” he said with a smirk and you couldn’t help the smile (and blush, as well) from making its appearance.

“But yes to answer your question. I was with them ever since they were in their eggs as I told you before. I got to create a bond with them and that is what I am mostly proud of” he said with a smile that would resemble that of a proud father talking about his children. You smiled more at  seeing the look in his eyes and felt your heart melt at seeing this side of him.

“It is great to see this. Most people that work here and we got to meet treat them like they are just… things. A way for them to make money” you said with a small shake of your head and Owen sadly nodded.

“Unfortunately” he shrugged a little bit “Not many here seem to think that they are actually animals and should be treated as that. Realizing that allows you to get close to them”

“And you have?” Sam asked again. Dean not having uttered a word yet. You were worried that something was wrong with him but you just found yourself unable to tear your eyes from Owen.

“Well, yeah” he shrugged slightly “It’s probably easier for most people that work here to pretend these animals are just numbers on a spreadsheet… but they’re not. They’re alive. Besides, they are animals. They think I gotta eat, I gotta hunt, I gotta-” he made a motion with his hand, biting his lip with a smile on his face “You can relate at least to one of those things, right?” he shrugged slightly, his eyes mostly on you all the time he spoke.

“I surely can” you said with a half smirk, looking at him.

He grinned even more widely, his eyes not stopping to roam your face. You must have been staring at each other for a good while, not that you seemed to notice or care, but your gazing was cut short by Dean clearing, rather loudly, his throat.

“So you’re basically doing what a dog trainer does, huh? Interesting” Dean said with a rather annoyed look on his face.

Owen raised an eyebrow at him “Yeah only that these ’dogs’ are 10 times more dangerous and can tear you into pieces in just a matter of seconds.” he said simply.

“‘Sides, earning their trust is much harder than you’d imagine. It needs time and certainly needs… skills” he said the last part with a smirk, glancing at you with a look that could only be described as suggestful. You raised a playful eyebrow and let out a small giggle as you couldn’t help but think what he meant with that.

“Hmh something that you obviously have, seeing as there is not much to do in this island. Tell me, though, how does it feel the only women in your life you had ever had control over being those Raptors?” Dean said with a - rather arrogant but mostly satisfied - smirk and a raised eyebrow at Owen.

Sam coughing next to you could be heard clearly in the - almost - silence that had surrounded you. It was clear that all that it was for was to cover up his laughing but no matter how much he tried to cover it up by that - or putting a hand in front of his face - you could clearly hear him laugh. A few giggles escaping his mouth as well.

Owen stared at Dean with an almost stunned face. His eyebrows were raised but he soon covered it up. He regained his posture and crossing his arms over his chest he spoke up “You tell me, though, how does it feel to have never had any control over a woman in your life?” he asked with a smirk and a raised eyebrow and you saw Dean clench his jaw and narrow his eyes at him.

“But to answer your question, it doesn’t matter much anyway” Owen said nonchalantly with a small shrug “If anything. Getting to have control over those fierce female Raptors means that I can dominate any woman I want to” he said with a smirk and immediately looked at you that couldn’t hide the smile from your face.

Dean opened his mouth to speak, probably to say something sassy again - considering the smirk on his face - but was cut off by another voice that was heard behind you.

“Grady!” it was rough and certainly manly “I need to talk to you!”

You saw Owen visibly roll his eyes, obviously the man was not somebody he went along with “Damn Hoskins” he muttered - or more like grumbled - running a hand down his face.

His gaze softened when he looked at you and a small smile appeared on his face despite how annoyed he was “I’ll be back in a while. Maybe we could talk some more about the raptors, if you’d like. Or I could take you on a tour of the island later? ” he said, mostly directed to you.

You smiled up at him and gave him a small nod that only made him smile more widely “Of course” you breathed out and he nodded.

“See you in a while then” he winked at you, smiling that flirtatious smile of his and you did the same. He walked by you, stopping for a while to rub a hand on your shoulder. His hand lingered a little bit more as you looked up at him and he looked down at you but he let go anyway, and walked away from you.

“Really?” Dean’s grumpy voice was heard as soon as Owen was out of earshot.

“What?” you raised an eyebrow, looking at him.

“I can’t believe you just fell for that!” he said with an exasperated look on his face.

“What? Why? I thought it was cool” you said defensively.

“I don’t mean what he did with those things-”

“Raptors” you interrupted, correcting him.

