Just saw Drake at the ATM...

Was gettin’ some cash out on Bloor and Bay, and he fucking SWAGGERS up to the ATM. There’s no one around but me and Alan, two fags, while he is giving ALL FACE. To get cash out. Two fags. The only audience. We turn to leave and brush past him on the way out. His bodyguard is right behind him and almost effing knocks us down as we walk away. Later I said “I’m going to write on Twitter that Drake was getting mo money to MAKE IT DRIZZLE”. And I did.



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Caroline is fucking rapped in the fanfic Capture , that's disgusting.. I'm sorry i like this blog and the amazing work you're doing but really promoting this fanfic? i know some people love these kind of abusive fanfic (i'm not judging) and really i don't care .. Personally i like some dark fanfic but this one is sick.. I do not ship Klaus as a rappist! We all know that this blog is THE blog representative of all the Klaroline shippers and i don't want people just visiting it to think that-

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to answer this at first, but I think I should. Disclaimer: This is my opinion, and my opinion only. The other girls may not share the same thoughts, and they certainly don’t have. Nor does anyone else. Also, I have not read the fic, so this is a general opinion for this story, and stories like it.

Yes! I agree that rape is disgusting, no matter who did it or who the victim was. But I will also promote this fic because I don’t believe this author or any author is advocating it. (Plus, I thought the aesthetics I reblogged were very pretty, and it had to deal with fanfiction.) She’s simply telling a story, and that’s what she’s chosen for these characters in this story. I believe it’s important to let people know rape is in the story in case it’s a trigger for them, but that doesn’t mean it’s complete trash, either. Caroline’s been raped in a lot of other fics, too, and this is not to argue that rape’s okay, but I certainly don’t think the author is doing something so wild and out of the blue that she should get hate for it.

I’m glad you appreciate the work we do. Really, it means a lot to us. But while I know you say you aren’t judging people for reading a fic like this, I think you inadvertently may be doing just that by questioning why we would promote it where people who may like it will find it.

You don’t have to like Klaus as a rapist, and no one should judge you for it. A lot of other people don’t like it as well. (Personally, I don’t have a preference either way, I only care if those actions go with the story I’ve been given.) But my advice is to simply not read it if you don’t like it. It’s the easiest thing to do, and it saves people a lot of time and hurt feelings.

Something I have always been adamant about with this blog is that it be a safe zone. I want people to feel comfortable asking us for fics that others may find questionable. We’re here to give people the fics they’re looking for, no matter what the material is. It’s none of our business what someone may like to read, nor does our opinion on what they like to read matter. There’s a difference between reality and fiction, and I honestly believe most of the fandom knows that difference considering who we’re shipping together. Klaus is a complex man who has done villainous things, and sometimes fanfictions will delve more into that side of him, whether it’s actions he’s committed in canon or ones made specifically for fanfiction. People don’t have to agree with those actions to still find it a fascinating read, though. And you’re right, some people will like varying degrees of dark fiction like this, but they shouldn’t feel like a sick individual for enjoying it when in real life it’s something they wouldn’t condone.

I thank you for thinking of this blog as a representative for the fandom, but I certainly don’t know if I would say that. There are too many people in this fandom for one person/blog to be the voice of them all. I do hope we can be fair in all future matters, though, as I’m trying to be with this one. That’s all we can ever do.

If you would like to not see something specifically on your dash, please come and tell me! Not so I will stop reblogging it, mind you, but so I can tag it properly and you can blacklist it. I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable on their dash because of us. If it would help, I could start tagging the titles of fics that I reblog so that anyone can do the same? I want to do whatever helps, while still giving people fanfiction.

If there’s anything I want people to get from visiting this blog, it’s that there’s always an escape ready and waiting for them. I want people to feel warm and relaxed here. I want people to know they can leisurely wander through our aisles and peruse the multiple stories offered without feeling like we’re going to shake our heads at what they pick.


help! D:!

im looking for a Munakata Reisi/Saruhiku Fushimi fanfiction but im not sure if the autor deleted the story or something…

it was an omegaverse fanfic in which saruhiko was a bonded omega, and Reisi was trying to court him?, Saru was forced to bond with his rappist, his parents make him abort, (im pretty sure he had scrhizoprenia?) and in the end Saruhiko and Munakata end up together, but its really sad and has a lot of triggers, and its a slow romance but its also a one shot… i think(?)

can someone help me find it? please?