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BTS Reaction Masterlist Post

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Take a Deeper Look - PT 4

{Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4}

Pairing: Jay Park/You, Simon D/You

Summary: AOMG’s newest producer has a lot to deal with including a flighty CEO who doesn’t understand the concept of “personal space” and feelings for yet another CEO who is so far beyond her reach she doesn’t even think she has a chance.

Content: ANGST FOR DAYS & Some fluffy bits.

Word Count: 3,114

Notes: I feel productive. 


Life is weird.

Everything is weird.

It was the only word you could think of. How else could you describe the mess that had taken form around you? You had slept with Jay Park - your boss of all people - and now you were in the AOMG break room watching coffee brew like it was more interesting than the Dos Equis guy. For every drip of the dark liquid and every errant thought about Jay, a piece of what little mental stability you had left wavered. He had been on your mind consistently since you had given him every inch you had to offer.

It was unnerving and almost as annoying as the group that sat at the tables behind you gossiping. They had all showed up while you watched your coffee brew and had proceeded to prattle on and on about mindless drivel that didn’t matter. It was beyond you how people could care so much about their coworkers’ personal lives. You weren’t really listening, until two certain names caught your attention.

“Kiseok and Soori are official now.” With the simple gossip, your heart clenched and you entire body stilled. Despite having brushed them off earlier, you were now listening raptly.

“Yeah, she confirmed it with a couples picture on Instagram”, a staffer scoffed with a hint of disgust. Apparently you weren’t the only one with less than fuzzy feelings for Norma Bates. You assumed it was the fruity smell. Enjoying the company of someone who smelled like strawberries and acted like the world was rainbows and sunshine all the time would have to be difficult for anyone.

“It was a cute photo of them though,” someone else chimed in. You immediately didn’t like whoever it was. They would be lucky if they made it out of the break room not drenched in piping hot coffee.

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BTS Reaction to: Their Rapper Idol Girlfriend getting 900 Million Views on YouTube

Namjoon; This guy would be as pleased as punch seeing the views roll up to 900 million. He would have the biggest, dorkiest grin ever on his face as he gloats to the rest of the members like “I’m Rap Monster, but she’s the Rap Queen” cheesy as fuck - causing the rest of them to chuckle at how corny and in love he is with you. When he gets to see you in person, he would put his arms around you and swing you around, before putting you down and saying “That’s my girl, you’re amazing jagiya” being so proud and blown away by you and your talent.

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Jin; He would be in complete awe. Lot’s of “Ohhh….ahhhhh…wooooow…” noises coming from his mouth as he knew you were amazing at rapping, but he had no idea that your video would do so well. He would immediately call you and begin fan girling on the phone to you, telling you how amazing you are and how proud of you he is, also lowkey asking you to teach the rap line your ways as he makes jokes about you actually being better than BTS. He would insist on going over to your place straight away like “Let’s celebrate! I’ll cook for you baby, what do you wanna eat? I can make you anything!”

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Yoongi; Yoongi would be the silent proud type in front of the rest of BTS. He would sit there, smiling to himself and trying to hide his very obvious gummy smile as his eyes just turn into hearts. Not only does Yoongi think you’re super talented, but he respects and looks up to you as an artist as well. He learns from you and you learn from him, both of you drawing inspiration from the other. When he get’s to see you, he would pat your head and give you small forehead kisses like “I knew you could be successful, you’re incredible.” while slyly dropping hints about wanting to do a mixtape with you.

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J-Hope; Hobi would be screaming and flailing his limbs about upon hearing the news. He wouldn’t be able to stop talking about you or praising you in front of everyone he knew, saying “She’s so hardworking and she puts everything into her rap…I should learn from her and try to be as cool as her” even though you always tell him that he is way better than you - he refuses to let you believe that. There would be lots of tight cuddles and cute little kisses involved as he is just so proud of you for everything you have accomplished.

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Jimin; Jimin would have his eyes wide open upon seeing how many views your video has. He wouldn’t be able to stop beaming from ear to ear - the rest of the members teasing him about how red his face and cheeks had gotten from smiling so much and being so insanely proud of you. I imagine Jimin would say something like “But of course you would do well, my jagiya is so dedicated and passionate about her music. You’re so cool….” as he rubs his nose against yours and makes a mental note to himself to be as hardworking as you are, as you would be his driving force to improve in his own goals.

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Taehyung; Oh boy, you better be ready for this boy to do some insane fan boying over you when he finds out. Just like he is with Cypher, he would be copying all your moves and raps, not caring if he looked stupid in front of anyone as he couldn’t care less about what they thought because he would just be so proud to have an amazingly cool girlfriend. Expect lots of kisses, head pats, cheek squeezing and baby noises as he says “You have to teach me how to be as cool and awesome as you…teach me this part! The part that goes like this!” as he continues to try and rap your lines.

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Jungkook; He would sit with his mouth wide open, making a doe eyed expression as he literally can’t believe how cool it is. I think out of all the boys, Jungkook wouldn’t really show too much of a reaction on the outside, but on the inside he is jumping up and down and screaming at the top of his lungs. As soon as he see’s you, he wouldn’t be able to stop his adorable bunny smile from forming over his face as he gives you a huge hug saying “You did so well, you know I’m proud of you, right?” as he looked down into your face.

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exos reaction to you being the main vocal in your group and you suddenly getting a rap part and they hear you rap for the first time (you are their girlfriend. can you do all 12?) :)


This Mom He’d be so proud of you! (Not that he already wasn’t, your the main vocal of your group!) He’d be slightly surprised at first, but quickly get over it, and be glad you got the chance to show another one of you many hidden talents.


This singer would be confused at first. He thought you were just the main vocal, what about the designated rapper, why was she singing instead of rapping? It wouldn’t take him too long to get over it though, and he’d give you his signature heart smile as soon as you went to talk to him.


