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BTS...MTL to be a romantic


  • Seokjin/Jin - King of romance right here. Goes all out on anniversaries, halfiversaries, monthiversaries, and any other “special” occasion. Does it because he genuinely enjoys making special memories with you and never needs a reason to buy flowers or make a special dinner. The type to plan an entire week that revolves around you, just because.
  • Jimin - Loves to surprise you. It’s all about your reaction. Goes big or goes home. Wow factor is a necessity. Even his simple surprises are like, flying in between promos just to bring you lunch. Like “Oh I flew across the world to buy you icecream, no biggie, whassup.’’ 

  • Namjoon/Rap Monster - Always like so extra. You always have to rent out an entire museum or go traipsing all around town to buy the right kind of bread or he’s waking you up at the crack of dawn to watch the dew sparkle and you’d be like chill bro I am trying to sleep. But it’s only because Namjoon is a very special soul and he wants you to see the world the same way he does. He wants to give you memories that are as beautiful as you are. 

  • Taehyung/V - Tae’s romance levels vary to either side of an extreme scale. Like your anniversary or Valentine’s day might be pizza & pajama night, but then he shows up with roses and diamonds just because it’s the third rainy Wednesday in a row. He likes to switch things up. Keep it fresh, keep it funky. 

  • Hoseok/J-Hope - Hobi’s idea of romance is more on the side of just being by your side, doing normal everyday things. You could be putting up a shelf or putting new sheets on the bed and he’s gonna stop and just be like, “I love you so much, I’m so glad we’re together.” For him, romance isn’t flowers and chocolate or sweet whispered nothings, but just being together and blending your very different lives into one.

  • Jungkook - Not that he just isn’t romantic, but he’s just not very confident in what he finds romantic. Kookie’d rather take you bowling or skating or just go to the movies, but he’s always worried that you don’t actually like that so sometimes he’ll just go with the things that always work in the movies. Like putting on a tie, going out to dinner, buying you chocolate. Very basic hoe level romance.

  • Yoongi/Suga - He just ain’t about that life. To him the textbook “romance” is being fake and buying expensive stuff and doing things just for the public eye, so he’d claim to be totally against it but still do it like, twice a year. But in truth Yoongi’s romance would be shown through things like buying you tampons or lighting one of his cotton scented candles when you have a headache or giving you a key to his studio. Just little things like that he wouldn’t even think of as being romantic. His way of wooing you would be to open up and share his world with you, not his bank account.


Yunho’s Math textbook:

Sung-min vocal (pose) = Face is jjang, soft hearted.

Yun-ho lead vocal (specialty-dance) = Sometimes cute, sometimes tough.

Jun-su main vocal (specialty-dance) = Handsome and good in singing.

Huck-jae rap (specialty-dance) = Cute and good in rapping.

Dong-Hae (aegyo) = Looks like Click-B and likes dancing. 

*Click-B was popular boy band. [c]

D&E Tour Saitama - Day 1 :

➮  Hyukjae was talking in Japanese until he could not continue on so hae called him a pabo and pretended to hit him

hyukjae: this time we will present all the D&E songs to everyone because we don’t know when we will hold a tour again

➮ hyuk asked the audience if they liked him better between the both of them and asked hae to go back.

Hyuk:everyone thinks im more handsome right out of the two of us,im more handsome than donghae right?that is why donghae can go home now! 

Hae:o.k goodbye everyone! .

then hyuk said this is my concert and danced to motorcycle.

➮ at the ending of Skeleton, eunhae performed some sort of magic trick & disappeared into the “coffins”

➮ Wonderland & 1+1=Love  in  slow version !

➮ hyuk rapping and hae walking around him making cute faces

Kimi ga naitara -On that high note that hyuk often miss hae stood up, laughing, but hyuk did it perfectly haha 

2nd ment :

-Hae made a kiss to the screen then ran to hyuk so close to his hear..

