rapper sole


Reading articles like this one really hurts my heart. I’ve seen so many interviews and reality shows shes been in where people are so rude and so quick to judge by calling her a man and saying she’s not beautiful. Especially in places like Korea where standing out is frowned upon. Amber is my role model. Shes someone who not only gets insulted all the time for being who she is but after she is insulted she just laughs and smiles. It really breaks my heart and it really makes me upset how people’s minds are so fixated on a specific image especially for female kpop singers or just females in general. Shes accomplished so much and really doesn’t get enough credit for her hard work. I hope she knows all the support she has from fans like me who notice the life struggles shes going through. I bet SM made her a rapper for the sole purpose of she has the image of one and therefore ignoring the true beauty of her voice. Love you amber keep being you. You have my life long love and support! ❤️