This could go two ways. He could either act like a toddler and be bragging to the guys like, “you see her? That’s my girlfriend.” Or he could be silently watching you with not so PG eyes as you take control of the stage. He’d hate the fact that you were on tour and it wouldn’t be weeks until he’d see you again. But either way, when you returned he’d show you how proud he was of your rapping~


He’d be grinning as soon as he realized what was happening. That was his girlfriend, rapping in front of her thousands of fans. I don’t think he would’ve expected it, but it would certainly be a pleasant surprise for him in the end. He’d also definitely love to hear it again.


He’d have an adorable grin on his face as he watched you in your newest video. He’d ignored the teasing from the others as he subconsciously leaned closer, you totally taking his attention away from the video itself. He’d be so proud (like all of them would, honestly) and wouldn’t hesitate to brag to his friends about his main vocalist and rapper girlfriend when the video ended.


Would be extremely surprised, seeing as you were usually just a vocal for your group. But don’t get me wrong, he’d love that you could rap because one, he was a rapper for EXO and that gave you two another thing in common. 2, Ohhhh you weren’t just the cute main vocalist that had the voice everyone adores. You’d shown him(and the world) a whole other side of you, and he really enjoyed it.


This normally extremely talkative boy would have been rendered to silence as him and the rest of EXO watch your groups comeback video. He’d be so absorbed, and surprised. He had absolutely no idea you could rap, he thought you were the main vocalist, but from the way you presented yourself, he was sure you were going to be the new lead rapper.


A small smile would be gracing his lips as he watched you radiant confidence. You’d always been the singer, the main vocalist. Now our group could also count on you to own the stage with your rhymes. He couldn’t be any happier for you, because it looked you you were having fun.


This egotistical shithead boy would be silent. He didn’t think you could perform like this, honestly. He thought you were just the groups cutesy girl with strong vocals. Apparently not though, because you were rapping like you’d been doing your whole life. Although he might not admit aloud, he was proud.


This babe would be ecstatic and it would show right away. A goofy grin is being sported as you rap our part form your groups new song for EXO(per his request, and how could you bet say no to him?). He’d pull you into his arms as soon as you finished mumbling about how great you were(and trying to ignore his friends teasing in the background.)


Let’s get to the point here. This boy is all about his image(no matter how clumsy and adorable he can be) and people seemed to think that your not so similar personalities balanced each other out. Not anymore though, now your spitting bars and ohhhhh boy, does Kris love it… And he most likely wouldn’t hesitate to show you just how much he really loves it.


This boy-I mean Man, would be stoic and manly on the outside. When in reality, we all know he’d be a ball of fluff and so happy for you when no one else was around. He’d quickly revert back to being “Manly” and congratulate you. Though he tried to hide it, you could hear the pride in his voice as he comments on your skills.

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Cloudy With A Chance

Part 14: …of fire.


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BTS: Girlfriend is a drummer, rapper, and dancer in an idol group

Original Request:  “Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being a drummer, a dancer and a rapper in a girl group?”

Requester: @xyourpinksky

A/N:  I’m very sorry for the long wait, this was requested before I went on a temporary hiatus.  Thank you for requesting!


Yoongle baby would be so proud of how talented his girlfriend was.  Although he appreciated the fact that she could dance and skillfully played the drums, his favorite talent would be the rapping, often helping each other write verses, sometimes even featuring on each other’s solo works.

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Jimin was always grinning ear to ear when he watched you intently on stage during award shows.  He would be breaking out in subtle dance moves, to mimic yours, grateful that he had such an attractive dancing partner.

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You and Hoseok often teamed up to help out your boyfriend with his choreography, even if you weren’t actually featuring in the dance.  More often than not, you had brought it upon yourself to learn the choreo each time they came up with a new one.  He was thankful that he had two people that cared about him so much to help him with his struggles, allowing his dancing to improve greatly.

*Confident because of his two amazing teachers*

Stop making fun of Seokjin’s dancing 2k17

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The fact that you could rap amazingly with him, dance sexily with him, and unleash all of your energy while rhythmically banging on your drum set with your drum sticks was absolutely astonishing to him.  He often wondered how he became so lucky to find someone as musically talented as you.

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You can bet your ass that the two of you would produce raps together.  Whether they were official tracks or just songs you put out for fun, they would be extremely popular.  Throughout all of Korea, you and Namjoon were known as the power couple, taking over the k-pop world one rap at a time.

*Jammin’ out to your rapping*

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Taehyung would probably talk about you and show you off so much that it’s borderline embarrassing.  Any time he saw the opportunity to speak about how you could play the drums better than anyone else (according to him), your expertly coordinated raps, and your flowing dance moves, he would most definitely do it, making sure that every person in that room knew about your talents.  Cheerleader Tae

*You’re Hoseok, used to him showing you off by now*

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His hyungs would often wonder how the two of you even exist, being skilled at pretty much everything the two of you do.  There would be many fans that were jealous of the two of you, finding it unfair that you were both so talented.  Jeongguk would find it funny when Yoongi would attempt to play a short beat on the drums, only to fail and be shown up by his one and only love.

*Ya’ll being dorks on stage together*

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Clocks Clacking on an Empty Driveway (Yoongi x reader)

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word count: 5,492 

This is my first ever imagine, so please go easy on me. I also suck at proofreading, so please excuse my mistakes. My requests are currently OPEN, and I encourage you to put one in! Thank you for reading!

Summary: You felt like an empty driveway as long as he was away. With a clock as your only companion, you tried to get over him, but one unfortunate run-in with a member at a club can set the clock back in time and send him back to you.

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It was nights like these that made me hyper aware of where I am now.

Nights where even sleeping felt like a chore.

Surrounded by nothing but empty blankets bunched together on a king-sized bed and the distant sound of a kitchen clock mimicking me as we ticked to the same tone. The same time.

A time of finding a lonely air to even each other’s companionship, because this isn’t my home, and I’m not it’s resident. Even though I should be by now. The boxes are empty, and the rooms are furnished, but I feel like I was unpacked of all my contents the third night he didn’t contact me.

