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Taiyang: I said a hip hop. Hippie to the hippie. The hip, hip a hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it out. Bubba to the bang bang boogie, boobie to the boogie. To the rhythm of the boogie the beat. Now, what you hear is not a test I’m rappin’ to the beat. And me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet
See, I am Wonder….

Impending Doom
MF DOOM & Daedelus
Impending Doom

Ya’ll don’t know the same Daedelus I know
Just to earn trust he try to make me bust a wino
He said “Don’t worry, he already dead and stinkin”
I tapped him with the ‘chete said “Why he still blinkin?
Untie him, do your own dirty”
He shot 'em and told 'em “You are not worthy”
So I says “What happened to his skull piece?”
Alotta y'all rappers be rappin’ to dull beats

Exo Reaction: When their girlfriend is Lithuanian

Hey hey!~ Thank you for requesting~ And yes I know… you’ve probably been waiting for sooooo long… But i just haven’t been feeling well but good news~ I am getting better so I hope to get all requests done soon~ (do anticipate!)

- Admin Z


*Video chatting with you while he’s on tour* “ Man tavęs trūksta ” (I’m missing you)

You: “Wah, my Xiumin is so good at lithuanian~”

Xiumin: “ Vienos kalbos niekada negana!“ (One language is never enough!)

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*when you sing him Ciucia Liulia (a lithuanian lullaby… kinda like “Hush Little Baby”) “So pretty~”

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“We’re going to be promoting in Lithuania now~”

Lay: “I thought we were going to Baekhyun’s grandma’s house…”

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*everytime you cook Lithuanian food for him* “I smell Kibinai…” (traditional pastry)

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*when you try to teach him Lithuanian* 

You: “’Ne’ is no.”

Lay: “But thats so simialr to ‘yes’ in Korean…” (yes in Korean is “ne” or “de”)

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*he eats all the Tinginys (a dessert) you made*

You: “I said you could only have SOME of it!”

Baek: “Oh… Kkaebsong~ but it was so good…” 

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*you guys visit Dzūkija National Park but Chen has other plans* “I’m gonna hide behind this tree… and when y/n comes… I’ll pop out!~”

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The Result:

*ends up scaring the wrong person* “You’re not my y/n….”

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*you two are at Aukštaitija National Park*  “Ya’ll have bears in this forest?”

You: “Chanyeol… this is a park…”

Yeol: “Aye~ PARK Chanyeol~ This is my park, OUR park~ Whatchya think huh?”

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*feeds the members Juka* (blood soup)

Chanyeol: “hey what is this stuff its good”

Ksoo: “You’ll never guess…”

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*he’s been cranking Lithuanian music and remixing them into his own rap around the dorm to the point where all the members are so done”

Tao: “Aaaay Chen, give me a beat!” *starts rappin’ verses in Lithuanian*

Luhan: “Yo, can you chill…”

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*wears a Rue flower crown (supposed to be worn by traditional brides to symbolize maidenhood)*

 “Do I look pretty Jagi?~ one day you will wear this and look ten times prettier than I do…”

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You: “Would you like some Žagarėliai (a type of dessert, kinda like funnel cake) Sehun?” 


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askacarcinogeneticist replied to your post:Pay me in the recycled oxygen from your breathing…

*fans breath towards your dumb meme face*

Don’t hate the player, hate the game
Is what I would say if I were really lame, 
Like someone that I know, who I’m lookin at now
Yes I’m looking at you, go on and take a bow
Bow on down there, Shouty McNubs
Face first in the beat while I’m rappin with the wubs
Feel your body vibrate, as the beat just takes you
To another level as they can and should do
But back on the subject, I love you lil man
Not in that one sense; like the Mayor loves a can
I’d end this whole game, where I could just diss you,
But instead dogg I think I might just- 

Rap Monster - Unpack Your Bags

the lovers go from breakups to makeups
for me, i wakeups to make-ups
but lets not complain, i can also do breakup
in the tight schedules even if I’m tired i smile
cuz in a family called bangtan, I’m not an only child
among my friends im famous for my lonely isle
but I pretend that its nothing my stupid lies
and I gotta smile, know why coz im an idol
i only live my life dont give a fuck with the title
never been idle, rapping to the same raps every day with sweats rapidly flowing
over my tshirt and pants, is a beautiful Milky Way
living with two lives like this
everyone else lives with one life but i live with two
a rapper that can stand on stage among thousands
how many of them are on the South Korea grounds
my dream of being famous through rapping will come true
it will then become someone’s dream again

feel my mind, feel my heart
opening my bag, unpacking my real self
how are you, I’m fine

doing my work for 7 years on repeat i love it
the bad taste that you looked down on, now is my livin’
I’m confident with a line of my lyric, no one has ever wrote it before
everything is my mind and soul, i dont do lies even if you kill me
even when I debuted im always with a major and minor
i had worries along the way, will I ever get a place of approval
wearing a useless mask, the bad days that filled my mind
forget them all, after all my fight is to deliver it to the public
why didn’t I know, the time passes and I realize
the unbiased cunning hyungs knew my values
I believe the me right now, I believe in my faith
but i don’t trust myself, someone in this world trusts me
respect !
all you rappers spit out words even though it was never your habit
if you cant respect, don’t even open your mouth bitch
just wanna tell you ain’t shit

feel my mind feel my heart
opening my bag, unpacking my real self
how are you , I’m fine

I’m officially rapping on soulscape beat
at times im nice but at times im fucking rude
21 years old, and an extremely supreme man
that’s me, do you know me ?
I’m sickly, rappin on soulscape beat
with these truths I will be fucking successful
a star in the morning, at night im a man who makes music
that’s me, do you know me ?
fuck you man