“Whatever. The dude was clearly trying to get into your pants and sure as hell seems to be doing a good job. I really can’t believe how fell for that- for that- Raptor-boy!” he said, disbelief written all over his face.

“Huh? Well sorry Dean, but yes I did. I’m no little girl. I perfectly know how to protect myself and put a man in his place when needed. I fight monsters every day, what makes you think I won’t be able to handle him?” you raised an eyebrow, crossing your arms.

“So you are really thinking of taking Raptor-boy’s offer?” he all-but-exclaimed.

“Oh I’m not thinking. I am going to take him up on his offer because, unless you’ve realized it Dean, his is no boy. Damn, did you see that smile? Definitely one to die for! And those arms? Those muscles? I’m telling you I would let him throw me into the cage with those Raptors if I got to have him let me ride-” you started speaking but of course were cut off by him.

“Whow whow whow don’t go there! Don’t you dare go there!” he pointed a finger at you and you let out a soft giggle.

“Oh please stop. You’re just being over-dramatic. What’ the freaking problem if I actually want to take him up on that offer… and other ones that he’ll probably have for me” you gave him a small shrug and he looked at you with a look that could only be described as one of horror mixed with disgust.

“Are you fucking serious?!” he exclaimed “What the hell does he have that I don’t?” he asked, not really realizing what had just come out of him mouth.

A small smirk formed on your lips as soon as you realized what he had just said.

“Well-” you started and once again he cut you off.

“Oh please don’t start again” he said making a face.

“Ok ok sorry. It’s just not every day that I get to meet a man like him” you said glancing at Owen that stood a good few feet away talking to some man but sneaking glances your direction every once in a while. Obviously he wasn’t really focused on what the man was saying but his attention was somewhere else… and the thought of that made you smile.

“Oh please no! No no no no. Just no!” Dean said once he saw you looking at him with a rather seductive grin on your face and a small glint in your eyes that could only be described as really promising for a man.

“Well what’s your problem anyway?” you averted your eyes from Owen to look up at Dean and crossed your arms in front of your chest, just looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

Dean’s eyes widened but he tried to cover up his building panic “Me? Wha- what? Why would I have a problem? What, like I would be jealous? Pf” he scoffed “I’m- I- Why would I? We’re just friends anyway, right?” he stuttered out and tried to seem as cool as possible but wasn’t really succeeding in it.

You studied his behavior for a while and tried to hide the smile from creeping up your face when you realized that he actually was jealous. That only meant that he felt something for you, that he saw you as more than just a friend - family even - and that there was actually a chance for you and him. Yes you were attracted to Owen, that you would not deny- you were definitely not going to deny it - especially with how good looking, charming and let’s not forget funny he was. It was like he was a second version of Dean with those sassy remarks and flirting skills so how could you not be attracted to him? But still there was a part of your heart that belonged to Dean and nothing was going to change that. Especially now that you knew that some part of him felt the same way.

“Oh ok” you shrugged nonchalantly “You’re right anyway. We are only friends after all” you said and didn’t miss the flash of hurt through his eyes.

“I just guess it’s hard to understand what your problem with him is” you added.

He rolled his eyes “Well because the douche just wants to get in your pants and nothing else and you seem to just be falling for all of that easily. I mean what does he really have that makes you want him?” he made a face.

“Well you told me that before and I told you there are plenty of reasons, but-” you smirked at him “Hey, if it makes you feel better- I think nobody, including Owen, looks as cute as you do when you’re jealous” you said with a satisfied smile and shrug.

“Wh-what?” he squeaked, his eyes all-but-widened and you could clearly see a blush forming on his cheeks “I-I’m not jealous? Why- why would be jealous? Who would I need to be jealous of? Raptor-boy?” he let out a nervous laugh “I-I’m not jealous of… Raptor-boy” he said and clearing his throat he walked away from you, to Sam that was standing close to the cage with the Raptors. Obviously wanting to hide the forming redness on his cheeks.

“Whatever” you said with a small laugh and shrug.

You walked with a smirk towards where Sam and Dean were standing. You glanced at Dean with the smirk on your face and once he caught look of your eyes he immediately averted his. He cleared his throat and turned his head to look at the Raptors pretending to be interested and desperately trying to look ok, as if nothing was wrong.

You glanced behind you for a while to see Owen and the man from before being just a few feet behind you, Owen closing the 'door’ when he entered because he obviously did not want the other man to come as well. They started speaking and you only caught a few words of theirs.