Despite all this, we still wait for him, the clock and I, we pass the time by mocking one another as I toss and turn while it sends a not-so-friendly reminder that it’s 4:00 a.m. and he’s sleeping like a baby in his dorm while I lay awake, hoping he’ll reach his arms out to a place I forced myself to call home to be closer to his. To be close to him. Yet we are still separated, because he was too scared to take a step with me into a house that will never feel like a home as long as I’m an empty driveway, and I was too frightened by the nightmare of losing him to say no.

Yet, I’m living in a world with a nightmare fast approaching.

Night seven of no contact and here I lay, phone at my side, still amusing the thought I’ll wake up next to pale skin and gummy smiles and not a blank notification screen, because we always had fights like this, it’ll blow over. With that false hope, I force my eyes to close and save my tears for a rainy day as the clock plays me a pitiful lullaby that’s been on repeat for a week now.

For once, I didn’t wake up to a blank notification screen.

I didn’t wake up to him, though. I woke up from a dreamless sleep to a nightmare.

8:42 a.m.

From: Yoongi

I know you think it’s my fault, but I’m owning up to my words. Let’s take a break.

8:43 a.m.

From: Namjoon

We’re going to be really busy for a while… it’s best you don’t come around anymore.

It was really a fight to end all fights. A fight to end three years of pain with a useless payout. With no payout. Just a house that’s an empty driveway with an empty resident. Everything is empty, and he is probably beyond full. I looked down at my hand, stitches still adorning my right hand where glass shards once stuck out of. Turns out when he threw the plate it broke everything in the sink, and I was the one who bled from it.


“I’m sorry I don’t have time to be with you every fucking second! I got shit to do!” He threw his plate down in the sink, and I heard it shatter with a shrill clash while I winced.

I made one comment about how I miss him, and he freaked out. I should’ve known better. He was tired.

“I-” My mouth opened to speak, but his tongue was quicker than mine, sharper than mine, like a shard of glass.

“You need to get a life beyond me. This is honestly pathetic.” He huffed, “You’re starting to get clingy.” He spat.

Clingy. If only he knew. He knew of girlfriends that are psychotic, girlfriends that don’t know how to bit their tongue when fighting with a tired rapper, girlfriends that are so much worse than I am.


Yoongi and I are vastly different from each other. He had a very short fuse. Unbeknownst to many, his temper was nasty and short. I, however, kept it together very well. Most of the time in fights I just nod my head and wait for his fit to end.

“And I’m sick of it, y/n.” The silver haired man stood in front of the sink, hands leaning on the counter, “Are you even your own person without me anymore?” This was not one of those times.

“Are you-” He opened his mouth to cut me off for the third time and I put my hand up, “Min Yoongi, I swear if you cut me off, I will leave and you will never see me again.” I seethed through clenched teeth and a breaking heart, “Now are you done? Because you’re just repeating the same thing over and over again.” His lips formed a tight line as my eyes stung with liquid foolishness, “No life beyond you? Am I even my own person? Are you fucking kidding me?!” I made my way closer to him, mere inches apart, “When was the last time you asked me about my life, huh? Have you ever wondered where I go at night? Do you know any of my friends’ names?!” He stayed silent, “I move all the way here, because I let you pressure me to take a job, like an idiot, and you go off drinking doing who the fuck knows what almost every night! I don’t see you more than once a week most, and you blow up when I say I miss you?!” He opened his mouth, but it was my turn to cut him off. “Don’t!” I put my hand up to silence him again, “I miss you and suddenly I’m clingy?!” I blinked back my tears.

“Don’t you dare cry-” He spat. “I’m trying!” I screamed, “Can’t you see I’m fucking trying here?!” A tear began rolling down and I slammed my fist down on the counter and the pain radiated through my arm, but it was nothing compared to what I felt when he pushed past me, having us switch spots with me in front of the sink and him closer to the door, where he wanted to be, “I’m trying to be good for you, but are you even trying anymore? How can you expect me to be perfect when you aren’t even trying?!”

He hissed, “I’m leaving, this is ridiculous!” He voice boomed as he turned around, “Maybe we need to be alone to live out own lives.”

“Min Yoongi!” I yelled, “It’s not that I don’t have a life, it’s that you don’t give a flying fuck about it!”

He stopped his descent to the door to turn slightly around and yell the final blow, “Yeah? GO LIVE IT THEN! SEE IF I GIVE A FLYING FUCK!”

I screamed in frustration and slammed my fist down on what was supposed to be the counter, but I was in front of the sink now. As the door slammed shut my fist made harsh contact with the sink.

The sink.

The broken plate was in the sink.


“You’re starting to worry me” My friend, Areum, spoke through the phone as I pushed an apple slice in my mouth, trying to get some form of nutrients, “It’s been two weeks since you guys ended it, right?”

I looked towards the ticking clock for the calendar to confirm my friend’s statement. It’s been a week since Yoongi owned up to the last thing he said to me. It’s been two weeks since I realized I wasted three years on an idol.

“It’s kind of funny,” I mused chewing the fruit, “It was going to become public in a few months.”

It was Yoongi’s dream to show me off to the world, and he got the company to agree that as long as we were together for two years, it was up to us to tell them when. However, I wasn’t ready for the backlash, so I decided it would be on the day we first met. What a waste.

“They’re on break now too.” I sucked my teeth, “Changed hair colors this time to avoid being as easily recognized.”

“How do you know this?” She asked suspiciously.

“Jungkook likes to text me. He still thinks I intentionally punched a sink of broken glass, and he threatens to tell all of them that I did if I don’t tell him I’m okay, and I don’t want to deal with more than one of them.” I rolled my eyes staring down at the nasty gash with stitches all too prominent, “Bastard waltzed in for Yoongi’s stuff then had to take me to the hospital.”

“So the stitches haven’t dissolved?” The pity was evident in her voice.

