by Danica and Daizy

My residents who signed up are all assigned a target they have to “kill”. So everyone is a target (they don’t know who their assassins are) and has a target (we, the RAs, assigned each of them a target by slipping a taped piece of paper with their name; when they unfold the paper, they see their target’s name).

How to “kill” your target:
• mark your target’s skin with a marker or sharpie (no clothing)
• poison: pour enough salt in your target’s drink for them to taste when they take a sip and drink it. If you get caught, then you did not successfully “kill” them.
• If you successfully kill your target, the person you killed’s target is now your next target
• Last person who is not killed wins pride and a nerf gun.

Safe word
• If you are about to get attack, you can say “MUFASA MUFASA MUFASA” (the entire phrase and pronounced correctly), then your assassin cannot kill you for the next 15 minutes.