“…and we end in a place like this. Charging seven bucks a soda” the man said.

“Do you hear yourself when you talk?” Owen turned to look at him straight in the eyes, speaking in a serious voice tone but still a small hint of sass there. A side that you certainly liked on him.
“This is gonna happen, with or without your boys. Progress always wins.”

“Maybe progress should lose for once” he stated simply.

You decided not to pry anymore and just turned to watch the Raptors.

You watched them for a while with a small smile until a voice, shouting, was heard “Pig lose!” all eyes snapped to the direction of the cage “Pig lose!” they repeated.

You saw a guy run with a long stick to catch the pig but did not have time as one of the Raptors ran fast towards the pig snatching it with its mouth but at the same time catching the guys stick and as a result him falling… inside the cage.

Your eyes widened and you looked frantically at Dean and Sam that had the exact same reaction on their faces. The poor guy looked up from where he lay on the ground only to see the Raptors looking at him with a predatory look. Obviously they were ready to attack. He backed away as much as he could but they were not taking their eyes from him and just walked closer.

You bit your lip as worry etched inside you and you looked around you frantically to find a way to get him out of there, your hunter instincts immediately kicked in. You spotted a tablet with buttons next to the door and without thinking you went to press one of them, the door immediately started to open.

“(Y/n) no!” you heard Dean, or was it Owen - maybe both - shout but you didn’t listen to them.

You didn’t wait for it open fully as you crawled under it and then ran towards the poor guy. You knelt down next to him to help him up but froze on your place when you saw the four Raptors surrounding you. You glanced a moment at Dean’s and Sam’s direction afraid that Dean was going to do something crazy - which you had just done - and ran towards you. He seemed about to, considering how Sam was holding him back with all his strength.

“Owen no!” you heard another voice shout and you saw Owen quickly run towards you. He stood up and between you and the Raptors, hands extended to keep them away.

“No, no hold your fire!” he shouted to a couple men that had guns in their hands.

“You ever shot this animals and they’re never going to trust me again” he said and the men lowered their guns as you slowly helped the guy out of the cage.

Dean hissed for you to do the same but you found yourself unable to move. Never had you felt such fear in your life before. Not even when you went on your first hunt. You’ve been fighting monsters all your life but all of a sudden a couple Raptors were able to make all color drain from your face and your blood run cold.

“Blue. Stand down” Owen said in a firm voice.

“Stand down” he repeated with a little bit more authority in his voice, his hands extended in front of him as if to keep the Raptors back.

“Hey, hey what did I just say?” he snapped at them once she moved and growled at him.

“Good” he murmured, giving a small nod and then speaking again.

“Go” he said in a low, rough voice after licking his lips. You knew he wasn’t talking at the Raptors but talking to you “Go (Y/n). Now.” his voice was calm and firm as he glanced slightly back at you.

“Wh-what? No. No I’m not leaving you here” you said in a trembling voice.

“Hey hey I know what I’m doing, ok? Don’t worry about me. Don’t worry about me.” he repeated “I just need you out of here. Right. Now.” he said as calmly as possible, no taking his eyes off the Raptors.

You gave him a small nod, although he couldn’t see it, and after a small squeak escaped your throat you slowly crept towards and under the door. Your eyes were glued to Owen and you were holding your breath. But once you were out of the cage you felt a sigh of relief fall out off your lips.

No sooner had you gotten up than you felt a pair of strong arms wrap firmly around you. You let out a shaky breath and buried your face in Dean’s firm chest, and clenched your fists into his plaid shirt, him only holding you tightly. Fearing that if he so much loosened his grip then you would slip away from him.

“Don’t you ever do that again” his voice was rough and laced with worry.

You gave him a small nod as you only looked up at him. The close proximity you were in managed to captivate you for a while as you just stared at his beautiful face.

But soon reality downed on you. Your eyes slightly widening.

“Owen” you breathed out immediately pulling away from Dean and turning to look at Owen still in the cage. You missed the warmth and comfort that Dean’s arms brought to you but it was not time for that.

The look of hurt that flashed through Dean’s eyes was something you missed to notice as well.

“Delta I see you back up” he said to one of the Raptors on his side.

“Ok. Good. Good.” he said calmly “Charlie? Stay right there. Good.” pointing a finger at the Raptor.

“Close the gate.” he said to his friend, or co-worker, that was standing next to the door.

You felt your own heart stop beating when you heard him.

“Are you crazy?” he asked in panic.