“They dissolve as the wound heals, and my hand had some rather deep cuts.” I chuckled a bit, “It looks like I was in a knife fight.”

“Why don’t we go out tonight-”

“Nope.” I deadpanned.

“You haven’t left your house in a week.” She used the same tone with me, “You’ve even resorted to working from home. Come on, it’ll be fun. Clubs have guys-”

“Drunk guys, sweaty guys, and touchy guys. My favorite.” I went on sarcastically, “Clubbing? Yeah, right.”

And yet, here I am. Shifting uncomfortably in a tight burgundy dress that matched my lipstick and exposed my chest too much for my usual liking paired with black chunky heels that matched my velvet choker.

The club was a trendy one for people in their early adulthood desperate for a night away from responsibilities. This club wasn’t a waterhole. It was more of a selective sanctuary with a time limit. A sanctuary where you can drink away your problems, grind out the stress of your own daily grind or make out with a stranger to distract yourself from the fact that there is a tomorrow.

I was here to appease Areum, who was here to spend the night anywhere but her own bed alone.

Areum made her way to the dance floor and I made my way to the bar ordering a shot of tequila to jolt my senses. I threw it back with an open mouth, welcoming the burn that I hadn’t felt since the fight. After a brief moment of liquid ignorant bliss, I ordered the bartender to only get me sodas from now on, because if I get drunk, I’ll call him.

I studied my surroundings. She is cheating on someone. He is being cheated on. They are only kissing because they’re drunk. She is kissing him because she’s too scared to do it sober. He is making out with him because he knows the other won’t remember. She is flirting with her just to see if she can. He just finished crying because of her.

It was a flock of sorry souls, sad souls, and solemn souls too doused in liquid courage to chicken out now. For some, it was a night they can afford to forget. For me, it was a night that dragged on longer than any sleepless one, because without beer goggles most of the people here look pitiful, but with beer goggles, I look pitiful. It was a two-way street and in a place like this, I was on the wrong side of it.

“Hey, pretty lady.” I looked up to see a man with black hair staggering toward me, only to trip on his own lack of sobriety and onto me. I immediately pushed him off me as the last dribble from his drink hit my chest along with his redundant sunglasses, “Whoops- y/n?” He slurred, and I looked up to make eye contact with one of the seven men I’m trying to avoid.

“Jimin, what the hell are you doing here?” I looked around worriedly to see if any of the others accompanied him on his prowl, “Aren’t you guys supposed to be laying low?” I handed him his sunglasses as he plopped down on the bar seat next to mine, reeking of vodka and soju.

He crookedly put the designer shades on as he slurred lazily, “Most of our fans aren’t old enough to go to a club, silly. Plus, everyone here is drunk anyway.” He giggled, “Anyway, how have you been? Not too sad, right?”

“I’m fine,” I stated simply. It wasn’t a complete lie. Was I doing well? No. Was I getting along? Yes. I was never the type to completely break, but that doesn’t mean pieces of me didn’t crack, “Shouldn’t you be with the other guys?”

Jimin pouted at me, “What? You don’t want me here?” He huffed, “I was just going to say how nice you looked. Wah, you’ve become so mean to me.” His head hung low like a child in trouble, and then he gasped as his eyes fixed on my hand, “Oh that’s why you’re all alone at the bar. The men must be too scared to approach a knife fighter.”

“It was an accident, not a fight.” I whined, “And I ask about the others, because I’m not equipped to take care of you- Jimin?” His head remained low, and I watched as he slowly tipped over until his head rested on my shoulder, “Son of a bitch.” I sighed as the phone in his hand lit up with Jin’s name.

Oh no.

No, no, no.

“Jimin, wake up!” I smacked his face, but no avail, “Come on, don’t make me- fuck it.” I grabbed the smartphone with a beating heart as I answered it, holding it hesitantly to my ear.

“Uh, Jimin’s phone. Y/n speaking.” I cringed internally. You fucking idiot.

“Y-Y/n?” Jin’s voice barely reached my ears properly due to the obnoxious techno, but the background of his voice was quiet, “Why do you have Jimin’s phone? Is he with you?”

“He’s at the same club I am, and he just kind of knocked out on my shoulder.” My leg bounced anxiously, “I’ve been trying to wake him, but he’s too wasted.”

“I’m really sorry to ask this of you, but can you bring him to the dorm?” Please don’t make me, “Everyone’s kind of in for the night and we thought he was in the back, but Taehyung and he devised a plan to keep him out longer.” Don’t do it.

“Yeah, I-I guess.” Idiot.

The car ride was quiet with Jimin slightly groaning, “Y/n.” He finally spoke up, “What happened to your hand. Those are large cuts.” He spoke with the curiosity of a child.

“I have really bad aim.” I chuckled a bit, “Stay away from broken glass… and relationships for that matter.” I added with a hint of bitterness.

The ride was short to the dorm, and I cursed myself for still knowing the way like the back of my hand. Hoisting Jimin out of the car was a bit of a challenge since he was convinced dragging his feet was the proper way to travel. With his right arm over my shoulder, my right hand radiating pain as I held his right hand so I could drag him to the door.

My left hand hesitantly made it’s way to the wooden door, and after knocking, I waited for someone to take Jimin off my hands. During the small wait, Jimin stumbled on his own motionless feet and frantically clutched my right hand, his fingers pushing harshly on my stitches. The pain was crippling as my knees gave out due to his weight and my pain, causing us both to fall, my head hitting the door panel harshly and knees to skid on the concrete as we slid down, him landing on top of me.

“Let go, Jimin!” I yelled as he still scrambled to clutch my hand, “Jimin, it hurts!” He wouldn’t relent, “Fucking shit, cut it out-” The door swung open and Jimin was ripped off of me in a flash, and I could only see dirty blonde hair carry him off.

Jin rushed to help me up and pulled me inside to assess my wounds, shutting the door behind him.

