Andele andele mama A.I. A.I uhh ohhhhhhhh!!! It is impossible to dislike Allen Iverson or Nelly. They were/are it. Iverson was everybody’s favorite player and Nelly only made hits.

Ask any guy who had a proper childhood in the 2000s, and they either had a pair of Iversons, an Iverson jersey, or Country Grammar… but likely all three. Iverson was soooo cold. The cornrows, the tats, the headbands, THE ANSWER. 
And Nelly… E.I., Ride Wit Me, Hot in Herre, Air Force Ones, Grillz, #1, Luven Me… I could go on.  I even remember searching on AOL 3.0 Optimized to find out what a street sweeper was.

- Country Grammar / Nellyville / making the St. Lunatics relevant = an MVP + leading Eric Snow and Aaron McKie to the finals.
- Over and Over ft. Tim McGraw = The Pistons / Grizzlies days

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Magic Johnson & Curren$y’s “Corvette Doors”