Vocal line reaction to you singing along to their songs:

Anon requested: bts reaction to their girlfriend singing/rapping along to their parts in songs? thanks, love your work!!

A/N: I have the rapper line reaction previously done right here love, I am just going to insert the vocal line/ remaining members.


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This princess has probably sang to you so many times that it got so natural and comfortable you started breaking into songs yourself. It wouldn’t be odd to him, yet he would still smile and get all fuzzy hearted when he hears your voice because you are his precious angel and he just has to stop and listens to you jgysgujhjn


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“What is this melody I hear!” he dropped to the ground in awe and clutched his heart. You would think he was exaggerating but the way he kept praising you and asking you for more made you feel confident about singing along him and every time you do so he literally melts in a puddle of cuteness or roll in his seat special muffin dammit

V/ Taehyung:

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Mic switch, in a particularly  difficult part. But you gotta play it cool so you sing along Jungkook’s high notes and holy damn he is shook. Like he honestly just stopped and asked why you never sang to him before. Tae would give you a soft kiss and the singing resumes, he raps, you hit dem high notes. And from that day on, on especially tiresome days, V will ask you to sings to him to sleep.


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“You little devil so you can sing” the maknae was feeling utterly betrayed when he walked in on you harmonizing with his recorded voice and felt so many overwhelming emotions he kissed the top of your head and pulled you in for a tight hug. “Now baby” he said, pushing you away because this brother has no mercy. “First is singing, now you have to show me those dance moves”

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