“Shit, shit, shit.” I cursed as my hand was still throbbing from the rough aftermath. I closed my eyes for a few seconds as the throbbing slowly lessened, “Okay, I’m fine.” I was facing towards the kitchen with Jin in front of me, “Sorry for screaming and cursing. I’ll be going-”

“Y/n, you’re bleeding.” Jungkooks voice rang out behind me and three men sat in the living room with him.

“What? Where?” I looked to him.

“Knees…” Taehyung lazily drawled, “H-Ha… what’s it called?”

“Hand.” Namjoon corrected the drunk man, intoxicated himself.

“Her forehead looks like it’ll bruise with the scab.” Hoseok was evidently tipsy, “Someone’s clumsy.”

I looked at my knees as I put my hand to my forehead, and low and behold, crimson adorned my fingertips, “That’s… I should get go-”

“To the kitchen so I can bandage you up.” Jin cut me off sternly as he guided me to the kitchen leaving Jungkook to console the intoxicated men.

I sat on the counter as Jin pulled out an elaborate first aid kit, living up to his motherly nature, “So… how have you been?”

“Getting along.” I spoke with a lighter tone, as he unpacked the contents of the white box “Nice hair.” I spoke referring to the now blonde.

He smiled as he applied medicine to my knees, quickly bandaged it as an awkward air surrounded us and entered our lungs, the exhales coming in forms of idle conversation, “Are you eating well?” He asked as he threw away the bandage wrapper.

“Well enough,” I replied, hoping he’d ditch the conversation and just let us soak in the silence.

“I only have to stop the bleeding there. Luckily, only the edge of the cut opened, so you shouldn’t have to go to the hospital.” So he skipped my hand to go to my forehead when a drunken screech stopped his motions.

“JIN!” I heard Jimin scream, “I WANT JIN!” He hollered.

“FINE!” An angry voice that struck me with deja vu rang out, and the heavy footsteps were stomping to me as opposed to my last encounter with them.

Yoongi burst the kitchen door, “Jin, can you…” He trailed off as he made eye contact with me.

It wasn’t like a spark being ignited. It was like being struck by lightning when the forecast predicted  clear skies. My heart nearly pounded out my chest and tried to run to the door. I wanted to run to the door. Maybe I should’ve just gotten more shots of tequila and ended up making out with Jimin. I would’ve been able to avoid this mess.

“You patch her up then.” Jin huffed, pushing past him, handing Yoongi the medicine, “Darn kids.” He murmured going out the kitchen door.

I quickly looked down, desperate to look anywhere but his eyes, “There’s really no need to-”

Yoongi sighed, “Don’t.” He spoke sharply as I winced, making him soften up, “You…You can’t drive with that probable concussion.” He walked towards me slowly as he began to work on my forehead, “You look nice, special occasion?” He asked, unable to stand the silence.

“No, Areum just wouldn’t take no for an answer,” I spoke quietly.

“Areum? New friend?” He questioned as he dabbed at the medicine with his finger.

“She’s been my best friend since high school.” He paused for a moment as he pulled back from me, a wave of guilt washing over his face for a moment.

“Right.” He reached for a bandage, “How’s work?”

“I work at home now, so it’s good,” I spoke awkwardly, humoring him by contributing to the polite conversation for the sake of avoiding the awkward silence while my heart raced at the same speed I wished for my car to be going on the ride home by now.

Yoongi looked up from the bandage he opened, “Home? Why?” He asked curiously as he slowly put the sticky part of it on my forehead.

“I was in the hospital, so I figured it’d be easier if I just started working at home. I was thinking about it for a few months anyway.” I winced as it made contact with my wound.

“Hospital?” He pulled away from me again,” What happened?” The urgency in his voice made my chest ache.

I lifted up my right hand wordlessly, “The stitches should be dissolving, but the wound is taking it’s sweet time to heal.”

“Christ, y/n, what happened?!” Yoongi inspected my now bleeding hand due to Jimin’s stunt.

I bit my lip as I looked down. Should I lie? No, I’m a shit liar. How can I tell him the truth? I’ll look more pathetic than I already do, but I physically can’t lie well, “I… I-uh, slammed my fist into a sink full of broken glass instead of the counter top.”

“Why would you…” It then struck him why I would ever get angry enough to hit things, “Shit. I’m sorry-” I should have lied.

“It was my fault.” I cut him off, “You know, I feel fine, so I’m gonna head-”

“Can I go pick up some of my stuff? Jungkook came home with his shirt covered in blood and not my stuff, and I see why now.” Yoongi looked down, “I can drive since your hand isn’t in good shape.” He wiped the blood with an alcohol towelette.

Hesitantly, and against every fiber of my being, I handed him my keys. Getting off the counter, I tripped on my heels and fell right onto my knees, “Shit.” I hissed, and Yoongi’s hand was held out in front of me, “It’s fine.” I spoke quietly lifting myself up by clutching the counter.

The ride home was also filled with pointless polite conversation, because I still remember how much he hates awkward silence, “Have you been doing well?” I asked this time, and he responded with a slight nod, “That’s good.”

“You don’t coop yourself up in your house, right?” I looked at him, shocked at his much too personal question for the state we were in.

“I have no reason to leave.” I stated simply, “It’s usually Areum or this guy from work that forces me out at least once a week.” I smiled a bit at the thought of them.

“Guy?” He asked all too eagerly, “Are you dating?”

“Turn left here.” I spoke as I noticed he didn’t turn on the blinker.

“Oh, right.” As we pulled into the house, I gathered my key while we walked to the door.

“Sorry, it kind of looks like a crime scene on the carpet.” I warned him while I opened the door and entered my house, “I need both hands to scrub the blood off, and if I put too much pressure on this one it’s bad…” I turned to look at him, and he was just staring at the crimson thick splotches of blood that cut off as carpet turned to tile in the kitchen, “Yoongi-”

“Why didn’t you call me?” He looked up from the blood-soaked carpet, “Why was Jungkook the one to help-”

“He was the one you sent.” I was too quick to respond, “At the same time you slammed the door my fist went into the sink. Would you have really answered?” He closed his eyes for a moment, “You must have heard me scream in pain when you left, right?”

