Osprey flying over Lake Ontario @ Humber Bay Park East, Toronto August (Evening, late August, partly cloudy, 24°C).

The name “Osprey” made its first appearance around 1460, via the Medieval Latin phrase for “bird of prey” (avis prede). Some wordsmiths trace the name even further back, to the Latin for “bone-breaker"—ossifragus.  


My most recent mask, Kleiveer the Bearded Vulture (Lammergeier)!
This is built on a base crafted by the very talented Crystumes. Altered, furred, and finished by myself.
Kind thanks to the folks that took photos of it at AC earlier this month. Last photo is courtesy of Rivkah Winter.

Lammergeiers and many other vultures are in trouble. Some species have lost over 90% of their population (read more). Many African species are on track to extinction right now. Beardies are seeing some conservation success in some areas (some of Europe), and declines in others (70% loss in Africa!). Vultures, in addition to being kick-ass, are super important parts of our ecosystems, and are worth saving.

(Thank you for all the kind interest but I am not open for mask commissions right now. More info)


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