-Hae & hyuk hi5ing, hae holding hae shoulders, hyuk touching hae 

-Hyuk: how are the mums pics? Their mums didn’t know It’ll be used here too. It’s a secret from them.

Hyuk: I used the mum pictures shown just now secretly 

Hae: you didn’t tell but I called and told my mum 

Hyuk: what are you saying

 -They asked us to think ten years but nobody remembered HAHAHA so hae said the concert is over XD.. Hyuk: but it’s ok cos it’s not going to be recorded into dvd. For tmr, pls call your friends to prepare well !SM reps are here so ya got to do a good job !! 

-They are chosing the songs fan can sing, they sing a lot then come to Mamacita, the Ayayaya was so loud, Hyuk: u only can sing yaya woohoo!

 -Eunhae said the fans are very restless. Did we went to another concert? who went to watch tvxq concert raise ur hands! Hahahaha 

Hyuk: did you all go to Tokyo done yesterday? 

Hae: went to watch tvxq? 

Eunhae: we can end the concert here

- Hyuk:is it okay if we take off some clothes?“ They took off his jacket, put it back and again to make girls scream 

members naked scenes. But the screen was broken, then they stop the video .They keep saying its very rated and under 19 cannot watch this. End up its Miracle from SS4 XD .

-Hyuk screamed Grossss at the part when Siwon taking off his shirt in Miracle (: 

-they were watching ss4’s miracle VCR and while watching hyukjae put his arms over donghae’s shoulders, half-hugging him

➮ They are doing rock paper game back to back ,the one who lost will have to take off the clothes. but hae looked at the screen and cheated so hyuk lost ! 

Hyukjae removed his jacket, belt, shoes and sock as punishment !


They said they have to find one person, Hyuk: who think u r the one pls raise ur hand. Everyone raises their hand

➮ VCR :They got chased by the cops, so they came back aS the cops, then again with swat, baseball players, school boys (awwww), but they got caught again and made sad faces
At the end they finnaly take the big bottle but it get stuck in the floor and they end up fighting.
The bottle at last open itself and they ran with it (:

HYUKJAE COPYING WHATEVER DONGHAE SAYS AT THE START OF OPPA OPPA..At the end of i wanna dance, they air punched each other and ended of with a fist bump .

➮ During oppa oppa, Donghae was saying "Welcome to the super-” then cut himself off and repeated it saying “D&E” instead XD

➮ 5th vcr :The VCR was like they drank a lot and dreamed about one girl.they took off their clothes in front of each other then the director came wake them up: Stand by! and tell them to go out XD

 4th ment:

- Hyuk was like thanks everyone to come, Hae was like why did u come here without rmb the lyric, today u n me fight one by one 

- Hyuk: “we wanted to give you a present so we named the album ‘present ‘..we want to give you a lot of memories before we go, we put a lot of efforts for this tour..in english present has 2 meaning, it also mean the present time, right now when i am is with you i am happy..” 

-Eunhae said you all are thieves who stole our hearts & live in our hearts, give us back! But yall have to wait two years 

➮ Hyuk forgot what he wanted to say in Jap again and asked hae for help. Hae leaned over and whispered to him.


the last song, Gift, eunhae the two of them were shown on the big screen, writing the lyrics in japanese. then donghae sung one line of lyrics, which was “i know that you’re always by my side” whilst staring at hyukjae’s face on the big screen T-T  
Hyuk was standing at the centre of the stage holding out his hand,waiting for donghae to come over,donghae walked over and just let hyuk rest his hand over his shoulder,then they walked to the front together..
- hyuk: the meaning of “Present” is that you guys are my present. you all give us the same present, which is love, and thank you so much. we don’t know when we can meet again, but i hope that we can meet again quickly.
donghae: even if we don’t have money, don’t have car, it’s okay, as long as we have your support, i feel very blessed
Hyukjae looks like he’s about to cry 

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