“How long did it take for Jungkook to get here?” Yoongi asked with a heavy tone.

“Can we not talk about this? I’ll go get your st-” He grabbed my wrist as I tried to turn around.

The touch felt like a jab in the heart. I closed my eyes for a moment. This was pain at its finest. His mere touch felt like nostalgia, and I didn’t want to remember, “How long?”

“10…15 minutes? I don’t know, why?” I snapped, “Why do you care?” It already happened, I already cried about it, it’s done.”

“Because I feel like a piece of shit knowing you went through such a hard time.” He sighed as I ripped my arm from his grasp.

“Don’t you dare pity me, Min Yoongi.” I seethed, and I took a deep breath, “I’ll go gather your things.”

“Let me help.” He insisted as we walked to my bedroom with me.

I sucked my teeth, “Fine, do what you want.” I regretted my words as we entered my room filled with empty tissue boxes in the recycle bin. There goes my final shred of dignity, “It’s all in that box.” I lazily gestured my hand to the corner of my room.

“This one?” He questioned, pointing to the one with all our pictures in it as well as the gifts he gave me.

“No, that’s trash.” I spoke casually, “It’s the other one.”

“Trash? All of our pictures are trash?” He stared at me with a hurt expression, but I genuinely couldn’t find it in myself to feel bad.

“Why? Do you want it?” I hissed, “Do you want me to keep it as a reminder of my dumbass decisions in life? What else am I supposed to do with it?” He stayed silent, “Just get your stuff and-” For once, it wasn’t Yoongi cutting me off, but it was my phone ringing. I huffed as I answered it without looking at the caller ID, “Yes?” I spoke impatiently as Yoongi continued to sift through his things.

“Y/n? Is this a bad time?” Eunho, my work friend, spoke cautiously through the phone.

The moment it got around my workplace that I was single, Eunho was the first to unsuccessfully ask me out on a date. It wasn’t anything personal. He was a delightful guy, very cute, and down to Earth, but he was a bit of a playboy. Even then, I wasn’t ready, so he settled for strictly friendly outings. He said he was willing to wait for me, but word on the street says he gets bored of women easily.

My eyes widened, “Eunho, sorry I’ve had a long night. It’s fine, what’s up at this hour?” I noticed Yoongi’s side eye as I said the obvious guy’s name in a friendly tone. With that, I walked into the hallway for a bit more privacy.

“Nothing, just Areum called me drunkenly, and I wanted to make sure you got home safe.” Eunho said with a smile in his voice.

The statement caused me to gush a bit, since the thought was cute, “That’s so sweet. Yes, I’m fine. I got out alive with only a few scrapes, quite literally.” I added with a drop in my voice.

“Scrapes? Are you okay?” He sounded so nervous for me.

“Yeah, just a nasty fall. No big deal, but thank you for checking up on me.” I smiled a bit, “See you sometime this week?”

“I’d love that. Sleep well.” With that, the call ended, and I turned around to go back to the bedroom, but Yoongi stood right behind me.

“What the fuck?!” I jumped back, startled, “What’s wrong with you?!”

His expression was anything but amused. He wore an angry expression adorned with a clenched jaw and dark eyes, “Who was that? Are you dating?” He interrogated me.

“Guy from work, and not that it concerns you, but no, he’s strictly a friend.” I snapped back, but his jaw remained clenched, “Are you done? I’m tired of this.”

“Tired of what?” He asked accusingly, towering over me, “Why are you trying to rush me out of here? Is he coming over?”

I blinked. Where is all this coming from?

“I want you out of my home, because I’m tired of you, Min Yoongi.” I seethed, “And no, but why the fuck do you care whether or not he is?”

“Because we haven’t been broken up for a month, and you’re already over it?” His eyes stared daggers into mine, but it was the kind of ache you couldn’t find it in yourself to pull away from, “Is that how much our relationship meant-”

“Don’t you go there.” I quickly snapped, “Don’t you fucking dare say I’m over it and that our relationship meant nothing when I’m living in a house close to your dorm, and every day that I’m here it feels less like a home.” I barked at him, “Every day I spend here is agonizing, because you’re fucking everywhere in this house. Hell, you’re on my body still.” I gestured to my hand, “And every second that you’re here the worse I get.”

“Don’t be so-” I cut him off.

“Dramatic? This may seem like a fucking comedy show to you, but this is my life. This is where I am now.” I gestured around me, “I’m miserable. Are you happy to hear it? Do you get some sick satisfaction knowing my life blows, and you were the air that blew it?” My voice started breaking as my eyes had the all too familiar sting, “Fucking great.” I muttered, wiping away tears, “Are you satisfied?” I showed him my hands, “I can’t go 24 hours without crying over a fucking idiot like a fucking idiot.”  

“Y/n.” His voice was softer this time, “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were going through a hard time.” He looked down.

I sighed, “And with you here, it’s only twisting the knife-”

“Why?” He suddenly asked, “Why are freaking out about me being here?”

I chuckled humorlessly, “Are you kidding me?” He just looked at me with a blank expression, “Oh, you’re just a fucking idiot, right-”

“Can you stop insulting me, and just answer my question-”

“It’s because I’m still in love with you, okay?!” I shouted, “There, I’m pathetic. Happy-” I was interrupted again, but this time it wasn’t by his words.

Yoongi’s plush lips that I hadn’t had the grace of feeling in so long made contact with mine in an urgent, passionate, and gentle manner. The emotions behind it were one’s I couldn’t decipher, but I felt like I was floating. I immediately responded, hands flying to his hair to make closer contact as my lips worked with his while the clocked ticked by. We eventually had to pull away for the sake of air, and we were there, foreheads leaning on each other, heavily panting as we stared into each other’s eyes, searching for some kind of hope for things to not end here.