“Hey just trust me” he said and your breath caught on your throat when they guy actually listened to him and pressed the button for the door to close.

“No” you breathed out, about to dive in under the closing door. If it wasn’t for Dean holding you back you would have.

And just before the door could close for good Owen jumped towards it and rolled down under it, the Raptors not managing to catch up with him. Everybody cheered or let out sighs of relief.

Without waiting a second beat you found yourself prying Dean’s arms from around you and quickly jumping in Owen’s arms as soon as he was out of the cage. He wrapped his arms firmly around you and let out a small sigh of relief and hugged you tightly to him, spinning you slightly around so that you had your back to the cage now. He rubbed his hand at the back of your neck and you hugged him even more tightly, your eyes shut tightly as you clenched the fabric of his jacket in your hands. Your face was buried in his neck, eyes tightly shut as you breathed in his scent and then let out a big sight of relief when you actually realized he was safe. It was something you had never felt before. Or well, maybe a couple times, with Dean. The fear of something happening to a person so close to you was impossible to shake off. You had not realized how easily and quickly you and Owen had gotten so close but- you didn’t find yourself to care anyway.

All you cared about was the fact that he was safe and in one piece, here in your arms. A small blush crept up your cheeks when you realized how close you were at the moment but once again- you did not care. Owen was safe and that was that mattered to you. Maybe it was your hunter side wanting to make sure everybody was always safe and alive, no matter the situation, but you couldn’t help but think that this time, with Owen, it was different. The feeling you had right now as you had your arms wrapped around him, making sure that he was alright, and than was hauntingly familiar of when Dean would come back from dangerous hunts proved to the fact that Owen had suddenly started meaning a lot to you. It sounded to crazy in your head but it was true.

Your eyes were shut tightly as you were biting your lip, your face slightly buried on the crook of Owen’s neck. When you opened them, though, you felt your heart tighten at the sight of the look on Dean’s face.

The look of pure hurt.


Burrowing Owl (Athene cuniculariaby Michel Boisvert

Update on the baby northern goshawk shown in a previous post (and video).  This is a photo taken by a friend when the baby goshawk, now named Havoc, met a baby desert eagle owl (Bubo ascalaphus; also known as the pharaoh eagle owl or Savigny’s eagle owl), owned by a different friend of ours.

They don’t seem to know what to make of one another, but one thing is for certain, they are both freaking adorable.  I can’t get over it.

As you can see, Havoc is getting his feathers in.  I’ll try to keep you all updated as I either take more photos of my own or my friend sends them :)

This is what I am up to right now! These are baby American Kestrels. And thanks to them, my WHOLE LIFE is covered in bird poop. Did you know: These adorable little shit-bombs don’t poop straight back, or straight down. They tilt their fuzzy little butts up and EXPLODE POOP ALL OVER EVERYTHING I OWN. My clothes, my face, my drinks, my dog, EVERYTHING. They are super lucky they are so cute!

anonymous asked:

Since modern birds have inherited so many antics from dinosaurs do you think there's a chance brood parasitism could be one of those? Like, could you see a Tyrannosaurus raising a small brood of Raptors chicks as its own? Or maybe, kicking on the strong parental instinct, as shown with Oviraptors dying while protecting their nest, any other species? I'm sorry if the question is kinda dumb, but it has been haunting me for months. Have a good day!

I think it’s possible! I’m unaware of any direct evidence though, and my mental spoons are in the low negatives at the moment. 


Great Horned Owls (Bubo virginianusby lee barlow

One more baby tawny owl!

It’s the time of the year when orphaned owl chicks start to arrive at the centre. Every year, we have an average of eight babies, so we are probably going to end up with a few more! ;)

This one will join our two older chicks in one of our pens until they all get their waterproof outer feathers, and then it’s off to our outdoor aviary before release!


Burrowing Owls (Athene cuniculariaby Michel Boisvert

As the eyases (peregrine falcon chicks) progress, the parents begin to introduce live prey to their young, which is torn apart alive and eaten by the eyases. This teaches the eyases that the prey being fed to them was once living, and that it did not begin as a lifeless source of nourishment.

Of course, I’ve researched this before, but I found a photo by Chad and Chris Saladin on their FaceBook page, C&C’s Ohio Peregrine Page, that correlates to this. In the photo you see two adult peregrine falcons with the female (as indicated by the size difference) about to present a live bluebird to her eyases.

Photo by Chad and Chris Saladin