“Yoongi…” I was still panting, “Wh-”

“Because I’m still in love with you.” He whispered to me, “Because I’m a fucking idiot who says fucking idiotic things when I can’t see how amazing you are because I spent all my free time in the wrong place: away from you.” He pecked my lips, “God, y/n, I’m so sorry. Please tell me we can make this work. I’ll happily spend every waking moment I can with you because I got so used to the privilege having you there, when you were no longer there my whole world turned upside down. I don’t give a fuck how I sound when I say this, but I can’t live without you. I never deserved you, and I sure as hell don’t deserve a second chance, but I need you.”

“I don’t know…” I spoke playfully, “You sound kind of clingy.” I giggled as he gave me the warm smile that I had been craving.

By the end of the night, we were clothed in nothing but an embrace. A night spent peeling away layers of regret and second thoughts, idle “I love yous” genuinely whispered in heavy breaths as we became one with each other once again.

It was nights like these that made me hyper aware of where I am now.

Nights where sleeping felt like a privilege as long as it was next to him.

Surrounded by pale skin and a presence so endearing the blankets weren’t giving me warmth it was him. The only thing that could be heard was the synced breathing of our lungs. Intaking air at the same rate. The same time.

A time of finding completion in a place that was once riddled with emptiness, because it finally is starting to feel like a home again. As it should be by now since all the boxes are empty, the rooms are furnished, and my contents are no longer strung about as his body is strung across mine now.

Now with this, the clock and I no longer have anyone to aimlessly wait for. The clock is ticking and tocking its own song now, reminding me that it’s 4 a.m. and I will finally sleep. He reaches his arms out to me and parks himself within an embrace shared between the two of us.

This house is finally becoming a home as I am no longer an empty driveway.

And with this, I close my eyes, as the rain has cleared while his lungs play me a blissful lullaby I hadn’t heard in far too long.

For once in what felt like an eternity, I woke up to a blank notification screen and pale skin with a gummy smile next to me.

Bad Boy, Good Heart (IKON // BOBBY)

hi ! can i request a bad boy bobby ? where he’s like super badass but he has a soft side for you and the members of ikon get shocked when you come over to see them practicing and fall asleep then bobby carries you to the couch ? and they tell you about his soft spot and how he will do anything for you ?

You hummed your favorite song as you continued to pack lunch for Bobby and his members. Finally, you were going to meet the rest of the iKON members, and you were more excited than nervous. You could not help but wonder what kind of people hung out with your cool and charismatic boyfriend. Bobby had told you to stopped by so that he could finally introduce you to his friends, and you only hoped that those friends would like you.

After you finished shaping the last rice ball into a triangle and placing into the lunch box, you closed the lunch box and got ready to leave your house to head to where Bobby practiced.

Sweat dripped down Bobby’s face and body as he continued to run through the choreography for iKON’s latest song. He was able to keep up with the movements, but after practicing for two hours, he already had buckets of perspiration. His powerful moves felt through the song and once the song ended, Bobby was finally able to take a breath.

“Let’s run through it again after a five minute break,” B.I said, clapping his hands together.

Everyone groaned as they sat down to rest their tired bodies. “This is probably one of our most difficult dances so far,” Jinhwan said in between breaths. “I’m practically bathing in my own sweat.”

Bobby watched his other members in their own zone before he decided to speak. “Hey guys, I’m having somebody visit us today. She’ll be here in a little bit,” he explained.

All of a sudden, no one felt tired anymore. They all sat up straight and looked at the rapper, eyes widened. “Your girlfriend?” Chanwoo asked. After Bobby nodded his head, conversation became louder.

“What the heck? I thought you were kidding when you said that!” Junhoe exclaimed. “You really have a girlfriend, Bobby hyung?”

Then Yunhyeong bombarded with questions. “What’s her name? How long have you been with her? Does she know what kind of person you are?”

Bobby scoffed and looked at Yunhyeong. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well…” Donghyuk interrupted. “If you didn’t know, you were kind of a player back then. You know, charming girls here and there only to break their hearts in, what, less than a week? Don’t forget how you almost caused many scandals if it wasn’t for the company taking care of that. Also, that time when you-”

“Alright, cool. Thanks Donghyuk,” Bobby sarcastically replied. “But I really like _________. We’ve been dating only for a month, but I think you guys will like her, too.”

The rest of the members showered Bobby with applause. “Wow, a month. Our Jiwon has grown so much. We can’t wait to meet her.”

“Yeah,” B.I agreed. “I want to ask her how she’s able to handle this bad boy who doesn’t care what the world thinks about him and just does whatever he wants… Anyway, five minutes up. Back to practice, guys!”

The seven guys reluctantly stood back up and moved to their positions. When the music played again, the only thing that could be heard from the song was the squeaking of the floors and stomps.

“This seems like the right place… The staff member did say it was around here,” you told yourself as you read the sign outside of the room, practice room. You could not look inside, for the window was more opaque. The song was the only thing that confirmed that it was Bobby and his group in the room.

You tried knocking at first only to remember that the music was very loud, so you slowly pulled on the door handle and pushed it open. The music was now very clear. You found seven guys focused on their reflections in the mirror, dancing really hard. Then you found Bobby near the back of the formation. You watched as your boyfriend looked very focused working and found it admirable. It was the first time you saw this side of him.

Just then, Bobby glanced at the door in the mirror and found you looking in. He stopped right away and hurried over to where you stood. The other members looked back to see what caused Bobby to stop practicing though they continued to perform the choreography.

“You’re here,” Bobby greeted before leaning in to kiss you on the lips. Electricity shot through your body. Bobby was a good kisser. He took a step closer to you, and your heart was racing. It was not even first time he kissed you, yet it always felt he did when his lips touched yours.

Remembering that there were other people in the the room, you moved a hand to his face before pulling away. Bobby took a step back and stared at you and your flushed cheeks. “Your friends,” you reminded him.

“They don’t mind,” he assured before slipping his hands into yours. He then walked over to the music and paused it, causing the other members to stop and turn to both of your directions.

“Hey guys. This is my girlfriend, ________,” Bobby announced.

You then stepped forward and bowed. “It’s nice to meet you guys. Um, I know you guys are practicing for long hours, so I made you all lunch. You can feel free to grab a box when you guys have your break.”

The members also took turns to introduce themselves to you. You were able to memorize their names. A part of you felt complete to finally meet the other people who were important to Bobby. “I’m not sure if you’ll like what I made. It’s just triangle-shaped rice, stir-fried cucumbers, sweet and salty lotus roots, and zucchini pancakes,“ you told them.

“Don’t worry, babe. They’ll eat all of it. Right, guys?” Bobby asked the members. It was sort of a passive-aggressive question, and the members could tell that Bobby wanted them to finish the food.

“Thank you for the food, Sister-in-law!” they shouted in unison.

“We’ll it all of it!” Chanwoo assured. “We surely don’t want Bobby hyung to kick our-”

Junhoe quickly nudged the younger one hard in the stomach, causing him to groan his pain and clutch his stomach. Junhoe chuckled, embarrassed.

“Sister-in-law?” You could not help but laugh at the nickname. It sounded funny and weird at the same time, but not that bad.

“Alright, guys. Come on,” B.I said. “Let’s practice for another half an hour and then we can have lunch. Sounds good?”


Bobby lead you to a spot on the floor and told you to sit down. “You can watch us practice here. Actually, don’t look at anyone else. Just me, your hot boyfriend.”

“Wow, what an ego,” you joked, hitting his chest.

“What?” Bobby laughed, his eyes turning into half-moons. “Don’t tell me you don’t think I look good while I’m sweating and moving my body. I saw you watching when you opened that door.”

You could not find a comeback, so you were only able to laugh out loud. Bobby found it cute and leaned in to kiss you on the cheek. “Watch me, okay?”

Watching the boys practice was fun at first until they kept doing the same thing over and over and over again. You were on the floor, observing Bobby as he listened to B.I’s critique, but then your eyes started to grow heavy. Your head leaned forward before you jerked back up only to have it slowly lean forward again. You were tired. All you wanted to do now was just sleep…

After B.I had given corrections about some of the members’ timing, Bobby looked over to where you sat to check up on you. You had fallen asleep with your head leaned on your knees and arms wrapped around your legs to keep them standing. Bobby’s expressions softened, and his body was no longer tense as he kept it when he danced. “Just a second…” he mumbled to the members before making his way towards you.

He carefully moved your head to his chest and placed one arm under your body while his other hand under your legs. Standing up, he walked over to the couch and laid you quietly on it.

The other members watched him and exchanged glances as they watched Bobby move a piece of your stray hair behind your ear. It was an image that was new to them, for they have never seen Bobby act so nice and just so subtle around anyone except for you.

When you woke up, you could not believe that you had fallen asleep. You did not hear any music at all, only chattering. Your rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and sat up straight. Your hand felt the material under you. It was the couch. You wondered if Bobby had carried you there.

You noticed that the other members were eating the lunch that you packed for them and sitting around in a circle. It made your heart flutter, knowing that they seemed to have liked the food. Jinhwan was the first one to spot you awake. “_______, come here and sit with us,” he invited.

“Where did Bobby go?” you asked them as you walked to them and sat down next to Jinhwan.

“Restroom,” Jinhwan answered. “Are you hungry?”

“No, I made them for you guys so enjoy it. I ate before I came,” you replied.

You watched as B.I put a piece of pancake in his mouth and ate it before speaking to you. “Bobby’s really lucky to have you,” he told you.

“Really, why?” you asked, curious.

“You’re someone who is able to let him be himself,” B.I explained, eating another piece of pancake. “He has a soft spot for you.”

The others nodded their head, agreeing with the leader.

“Bobby might not have told you, but I’m sure you were able to tell from his aura that he’s not the nicest guy,” Donghyuk commented. “He’s gotten himself in trouble quite a few times. With girls and just with other people who had different views than him. We noticed from when you walked into the room that Bobby would do anything for you and that you’re important to him.”

“He is pretty tough,” you admitted. “He has such confidence that people can mistake for arrogance. He also does whatever he wants despite what others say. I have seen that, but I also think it’s because that he has you all that he’s sort of grounded. I’m glad that you guys think that he sees me as someone he can lean on.”

You heard the door open, and Bobby returned from the restroom. He was surprised to see that you had woken up but was happy to come and sit next to you. “Why didn’t you sleep some more?” Bobby asked.

“This isn’t my house, babe. I can just sleep when I get home,” you laughed. You then grab the lunch you made for Bobby and opened it, handing it to him. “Here, you should eat, too. You need all that energy.”

Bobby snapped a pair of wooden chopsticks and picked up a triangle-shaped rice, taking a bite out of it. You watched as he ate and smiled. You then grabbed a towel that was right by you and began to wipe away his sweat. “Don’t want to make the food really salty,” you joked.

“Wow, when can I get a girlfriend like Sister-in-law?” Junhoe questioned out loud as he watched you and Bobby.

“You can’t. She’s one of a kind,” Bobby answered with a smirk.

“Oh my- Look,” Yunhyeong stated as he pointed to his arms. “I’m getting goosebumps. I didn’t know Bobby was so cheesy.”

“Shut up,” Bobby chuckled before he fed you some of the food you made.

Yunhyeong looked offended and placed his chopsticks down. “You can act all sweet around your girlfriend but wait until I reveal all your secrets to her! You can scare so many people, but I’m not one of them, KIM JIWON!”

Bobby shook his head and turned to look at you. “You see what I deal with?”

You burst into laughter with the rest of the members. Maybe Bobby did have a soft spot for you but you were glad that you were able to see the side of him that most people could not. His past was not going to affect your time with him now or in the future.

- Fany ♡